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Lexington Avenue Express sporgan in the city
adventures--mostly drunken--of a 23 year old former texan
Flushing Local
it's a hip online magazine for urban lifestyle.
Lexington Avenue Express Every thing that Matters
ruminations of an avid reader of good literature, fierce appreciator of fine wine, an un-understandable passion for hollywood gossip, a foodie with a dwindling attention span
Lexington Avenue Express Gotham Girl
a girl's adventures and the going's on in New York City!
Lexington Avenue Local Homosexual Suspect
Homosexual Suspect: to be unabashedly aware that you are in control of your destiny, your sex drive, and your cable provider; one who makes everyone around wonder who or what he's thinking of fucking next.
Lexington Avenue Local This is TOTALLY going in my blog!
I'm a 32 year old single woman living in NYC, working through some inner "demons", while searching for love in all the wrong places. I moved to NY to find myself after my mom passed away and a long-term relationship came to an end. Since coming to NY I have learned some valuable life lessons along with various ways to show the opposite sex that yes in fact a woman does have a clitoris. My new life has been filled with lavish parties with my new impressively important friends, travel and penises that range from "is it in?" to "could you strap that back to your leg please!" Don't get me wrong, I haven't forgotten where I come from, just the people I left behind. My interests include, but are not limited to, macramé, cooking dinner for friends and family and writing my manifesto for total world domination. Thank You
Lexington Avenue Express Lowered Expectations
Just the little ramblings that keep me from shoking people.
Lexington Avenue Local Pamish in the City
Bits and pieces of the life of me
Lexington Avenue Local Pamish in the City
Bits and pieces of the life of me in the big city
Lexington Avenue Express So New York Online
What's good (or bad) in The Big Apple.
Lexington Avenue Express the temp
Just when you thought life couldn't get any worse it does. Raging seas under blue skies. Life can't any worse - but somehow I haven't been happier. Life is tough - I'm hoping my problems are just a temporary imposition.
Lexington Avenue Express how not to get the girl
just a "nice guy", average looking, and trying to seem"not too desperate"
Lexington Avenue Local mysocalledlife:it's all about me!
it's all about me. scary thought isn't it?
Lexington Avenue Express Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page's Blog
James Beard Award-winning authors (Becoming a Chef, Culinary Artistry) Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page share where and what they're eating in words and photos.
Lexington Avenue Express rasheq rahman [dot] com
A personal blog where I share my thoughts, ideas and aspirations to all and sundry
Lexington Avenue Local Bridget Unnel, Girl
Who am I? Just a Jersey girl who takes the train in and out of Manhattan every day to earn my daily bread. Call me Bridget. The name, for those not "in the know" is a sarcastic nod to "bridge and tunnel crowd," a not-so-nice term used by the Gotham natives to describe those of us who invade the Big Apple from the outer boroughs and, of course, "New Joisey."
Lexington Avenue Local Ninja Egg Roll USA
The world's most popular girl band blogs for the world to see.
Lexington Avenue Express tchotchkes
Musings on photography, architecture, careers other than law that I might pursue in a different life, New York City, London, Los Angeles, Berlin, The L Word, running and whatever else strikes a chord in the world as I know it.
Flushing Local Friends of Micronesia
A group blog about Israel, US Politics, Micronesia, Women, Philosophy...
Lexington Avenue Express JOBS IN NYC
A place for job seekers to connect and get expert advice.
Lexington Avenue Express egaso ruminations
A collection of articles, commentary, poetry, book reviews, rants and other ruminations by revolutionary communist and writer Osage Bell.
Lexington Avenue Local Right Events
Right Events is the place for right-leaning New Yorkers to learn about events happening in their city.
Lexington Avenue Local Self Indulgency 101
Bloggings from a new New Yorker...
Lexington Avenue Local ADrunkZ
Advertising party blog. Your source for NYC based advertising festivities (read: free booze).
Lexington Avenue Local Low End Theory
Its a journal with pictures; deep thoughts and life in general. Crazy links too.
Flushing Local world @ a crossroads
ranting about the current state of the world, dreaming about the future; all with a unique, revolutionary communist twist.
Lexington Avenue Express
Tech news
Lexington Avenue Local Escapable Logic
Socioeconomic, political and life experience musings
Lexington Avenue Local NYC Lost
Ramblings about NYC, Sex, Life and everything inbetween (as if there was anything else...)
