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Lexington Avenue Local The Accuser
The Accuser means to show the falsity of all religion, expose liars and hypocrites, depose kings and despots, and spread democracy. Diderot put it best: Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.
Lexington Avenue Express The Memo Spot
Inspirational words have found their way into prose, poetry, song and essay. And now in the memo...
Lexington Avenue Express Logged Hours
All the inane stuff you talk about in your NYC office, but probably way more interesting than your coworkers.
Lexington Avenue Local too saucy
A little melange of NYC life, politics, media criticism and dating
Lexington Avenue Local New York Moments
A blog by a unique, contentedly single, neurotic, hetero but curious, sex-crazed New York woman experiencing an early mid-life crisis. You’ll find anecdotes about real-life New York moments, personal reflections, inspirational musings, rants, jokes, erotica, and a hodge podge of other stuff.
Lexington Avenue Local You won't find moments in a box.
Thoughts on music, food, TV, NYC and life in general.
Lexington Avenue Express The S.N.A.F.U. Principle
media, politics, ethics, cinema, science, art, music, rants, raves and ruminations.
Lexington Avenue Local Chronicles of a life Foretold
About music, my life and how it interacts with others. I anazlize the underground world of rap in NYC and graffiti.
Lexington Avenue Local bama girl in the big city
You never know what you're going to get.
Lexington Avenue Local sooserious.com THE BLOG
I'm just a girl that's living in a big city, working hard and having fun, who.. just happens to be a post-op transexual.
Lexington Avenue Express JawsBlog
A blog from a new NYCer about life, politics and everything else!
Lexington Avenue Express GothamCast
GothamCast: A New York City Experience Bring New York City to your iPod with The Podcast That Never Sleeps
Lexington Avenue Express bake4me
Photos and recipes of desserts in the big city.
Lexington Avenue Local The Malcontent
Gay, well-traveled libertarian (moderate Republican), blogging about life, politics and "culture," heavy on the multimedia.
Lexington Avenue Express The Poetry Society of America
Blog of a black man lost in the silk stocking district of Manhattan.
Lexington Avenue Express JUST FRANCES
Lexington Avenue Express The Baltimore Group
Progressive political commentary, analysis, news, and philosophy.
Lexington Avenue Local The Other Universe
Everything you wanted to know, and possibly hate about New York
Lexington Avenue Express Peak Oil NYC
Helping New Yorkers understand, prepare and adapt to the implications of Peak Oil
Lexington Avenue Express Catablast! Media
Nine out of ten Weblogs are poorly edited, ad-heavy, and light in content. Catablast! Media LLC publishes special reports exploring different aspects of current business trends. Founded in 2004, today Catablast! LLC has become a premier online destination for business, technology, and personal finance-related content. Catablast! LLC is privately owned and headquartered in New York with offices in Philadelphia and Miami.
Lexington Avenue Express francesca-lu from italy!
I love nyc and american people..
Lexington Avenue Express the magnificent bastard
a collective writer's notebook, open to any interested writer, of drafts, ideas, lists, misc
Lexington Avenue Express Peak Oil NYC
Helping NYC understand and prepare for peak oil
Lexington Avenue Local The Other Universe
Everything you wanted to know, and possibly hate about New York.
Lexington Avenue Express Modelmama
A little of this, and a little of that!
Lexington Avenue Local uninvisible
uninspired, unfunny, uninvisibel drivel from the UES
Lexington Avenue Express The Reeler
Anything and everything having to do with New York cinema, from the art house to the red carpet
Lexington Avenue Express Mental Lint
sometimes you just can't make stuff up this good.
Lexington Avenue Local Notes from the Underground
All about the NYC Subway - Current events, service reports, technical articles, editorials and historical articles. Anything you'd want to know about the subway!
Lexington Avenue Local Spartacus
A 40-something NYC-based hedge fund manager's occasional thoughts on politics, international affairs and journalism
Lexington Avenue Express Big Cities Big Boxes
This blog is about Ikea-Red Hook, the vitality of our high streets, and the future of the New York City economy. It follows the Ikea-Red Hook litigation and posts the court filings. It looks at the top-down development models of Robert Moses and Dan Doctoroff with profound doubt.
Lexington Avenue Express Ramblings of an Irishman
Opining on life, love, and whatever else I feel like
Lexington Avenue Express Don Schwarz
Observations and suggestions from a software engineer.
Lexington Avenue Express Our Food Life
We enjoy creating sugary, fattening treats. Our goal is to provide you with a visually dynamic site full of photos and links to recipes.
Lexington Avenue Local Talk Show
This is an interview blog, letting members of the Live Journal Community discuss their lives both on and off line, and examining the things they think are worth discussing.
Lexington Avenue Local Digging For Goldner
Only slightly less annoying and repetitve than the new J. Lo song.
Lexington Avenue Local GOP and the City
Red state bred, Blue state blogging.
