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New York City probably has more bloggers per square mile than anywhere else in the world. NYCBloggers.com is an effort to put those bloggers on the map.

The NYC Blogger Map grew out of a conversation between Liz maryland Hiraldo and Mike Everett-Lane, who met through a blogsnob clickthrough (we think) and discovered they were both New Yorkers. Randomly finding a blog you like is a pleasure, but shouldn't there be a better way to find other New York City blogs?

While there have been efforts to map the blogosphere in virtual space, or to list blogs by city, state, and country, this is (as far as we know) the first effort to physically map blogs on a local level. (Our apologies to the NLers who've evidently had their own map for a while. Even Old New York was once New Amsterdam.) Will this be a new way to connect to other blogs? Will you discover your friendly neighborhood blog? Will there be blog block parties? We're not sure. But it seems like a fun idea anyway.

If you'd like to help out, you can link to the site on your blog, spread the word to other New York bloggers, or make a donation to defray our server costs. If you want to find out the latest on what we're doing with the site, visit our news page or sign up for our mailing list to receive occassional news on what's happening.

About Blogs

A "blog" is short for "web-log" – basically a website where someone (or a group of people in some cases) posts their diary, musings, news clips, rants, photos, or anything else. There's a huge range of topics. Most blogs use Blogger (www.blogger.com) or some other service (see the "resources" page on our site) to automate the publishing process. If you surf around the sites listed here you'll get the general idea. Or you can visit the blogs of Mike and Liz for a couple of good examples.

For a really in-depth look at weblogs and their history, read this essay.

About Us
Mike runs Ishbadiddle, an occasional report on ephemeral things. By day he works for Computers for Youth, a really great program thar provides home computers to low-income middle students in New York City. If you have a lot of money you should give some to them.

Liz is currently a creative director for a financial research firm. She spends her free time knitting, playing video games (sometimes with Matt) and counting calories. When not maintaining her portfolio, she blogs obsessively at her site.

Matt works as a softare development manager during the day. Whenever he can, he goofs off to play video games, travel, and read. When he's not doing any of these things he will occasionally answer questions.

Liz did the design and the initial coding (so if you like it, you should hire her right now); Mike scouted for New York blogs, wrote the text, and marketed the site. The backend design, database and specialized code that runs it were written by Matt Johnson.

Additional coding, design, writing, and moral support was provided by Rich Buchanan, Trip Kirkpatrick, Andrea Moed, and Mike Waddell.

To modify a submission to the map, use our correction form and we'll update your submission as soon as we are able to. For other submissions, site inquiries or questions, email us at info@nycbloggers.com. For technical or web site problems, give a holler to Liz at tech@nycbloggers.com.

Help keep New York blogging! Your donation of any size will help us defray our server costs. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

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