Lexington Avenue Local Another Bend in the Road
NYCBloggers is back and so is that gosh-darn wacky 'Eat the Poor' lady....with a brand-new blog full of mystery, adventure, and the American Dream gone horribly, terribly awry.
Lexington Avenue Local Zaydoun's Blog
This the blog of a teen's daily thoughts about what he sees in NYC and the world in general...
Lexington Avenue Express Randomly Wonderful
The randomly wonderful days in a randomly wonderful city
Lexington Avenue Local Chip Chick
Tech & gadget's from a Girl's Perspective
Lexington Avenue Local For the ride...
Politics, the UN, Chinese stuff from a left libertarian bent.
Lexington Avenue Local Princess in a Pink Dress
obsessive and neurotic NYC college student
Lexington Avenue Express Tom Watson
My dirty life & times - politics, music, media.
Lexington Avenue Express Musings
Instead of a stream of consciousness, more of a babbling brook...
Lexington Avenue Local sceithire
Baby, can I change my mind...
Flushing Local language hat
Languages, hats, and more.
Lexington Avenue Express The Anonymous Outsider
A fledgling restaurant owner details his attempts at success and makes needless observations about society, media and literature.
Lexington Avenue Express This Happened.
A psychologist/entrepreneur proves that clients are crazier than patients.
Flushing Local Suckful - Repackaged Cognitive Dissonance
The funniest blog on the internet - believe me, I've checked. Occassional navel-gazing. Bonus: Random character assasinations and guest bloggers!
Lexington Avenue Local Blogging for sport
Rocking out, blog in hand.
Lexington Avenue Local Jersey Girl Z
Thoughts of a college girl/navy veteran as she realizes that life doesnt really suck
Lexington Avenue Local Persistence of Vision
blogging the independents.
Lexington Avenue Express erasers Edge
Just an Irish Expat working in the City. Lots of Irish stuff, a bit of politics and, of course, football. That'd be Soccer to you.
Lexington Avenue Express New York Young Republican Club, Inc. Blog
The blog of the New York Young Republican Club, Inc.
Lexington Avenue Express docksbay
I coulda did my time...
Flushing Local Liz's Lookout
My observations on life.
Lexington Avenue Express Mukunda's Musings
Thoughts on politics, baseball, books, business, and culture.
Lexington Avenue Express The G-Log
Opinions, observations and musings from recent Californian transplant who pines for his innocent Stanford days.
Lexington Avenue Local Political Strategy
Provides political strategy, arguement ammunition, debate and propaganda tactics for everyday use in the fight for policy superiority.
Lexington Avenue Express FSP
Information Architecture, Economics, Usability, Transit, Urbanism
Lexington Avenue Local Budgie Roo's Rants & Raves
The life and times of a Fordham Law student
Flushing Local Dangerous Liaisons
Reliving the sexual encounters of your life can teach you a thing or two about not only yourself, but the world as well.
Lexington Avenue Local Bright and Shiny
The adventures of a fresh, new, New York City inhabitant.
Lexington Avenue Local brina doppelganger
rants, raves, and random thoughts on everything from politics to popcorn
Lexington Avenue Local Southern Belle + Manhattan
Megalomaniacal only child takes on the Big Apple. Who will win?
Lexington Avenue Express Decodings
The voice of reason in a deluded world - by two veteran NYC writers.
Flushing Local Square Peg
Random thoughts from someone who doesn't quite fit in anywhere
Lexington Avenue Local
Lots of text and some pretty colors.
Lexington Avenue Local Cronin's Kindling
Thick-browed New York comedian Dan Cronin (Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central's Premium Blend), ever "looking at the world sideways", writes down the scenes, thoughts and extrapolations from this world that unfold in his seamed head.
Lexington Avenue Express Cube Farm Musings
Small town boy, moves to the Big Apple to become an actor - becomes a cabbage instead. Thoughts on you know...stuff.
Lexington Avenue Express The JimBlog
Where obsession never stops!
Lexington Avenue Local American Invisible, Inc.
The Most Unusual Detective Agency You've Ever Seen
Lexington Avenue Express Blissful Knowledge
Aspirational Warblogging (and other matters)
Lexington Avenue Express Political Wire
All the political news in one place.
Lexington Avenue Express self-aggrandizement
Now with 57% more unabashed egotism!

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