Lexington Avenue Express This is going to be big. I can feel it.
I'm a 25 year old analyst in venture capital. I post about careers, kayaking, baseball, venture capital, my friends, and life in NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local Arrangeme
My family is arranging my marriage while I date on CraigsList
Lexington Avenue Local Control Shift Eight
It's the smiley, stupid. The ideas and observations of an office space slacker.
Lexington Avenue Local evening post
world affairs news, opinion, analysis
Lexington Avenue Express evening bulletin
current events, right wing
Lexington Avenue Local Come Waste Your Time With Me
seventeen year old boy wonder from east end avenue weaves a colorful web of trouble
Lexington Avenue Local The Epicenter
When the shit hits the fan and things start rumbling, this is where everyone is going to look.
Lexington Avenue Local Sex and Moxie
A True Story of Love, Lust & Cocktails in NYC. Sensual, sinful...and always honest.
Lexington Avenue Local when you look at me
when you look at me i wonder what it is that you see so lend me a moment to see through your eyes just what your feeing inside lend me a moment of your life
Lexington Avenue Local Portico: Daily Blague
Civil Pleasures
Lexington Avenue Express Specific Ocean
Gay white boy - newbie to the blogging world.
Lexington Avenue Express Portico
Comment, literature, history, cuisine, laughter
Lexington Avenue Express come waste your time with me
livejournal. teenager. overprivilleged. thoughtful.
Lexington Avenue Express Veritas et Venustas
"Hello, my name is John. I'm a recovering architect." I like all sorts of towns, cities and buildings, but what I design are Classical buildings and Traditional cities. I'm the co-author of New York 1900.
Lexington Avenue Local Sex and The Single Girl
Sex, dating and relationship wtories from a sexy gal who feels like a woman but thinks like a man.
Lexington Avenue Local Nerd Elite.com
Nerd Elite is a comedy site, a personal portfolio, a daily distraction and a reason to stop crying myself to sleep
Lexington Avenue Express KO Studio :: KoBot!
News on interaction design, HCI, mobile internet, robots, and much more.
Lexington Avenue Local The Angel's Cloud
Things I like, things I don't and whatever else tickles my fancy.
Lexington Avenue Express Views from A Broad
Rants, ramblings, and reviews from New York City and beyond
Lexington Avenue Local Sparky's Quest
The tale of an obese Spaniel rescued from certain death and his owner.
Lexington Avenue Express This Fish Needs a Bicycle
This fish needs a bicycle. If not for comfort, at least for entertainment's sake.
Lexington Avenue Local Swing State Project
A project to analyze the key swing states in the 2004 Presidential election.
Lexington Avenue Express Paul's New York
A mix of life, gadgets, food and fun stuff with the occasional picture.
Lexington Avenue Express Lux Lotus
My perspective on art, politics, and style, broadly defined.
Lexington Avenue Local teen girl squad
The life of a 17 year old girl living on the upper east side
Lexington Avenue Local Dos Boheinde Sisters and Seymore
it's been awhile since we've been together, and even though we're all on separate coasts (east, west, and 3rd), we're still trying to win bluebonnet awards and superintendent's plaques.
Lexington Avenue Local NYC For Bush/Cheney
Keeps you up to date on rightwing events in NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local arik.org
So you've found me.
Lexington Avenue Express To Tired To See
Rantings of a beautiful girl lost in so much confusion
Lexington Avenue Express The Daily JTB
Aspiring twenty something male chases the invisible dream.
Lexington Avenue Express NYC99
An unemployed I.T. Manager looks at the world.
Lexington Avenue Express fireballs & tsunami!
Duran Duran, photography, film, pop music, the 1980s
Lexington Avenue Express Redheaded Stepchild
Fluff, nonsense & the occasional rant.
Lexington Avenue Local Executive Slacks
I'm a music geek. This site chronicles the records I own, shows I see, bands I like, and anything else related to music.
Lexington Avenue Local fashionably late
fashionably late: An Upper East Sider with the heart of a Lower East Sider. In and out of Bowery, Merc, Irving and movie theaters.
Lexington Avenue Local give us the nice bright colors
Photos I take around town when I'm doing really interesting things or even walking over to get groceries. I just take my camera with me all over and post most of the shots I take.
Lexington Avenue Local Jenny from the Blog
Basically news I found interesting. But I try to comment when I got time.
Lexington Avenue Local Dynamo License Hewlett
Lexington Avenue Local ten15 | jlmcvay
photos, word, and other junk by Jeremiah McVay.
Lexington Avenue Express Spot On
Rightwing politics, indie music and a love of words.
Lexington Avenue Express Uptown Girl
My life in NYC after graduating from college.
Lexington Avenue Local Quebecois Yellow Taxi
A re-occuring anthology of my life. Taking fact and turning it into fiction. Living two lives; one in New York, one in Montreal.
