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Flushing Local aingealis
born in taiwan, raised in new york, career changer, observer, your best friend ever
Flushing Local Another Fine Mess
The continuing scribblings, yearnings and learning of a 30-something Queens born & bred College Grad slash Legal Assistant slash Future Pulitzer Prizewinning Playwright and Poetess!
Flushing Local CEOs of the World
The sarcastic observations of two NYC siblings with aspirations of taking over the world.
Flushing Local Sketch Lab C
What I'm drawing, painting, or complaining about now.
Flushing Local A Page of Insanity
New life in New York, a journey to get to know the city and more.
Flushing Local My NYC Diary
A record of my experiences and learnings in my stay at NYC.
Flushing Local AzianBrewer
Beer, Sake, Whiskey, Wine and my twisted view of the world.
Flushing Local AzianBrewer
Beer, Sake, Whiskey, Wine and my twisted view of the world.
Flushing Local lolz at zach
laugh at me, and laugh with me.
Flushing Local AzianBrewer
Beer, Sake, Whiskey, Wine and my twisted view of the world.
Flushing Local Hidden Confessions
Hidden confessions of a secretly bisexual guy living in NYC
Flushing Local the year 2015
ideas adventures ramblings absurdity
Flushing Local hyphenated non-IDentity
musing about everything and anything under the sun
Flushing Local hyphenated non-IDentity
musing about everything and anything under the sun
Flushing Local RichLo
Flushing Local alex's blog
my blog on various subjects
Flushing Local Black Sheep With A Hidden Smile
A photo a day makes...
Flushing Local jaredeng
Flushing Local Daihung Blog
Random thoughts, all written in Chinese!
Flushing Local AloeBananaPomegranate on Xanga
My pictures...
Flushing Local Tales of a Sassy Blonde
Diary of sorts that embellishes on the life of a sassy girl/young mother/helluva good wife and bit of a lost soul at the moment.
Flushing Local posed to death
i moved from stujessica.net and into this blog which may rarely be updated but it still belongs on the map :]
asian punk rawk soho les fashion n' sneaker oriented smart ass
Flushing Local cl assified details
--Read it, share it, love it. My daily blah, blah, blahs.--
Flushing Local non sequitur
I don't have much to say these days.
Flushing Local Boring people love blogging
Latina/Asian going on some buckwild adventures.
Flushing Local Typical and Overdramatic yet...not
18 years old. ignorant. typical. overdramatic. and in desperate need of help. come take a look -=)
Flushing Local about_A_boy
my rants and daily irritations for your viewing displeasure.
Flushing Local Daniel Myint Blog It!
Read my view on electronics, current events, social gatherings, etc.
Flushing Local gottem
Read Danny Myint's daily jabberings about current events, electronics, web design and development
Flushing Local jazzmine
Flushing Local Sadness or Euphoria
The thoughts, frustrations, or exhilarations of a Yankee at heart.
Flushing Local Sticky Fingers
Personal site about me with blog, cam portal and some links to similar sites featuring layouts of the Rolling Stones and their music
Flushing Local HypnotiQ MinD
Itz all abt meeh and the world tht revolve around meeh
Flushing Local Goddess in Purgatory
Diary of an Immigrant in New York
Flushing Local NewYawk Mom
My thoughts and stuff, so I don't forget what I did or thought about yesterday.
Flushing Local silencetherude
Nothing better than, erm, whatever you want to call it
Flushing Local NecroHome
Peer into the Necromancer's mind, brother...
Flushing Local Antibubbles
25 year old expectant father sharing his offensive political views and cryptic poetry and ummmm probably mundane random thinkings...
Flushing Local AnarchistTheo
Anti-authoritarian and Anti-capitalist Blog in the Heartland of Consumerism. I doubt I'll be allowed to be on NYC Bloggers.
Flushing Local XANGA: mashimar0o_xT
my blog... what else?
Flushing Local girlnewyork.net
asian college girl from suburbia long island wandering the streets of nyc for the perfect man and the perfect pair of shoes. can you be that perfect man that buys me the perfect shoes?
