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Lexington Avenue Local Bettytron XL2000
Ramblings and reviews from a silly self-centered girl, who updates more often that she should.
Lexington Avenue Local Cheapfoodelicious
Having moved from one great food city (Chicago) to another (NYC), it's time to start anew. First order of business: hunt down the best in cheap food stalls, dives and delis. "Ethnic restaurants", as my mom called Indian, Thai and Japanese, are my favorite, so the list will likely be heavily weighted toward Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Don't forget to chew, and enjoy!
Lexington Avenue Local Ruvym's Rant
The often mindless, and sometimes mindful, banter of a native New Yorker working through NYU Law.
Lexington Avenue Local The Culture Politic
Marshall McLuhan said of the copy machine that "Gutenberg made everybody a reader. Xerox makes everybody a publisher." The Internet has done just as much, if not more, to transform the way that we think and communicate as did the technological shifts of McLuhan's day. The mission of The Culture Politic is to use show that the internet has made everyone a writer. So write. And read. And be published.
Lexington Avenue Local Goeres: PhotoBlog-One
A photoblog of city sights -- inside & outside.
Lexington Avenue Local Big Apple Dining Guide
Honest reviews of dining experiences in NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local Occularis
Mostly my photography. Other's posted for comment purposes only.
Lexington Avenue Local JogBlog
all about a blogger who likes to jog, travel, work at his financial job, and relax in the greatest city in the world.
Lexington Avenue Local Red Barin Kung Fu Roller Hero
Irish. Redhead. Roller Girl. You got some trouble.
Lexington Avenue Local Michael Mahle's Blog
NYC Restaurant and Concert Reviews
Lexington Avenue Local readme.blog
Technology, entertainment, music, politics.
Lexington Avenue Local NoahBrier.com
Lots of writing about geeky stuff like software, technology and postmodernism. With the occaisional poop joke thrown in for good measure.
Lexington Avenue Local echoplex
alternative music, art, performance events, humor, links, and thoughts filtered through a NYC musician and photographer
Lexington Avenue Local echoplex
i'm a musician, graphic designer, photographer, and sometime dj born and living in new york city. this blog is about some of the things i see, do, and think.
Lexington Avenue Local Jay Hollander Real Estate Law Blog
New developments in real estate law
Lexington Avenue Local Jay Hollander Commercial Law Blog
New developments in commercial law
Lexington Avenue Local Jay Holander Intellectual Property Law Blog
New developments in intellectual property law
Lexington Avenue Local sucker
Sucker is a blog dedicated to political discussion and consumer news, as well as my own personal musings.
Lexington Avenue Local Observations from the Bazaar
On the lookout for good common sense marketing
Lexington Avenue Local Shalom One Time!
Another NYC blog with talk of news, politics, music, movies and assorted nerdery.
Lexington Avenue Local 137
Updated on a not so fixed schedule with strange news items, cultural musings and whatever I'm obsessed with at the moment.
Lexington Avenue Local NecatPace.ORG WebLog-FotoLog
u want u see a pics?
Lexington Avenue Local Plastic-existence.org
Just ramblings for me.
Lexington Avenue Local TNL
Opinionated ramblings on technology
Lexington Avenue Local Carmine's :)
Geek/Elf/Bassplayer/Guitarist/Mandolin/Doumbek/Writing and other random stuff about me :)
Lexington Avenue Local NYC Rockabilly
NYC rockabilly shows, events and news.
Lexington Avenue Local Sea of Humanity
My viewpoint on life, my thoughts and my mad cap adventures in NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local MurrayHill 5
Love, Life, Recipes and trying not to trip over my own 2 feet and break my head
Lexington Avenue Local metrocake
Long Island/Manhattan angsty giggly goodness...
Lexington Avenue Local Swipe Magazine
Scantman and Themedog have imbibed the emetic -- get ready for a chum-bucket full of the sweet, sweet Truth, baby!
Lexington Avenue Local The Vegetarian Werewolf Explains It All For You
Freelance comedy writer drinking WAY too much coffee scrawls lofty incantations and dick jokes
Lexington Avenue Local nkranes.com
Mostly idle drivel, some complaining, some city chatter.
Lexington Avenue Local Diaspora Daily
Rantings on today's news and culture from everyone's favorite pedant Jackson Palmer.
Lexington Avenue Local etrepum
Mostly code rants, some random stuff.

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