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Lexington Avenue Local WebMachiavelli
Just a daily jumble that is my life. Not to mention the name dropping and adventures of a bartender on the edge.
Lexington Avenue Local New York Photoblog I Martin Fuchs at Magnum Photos New York
This is a blog with daily photos and notes about my life in New York as well as my 6-month internship at Magnum Photos New York.
Lexington Avenue Local
...escape your usual.
Lexington Avenue Local thestoryangel
Being a single mom living inthe Big NYC can fun, challenging but mostly never dull. This is my life honest and for you...
Lexington Avenue Local Growing Up Latina
I talk about life...real life and how a single mother lives in the big NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local I allow the fiends this nominal_victory
Basically what I did today, what's funny, and who I want to win the election.
Lexington Avenue Local Chez Chesler
Thoughts which are even less organized than usual, probably having something to do with Libertarianism or math or the Bronx or Middlesex County, Massachusetts or Judaica or cars or Tweeners...
Lexington Avenue Local UrbanLatinFemale
ULF has more than my life updates, it also has Forum Av's plus AIM Icons.
Lexington Avenue Local Spewkie dot com
Angry unemployed geek in co-op city
Lexington Avenue Local Life Cereal
Replace with something witty.
Lexington Avenue Local Latino Pundit
Born Out Of Underrepresentation
Lexington Avenue Local
Happenings above and below ground.
Lexington Avenue Local drunkenmonk
Just another NYC college student with an unhealthy obsession over all things Krispy Kreme.
Lexington Avenue Local
SiliconAlley, what we do, what we use, what we think. We want technology to work better with our lives.
Lexington Avenue Local kaz's jrnal
insights and notes from a poet in exile in black siberia (aka-Co-op City)
Lexington Avenue Local shadowless
a redheaded teenaged girl living in new york city... what else spells interesting?
Lexington Avenue Local The Gamer's Nook
Random musings on life, politics, NYC, humor -- basically anything that strikes my fancy.
Lexington Avenue Local ThymeWise
Tales of a kitchen witch.
Lexington Avenue Local Starship Enterprise
A running Captain's Log of the sailing and racing yacht "Starship Enterprise" sailing out of City Island

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