Flushing Local a day at the pond...
Just everday thoughts of a normal guy in NYC
Flushing Local Guro's Thoughts
Personal thoughts, ideas and commentary.
Flushing Local twins, batteries not included
stand clear of the broken doors
Flushing Local I love NYC Skyscrapers
It'll be an ongoing critique of NYC's tall buildings, its extensive infrastructure, its fabulous nightlife, the need for political reform, and open hatred for the 'Freedom Tower' proposed for the WTC Site. A profile of a Manhattan skyscraper will be coming once every week.
Flushing Local Persephone's DeadJournal
The personal journal of Persephone Yavanna the Entwife, UnInitiated UnHighPriestess of the UnCoven of the Solitaries (www.uncoven.com)
Flushing Local Mak's Blog
A guy from Brazil in New York
Flushing Local The Baseball Crank
Baseball, war, politics, law and more!
Flushing Local Killagrrrls Blah Blah Blah
Just me blah blah blahing... I talk about my relationships (or lack of them) what I'm up to, who's pissing me off etc etc yadda yadda yadda. So feel free to read it, comment if ya want -it's all good
Flushing Local fortylicks
personal site with blog, camportal and some content
Flushing Local Evil's Dimension
A little bit of everything
Flushing Local But How's the Coffee?
A queer, feminist, pro-war Jewish Mets fan who is appalled to find myself agreeing (on occasion) with conservative pundits. Someone in desperate need of a good cup of coffee.
Flushing Local LosTBoY
Site bringing friends and everyone together !!!
Flushing Local two headed gods
less than daily ruminations on my work, my life, my commute, and why bush is such an idiot.
Flushing Local Kristen Explores...
Lists and lyrics
Flushing Local Shaolyn
This is a blog of a 14 year old Cantonese girl.
Flushing Local Woman's Worth
don't want to live in the past can't live in the future yet so i look forward to today.....
Flushing Local Love and the City
A twentysomething New Yorker tries to find love, with interesting tidbits posted along the way. Feel free to post comments.
Flushing Local flyingsolo smiling
"...like gravity, hypocrisy, and the perils of being in 3D... and thinking so much differently..."
Flushing Local forgottenblog
An offshoot of Forgotten NY, the website that chroicles unnoticed and heretofore uncared-about NYC landmarks, ads, buildings, etc.
Flushing Local And I say welcome to the show...
If you like sarcasm and priceless pictures of J.Lo picking her nose, then you'll like my site. No APR financing. :-)
Flushing Local Quotidian Doom
What is Quotidian Doom? 1) A Hesseian bildungsroman? 2) The modern day Proust? 3) Complaints of a chronic malcontent? 4) All of the above? Answer - 4!
Flushing Local Fan's Complaint
Recipe for Fan's Complaint: Take a pinch of Keats, a dash of Melville, a cup each of Kerouac and Auster, strain out all talent. Let set in NY 10 years, cool in Minnesota 3.5 years.
Flushing Local another tC
Ramblings of a misguided Korean American college student
Flushing Local STUJESSiCA.NET
i talk about the normal regressing 21 year old stuff. i look like a raver and listen to punk and i have piercings. i'm koOliez!
Flushing Local my lj
Flushing Local Sploosh.org Making the World a better Place!
Stephen K.'s Blog omg hes so cool you gotta read this!!!!!!!!!!
Flushing Local Ramblings by Zarozenia
Online journal of sassy ramblings ranging from bizarre to wickedly funny. Personal, blonde, sassy, chatty, witty, girly, open.
Flushing Local tummy monsters
bloggin fool
Flushing Local kevZz
been 5 years i took the train anywhere. last time was hmm.. once last month
Flushing Local PrettyRazor
My blog is nifty because it unifies the city. The 7 is the International Express. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, or age, takes the 7.
Flushing Local always nyc.
ranting and raving...
Flushing Local Fatal Planetarium
At the sure-footed dance of death. Might change though.
