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Lexington Avenue Local No More Spots
The sad, lonely confessions of a person who has never heard "Here Comes The Sun." Fung that.
Lexington Avenue Local Making the Connection
A Beijing girl's life in New York City. After living in the States for almost 8 years, I Try to make the connenction between my existence in NYC and my root in Beijing.
Lexington Avenue Local Quo Vadimus
Ground zero for agitative liberal propaganda and unintentional pontification.
Lexington Avenue Local Sixty Seconds
is all it takes
Lexington Avenue Local VIET CLUB
A place/ space for the rarest of creatures, a Vietnamese New Yorker. Hello artists, designers, musicians and everyone with an open mind and a free spirit. We hope you find fresh inspiration and bring new insight.
Lexington Avenue Local the bowery
A young man's journal about everyday life, mediocrity, existential depression, striving toward a greater good, and learning to accept the miserable status quo.
Lexington Avenue Local Postmodern Courtesan
Tales of an exclusive consort
Lexington Avenue Local Pete's Thoughts and Ideas
The crazy things that float around in my head
Lexington Avenue Local Sri Ganesha Tea & Book Stall
An elephant faced god. A chai wallah. A tea stall. Media Criticism. India. Yoga theory. Moon phases. Streaming Bhanjan Kirtan Radio. Ashtanga. Vedanta. Books. Jyotish.
Lexington Avenue Local Culture Tube
Team blogZine by writers & journalists featuring lit & media news plus a rant or two.
Lexington Avenue Local Daily Dose Of Dave
Follow Dave as he ventures to and fro on a quest for the latest bash to crash !
Lexington Avenue Local Brain Bleed
Record Shop Girl by day, Professional Dominatrix all the time. My life, My rants and a whole bunch of l'esprit d'escalier.
Lexington Avenue Local CurlsandPurlsNYC
A curly haired knitter speaks from NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local Jennypenny
I actually live in Hoboken, NJ BUT i work on Spring&Crosby and I think I spend more time at work than at home soooo yeah thats how I justify my stop.
Lexington Avenue Local Mating Rituals
A single guy's odyssey with dating in NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local so much modern time
my secret power is '80s pop music blast!
Lexington Avenue Local Bluejake: Ephemera
Bluejake Ephemera is a collaborative link blog maintained by a small group of New Yorkers. It focus mainly on NYC gossip, news, media, and pictures of pandas.
Lexington Avenue Local jonhorn.com
miscellaneous happenings in the life of Jon Horn
Lexington Avenue Local woot
my observations on life. pretty boring and self-centered. :P
Lexington Avenue Local Simply Put
The daily rantings and ramblings of a writer.
Lexington Avenue Local New York Dog Days
Corporate gal who quit her job to become a dog walker... Its not as easy as it looks.

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