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Flushing Local Fetch me my axe
Socio-religio-political-cultural-pop musings and/or rants, withering satire, bawdy humor, occasional shavings of cheese.
Flushing Local ExFactor
my thoughts, my feelings and my hopes and dreams.
Flushing Local The Junior Page
A brain splatering of whatever comes to mind!
Flushing Local ExFactor
It's what I'm thinking and what I want to talk about at that time.
Flushing Local Amnesia Sparkles
The adventures of a sweet forgetful Drag Queen trying to make it in the city.
Flushing Local ExFactor
it's what's on my mind at the time and what i want to share with the world.
Flushing Local Give Back My Money, Benjamin Gattegno
The story of how I was scammed out of $5000 by a jerk with a monstrous hoarding problem.
Flushing Local Talk About the Passion
A random and occasionally interesting amalgamation of personal anecdotes, random hyperlinks, and thoughts on the passions of a green/wide-eyed 24-year old Nevadan transplant (including, but not limited to: music, current events, aspirations, photos, faith, food, USC, and NYC).
Flushing Local Every Word's a Purl
A harried reporter's escape into the gleeful world of knitting, crochet and other random craftiness. Completely narcissism and self-importance free!
Flushing Local Casting guy's blog
Rant and ravings of a volatile personality who works in the entertainment industry.
Flushing Local Becoming a Better Lover
46th and Bliss Lover- 1: a person who loves or is loved 2: an ardent follower [syn: fan, buff, devotee, afficionado] 3: a significant other 4: One who is involved in a sexual relationship with another; as, she took a lover.
Flushing Local deportenme!
de todo para todos
Flushing Local Wanton Wonton
lewd, gratuitously cruel and unrestrainedly excessive dumpling
Flushing Local The Black Hand
"A ladle-full of brimming, bustier-bound creativity. Words to live by!" - Gene Siskely
Flushing Local Freelove Freeway
New York, baseball, entertainment and news. What else is there?
Flushing Local The Movie Marketing Blog
A New York-based film marketer and publicist takes a look at film, DVD and Film Festival marketing and publicity trends.
Flushing Local the real midgetbigot
Read the tales of a Queen's bartender
Flushing Local Beatrice.com
Mini-book reviews and other items of interest from literary circles.
Flushing Local Judgment Call
The rantings and ravings of a pop-culture addict.
Flushing Local touching the web
randomness from me to web.
Flushing Local stored honey....
things that collect in the soul and mind. a journal.
Flushing Local Photo-Ramblelog
I ramble into my web-enabled phone when I have free time. Sometimes I take pictures with the phone and post them with my ramblage.
Flushing Local Greta McCoy's Debut Journal
observations of life in the naked city
Flushing Local sunnysidewriter
Life as seen through the eyes of a twenty-three year old writer living in Sunnyside, NY.
Flushing Local Serious Danger
A NnecessarilySFW site for the new paranoiac. Our mission statement: "Enhance web log experiences and outcomes for readers. Implement and support continuing educational programs. Work closely with readers and prospective readers to provide superior quality journalistic products and a broad range of services." Our hallmarks are adequate proofreading, and too many commas.
Flushing Local Sora's LJ
mah lj. 44st kid yo
Flushing Local Robinson Crusoé´s Island
Hello, everybody! This is my island and I am Marcelo Dias, a brazilian guy writing in portuguese about everything (sports, sex, jokes, curiosities, world). I promise that someday I'll put an english version in the Web.
Flushing Local slow like honey
my journal. full of rants. about guys. and occasionally, about me. haha. enjoy.
Flushing Local GeekLife
News, opinion, culture for geeks
Flushing Local The Dancing Sausage Web Journal
Jailed for protesting in 2000, I felt more like a sausage than a citizen. I sat for hours with my hands tied, and all I wanted was to dance. It's a general observation, too. We move thoughtlessly, but passionately.

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