Flushing Local Dty
You won't ever meet anyone else like me...
Flushing Local eggrOll
if you can`t handle some explicit content, then dont click the link. i cuss enough to make a sailor blush and i write about whatever i want. freedom of expression. ;D
Flushing Local Mystical Journey
This site is where a girl from New York talks about her life and the bad things that happen in it...
Flushing Local Fallen Illusions
This is the personal blog of a Cantonese girl, lives in Queens, NY(duh). Just a blog of a typical "T.A.B./Fobulous" girl in NY. Who is pretty shallow and deep at the same time.
Flushing Local where does life go
go here or there?
Flushing Local boyish charm's weblog
Just an Asian guy who takes the 7 train sometimes.
Flushing Local glitter blog
just a bunch of personal, popculture, and buffy banter
Flushing Local copper & stars
i thought this walk might sober me but i only got lost in dreaming i held hope high, down to copper and up to stars it only stirs thoughts of days i'm sure i'll never see so sing to me, to pull through, that we'll build to push on sing you won't leave until you feel summer on my face sing i'll sway //*planes mistaken for stars
Flushing Local Pig-pen
personal blog with cam portal and some content
Flushing Local bottledair.org
one girl's relentless pursuit of boredom (through photos, drawings, projects, quotes, memories, and assorted musings.)
Flushing Local Bereaved
My place to say what I want and write my memories.
Flushing Local Fearful of Acronyms
A collection of misspelled words, mispoken phrases, and maybe some rants, quotes, broken promises, and secrets about people you know. Check it out.
Flushing Local Mad Kane's Notables
Humor Columnist, Madeleine Kane's sardonic commentary on politics, current events, the news, books, music, & whatever else that inspires her admiration or ire.
Flushing Local BLOGDE
David Rogde and Barbara Pierce
Flushing Local JTL.com
my life in a bag of chips
Flushing Local The Wandering Thoughts of Chui
Know the Thoughts of Chui
Flushing Local Love me. Hate me. Whatever. ;D
Love me. Hate me. Whatever. ;D [I wish my stop wasn't Flushing... I live in Bayside >:T]
Flushing Local NoNsEnSiCaL RaNdOmNeSs
the randomness that is the life of a teenage girl
Flushing Local writing is cool
Just stuff about how i feel...
Flushing Local hallucinations
it's a fuckin blogger...what else is there to say?
Flushing Local -;-indecisiveness-;-
just me and my thoughts..
Flushing Local spikey
i'm just a girl.... that sometimes looks like a boy lol, and i like lots of fun.
Flushing Local The Vortex
Just a high school student slogging through life and trying to enjoy his music.
Flushing Local ¡excessive ramblings!
The place where I ramble about life as I encounter it.
Flushing Local stuff that happon to me
way interesting stuff that happons to me and things that nobay should know bout me ;)
Flushing Local typedslowly
as blogs go, this one is fairly no frills. just lots of idle musings and random thoughts. i type slowly, so you should read thoroughly.
Flushing Local escape velocity
personal site.
Flushing Local Daggg8's Xanga
My Blog
Flushing Local . : . m i n u t i a e . : .
a cheeky little blog about everything and nothing.
Flushing Local [[ NahLGaE - ~FLy~ ]]
my personal blog. just filled wit my personal thought, rants, etc. check it out..
Flushing Local Freak Of Nature
this is my mind, my body, my heart, and my soul. haha i'm very deep
Flushing Local tofuji's Poetry Blog
A collection of my poems
Flushing Local Dubya's Dayly Diary
Satirical weblog of President George Dubya Bush, featuring insights into Bush's "White House Daze" as channeled by me.
Flushing Local The Metanoia of J-Rey
J-Rey posts about his views, life, and attempts at picking up chicks.
Flushing Local Scripting News
News about scripting, of course. I miss NY, and I'm totally happy to see this site! Excellent.
Flushing Local djblog
talk nerdy to me
Flushing Local Movie Watchers
A couple of crazed movie-buffs ranting on about the movies.

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