103 Street | 10 NYCB

Lexington Avenue Local The Assimilated Negro
What's black and white and read all over? The Assimilated Negro Dot Com !
Lexington Avenue Local manyhighways.com
Not asking for directions.
Lexington Avenue Local nycblog
Whatever I feel like putting up at a given moment goes up. Politics, New York bitching, my life, blah blah blah...
Lexington Avenue Local Monochrome Lights
Click Diary to read my blog--I may be changing it soon so that's why I linked directly to my site.
Lexington Avenue Local K-Blog
The elation and frustration of being a 6', 170 lb. singer/songwriter with a 9-5 in non-profit marketing, who started in Texas and has landed in New York, loves soccer & flamenco, and hates pumpkin pie.
Lexington Avenue Local NYC.photo.BLOG
Photos of New York City from the eyes of a Minnesota native.
Lexington Avenue Local scathing words
A personal blog about my life and so on. Book, movie, and music reviews from time to time. Sometimes I seem smart and stuff.
Lexington Avenue Local Modemthug: Hard Rock Life
Sometimes we make you laugh & sometimes we make you spit.
Lexington Avenue Local That's Just The Booze Talking
If this blog were a person, it would look an awful lot like a chronically sleep-deprived Elliott Gould. It's as drunk as five men and contagious.
Lexington Avenue Local good_gurl
a day in the life...

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