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Lexington Avenue Express Simply Left Behind
Liberal politics and snarkasm
Lexington Avenue Local Irie Member
All things reggae, hip-hop music, herbalz, Jamaica and random thoughts & consequences of daily life. Yea.
Lexington Avenue Local Post Collegiate Ponderings
Post collegiate life in the big city.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Kali's Temple of Doom
The mad, mad rantings of a Brooklyn woman, looking for redemption in all the wrong places -- plus recipes, reading, arts and culture, travel and ocassional obsessions masquerading as social commentary...
Lexington Avenue Express my favorite mistakes
life, love, and leftovers
Lexington Avenue Express The Company Bitch
Exploring the life of a twenty-something "Company Bitch" or "Assistant"
Lexington Avenue Express City Book Notes
The City Book Scene
Lexington Avenue Express Depraved Librarian
An carnival of news and information about culture, law, music, technology and research, from a computer librarian, Palminatrix, and choral singer.
Lexington Avenue Express Good As You
Good As You ("G-A-Y") is dedicated to the fight for equal rights for all citizens. Using humor and irreverence rather than anger and protests, G-A-Y represents a new generation of GLSBT activism. It is time for intelligent young people to step up and fight for the common rights denied to us...we're here to rally the troops.
Lexington Avenue Express Veritas et Venustas
I like all sorts of architecture and urbanism, but I design Classical buildings and Traditional neighborhoods and towns. Co-author of New York 1900.
Lexington Avenue Local Stacy in the City
On Sept 5, 2004, I packed up my belongings and put them in a Penske truck. I packed up my cats (all 5 of them) and my husband and I moved to New York City to satisfy my lifelong dream of living there. I had a job waiting for me (that I had applied to online via Craigslist and flew out for an interview, and then got the job) and a place to live waiting for us.
Lexington Avenue Local misha in cyberspace
politics, thoughts, advice
Lexington Avenue Express The Big Apple
The origin of NYC's nickname "The Big Apple" is explained here. The site also provides historical coverage of many words and names associated with New York.
Lexington Avenue Express The Big Apple
The origin of NYC's nickname "The Big Apple" is explained here. The site also provides historical coverage of many words and names associated with New York.
Lexington Avenue Local brad's blog
brad's life in ny
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist
Personal anecdotes and radical feminist dyke law student politics. I spend more time on my community.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Coverage
Politics, Film, Sports
Lexington Avenue Express LawPundit
LawPundit is a blawg. My law firm was at 52nd and Park Avenue near my apartment on the East Side. A Big Apple expatriate now, one stays a New Yorker forever inside. It is the top of the world.
Lexington Avenue Local Andy's Chest
misadventures in manhattan and beyond
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Randyboy
Gotham-infused cheesecake with extra cheese.
Lexington Avenue Express ProgBlog
The "ProgBlog" is a Progressive Weblog initiated and maintained by the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy. We consider it "predigestion for the busy progressive." The times we live in are trying and many don't have the luxury to do due diligence on the most pressing issues of our time.
Lexington Avenue Express Doc's House of Torts
Sometimes Doc sends me interesting emails about the world and his life. These are them. --Leontine
Lexington Avenue Express My Name Is Addy...What's Yours?
I'm in New York
Lexington Avenue Local Who am I?
A daily look at the life of a young woman who ponders the question: Is anyone who is getting off at 59th St. actually on their way home or am I the only resident in this area?
Lexington Avenue Local daily drama
Lives on Lex, Works in Rock Center, Shops on fifth.
Lexington Avenue Local joaninha
Daily look into my life.

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