Lexington Avenue Express Benny Blog
New York City: WE ARE SPASE PEEPOLE!!! I love my Diva...
Lexington Avenue Express Rubbing Elbows With the Moon
Life and Times of a part-time New York teenager.
Lexington Avenue Local The Life of Joshers
The life of a System Engineer and NYC Emergency Medical Technician.
Lexington Avenue Express Random Frivolity: An Angie & Ella Weblog
Two funloving attorneys share excerpts from emails, snippets of adventures, assorted rants and raves, idle whirls of thought.
Lexington Avenue Express -binza-
Binza is the son of a career foreign service officer and a homemaker mom. This site has been constructed to support binza's thrice-weekly speechwriting habit, and to provide an outlet for his thoughts.
Lexington Avenue Local Looking Southward
Weekly random commentary...
Lexington Avenue Local there is no spork
life and times of a displaced scenester
Lexington Avenue Express Marooned in Manhattan
the internet home of the wacky trans-Atlantic migrant
Lexington Avenue Express the journey is the destination
Personal journey in the life of a teacher in the south bronx struggling with his students and his own changing life.
Lexington Avenue Express bunniblog
A snarky look at why you are happy that you are not a single English professor in NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local Jenny From the Blog
25 year old female blogger reporting on goings, doings, and other such things in NYC.
Lexington Avenue Express African Prince
Pictoral log of life in New York City and surrounding areas.
Lexington Avenue Local Sista_Kimchee
Life of a girl living and evolving(or deteriorating, whichever) in NYC, whose eyes never cease to wander
Lexington Avenue Express JNalpak.com
abstract thoughts or otherwise useless garbage to pass the day with
Lexington Avenue Express Spartacus
Musings on politics, international affairs and whatever else strikes my fancy
Lexington Avenue Express dodona - internet news and opinions
Alternative news and opinions selected from sites around the web - site built and maintained by a New York City highschool student
Lexington Avenue Express Things that make me go hhhmmmm.....
Politics, international events, travel, male/female relationships and nyc society are all fair game.
Lexington Avenue Express an american classroom
a bit of musing, a lot of complaining, and hopefully one or two original ideas
Lexington Avenue Express Plum Crazy
Politics and weird news
Lexington Avenue Express The Education of Deborah Schwartz
Sassy, sometimes unemployed city girl tries to promote herself to superstardom.
Lexington Avenue Local LuhrenLoup's Cave
The seeress luhrenLoup beckons you to her cave. Amidst darkness, guided by the animals, the shaman's journey unfolds. Travel with a woman of power, a healer.
Lexington Avenue Local Land of a Thousand Dances
An obsessive investigation of divers cultural artifacts, approached in order. To wit: The Pony. The Mashed Potato. The Alligator. The Watusi. The Twist. The Jerk. Et cetera.
Lexington Avenue Express Cultural Artifacts of the Moment
One-liners about whatever catches my fancy or raises my ire at the moment.
Lexington Avenue Local Lady Crumpet's Armoire
Musings and Minutiae
Lexington Avenue Express The Brian Geller Fan Club!
A mostly movie-centric blog. With occasional moments of solipsism.
Lexington Avenue Express my idiolect
Lexington Avenue Local SoapStar
Mindless banter from an exceptional yet unemployed NYer
Lexington Avenue Express Remind me why i'm here?
The tales of one english woman's adventures in the big apple
Lexington Avenue Express Common Sense: TNG
Liberal politics, great NYC bars, TV stuff
Lexington Avenue Local Unabashed Extrovert's Journal
A both real and fictional account of my life, my writing, and my stuff, both serious and frivolous, just like everybody else's.
Lexington Avenue Local GabGab
a day in the life of a nyc magazine writer
Lexington Avenue Express meaghan rules, dina rocks and zack sucks
i don't know...
Lexington Avenue Express Spot On
Collection of genius and my comments on such.
Lexington Avenue Local The Daily New York Fashion Blog
The Daily NY Fashion blog is the day by day news web log on and about the New York Fashion industry. This blog is produced by the fashion e-zine lookonline.com
Lexington Avenue Express Ari Goes Down
The slightly embellished account of a 30-nothing's tragi-comedic chick's life in NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local Scoffing at Gravity
Books, TV shows, movies, and occasionally life
Lexington Avenue Local Mindblogging
An uberblog from an ubermensch.
Lexington Avenue Express Hallie@womanhattan's journal
links & commentary about politics, pop culture, & life
Lexington Avenue Local TaraLand
TaraLand is where I write about the many interesting and strange things i find out there on the internet and in the world. This site has a long and sordid history spanning 5 years. I hope that both the content and design improve over time.
Lexington Avenue Local thearbitragedesk
Markets, politics, media, cynicism.
Lexington Avenue Express Lexiphane.com
Putting the lather in blather since August '01.
Lexington Avenue Express Ralf in NYC
Blog about intership in NYC

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