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Flushing Local Fancy Pants Loves Binita
Binita is studying court reporting in Manhattan. Most days it's quite exciting. Others, however...
Flushing Local
A professional editor in New York breaks down English style and usage for better blog style and technique
Flushing Local Fancy Pants Loves Binita
Binita is a nice girl who found herself married and suddenly in New York. Now she's trapped in court reporting school prison, given a life sentence of bad posture and achy hands.
Flushing Local Squishy Sexy
It's not about celebrities or politics. My ego doesn't allow room for that.
Flushing Local
as simple as world domination, best premium or generic brands of world domination tutorials you'll find.
Flushing Local Cantara Christopher
Beating Our Tiny Fists on the Big Hairy Chest of the Corporate Literary World
Flushing Local stylequeen
Ramblings about Queens and those "other" boroughs. Mostly picking on people I see and ridiculous behavior.
Flushing Local MimosaLoca
New York-Queens native temporarily pursuing my MBA in Atlanta. Read about my hectic school life, living my boyfriend and dealing with crazy Southerners...
Flushing Local . Jack
Confessions of a dazed New Yorker.
Flushing Local Marshmallows and Mismatched Socks
an inspired site.
Flushing Local Josh
Talking to myself
Flushing Local one moment
the ramblings of a girl, simply put ;]
Flushing Local extremeCatholic
Patrick Sweeney's weblog of the Catholic faith and media, politics, technology and the other stuff he's interested in.
Flushing Local lotus girl.asian rhetoric
it's the rantings of a girl in high school. =)
Flushing Local Boring Porn
A reluctant journal by a guy in Queens who gets paid to write bad erotica and wars with his roommate's cat's litterbox odors.
Flushing Local NFN Ng
Owned by a born and bred Queens girl. Named for a NYC cab driver with the unusual first name of NFN, which actually stands for "No First Name."

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