40 Street | 21 NYCB

Flushing Local tsinkoy's xanga
the adventures of a life in the big city
Flushing Local fastlad
A new place to talk about the million ironies of being gay in a world of straight people
Flushing Local BrainChowder
just plain blog
Flushing Local Vanessa in NYC
Just a my philosophical elucubrations on life..
Flushing Local Falseprophets
Life from the eyes of a False Prophet
Flushing Local XIllusive Poet00's xanga
It's xanga. It's fun.
Flushing Local writing on the wall
25 y-o Texan finds herself in NY looking for theatre tech work, story fodder, and joy.
Flushing Local in arcadia
gay Irish man living in Sunnyside, the wave of the future
Flushing Local concrete trenches
Lighten up.
Flushing Local Conneccao Brasilia - New York
it's in portuguese when I write one in english I'll tell you. It's my life and thoughts of my life of living and studying in new york and vacation in my hometown in Brasilia - brazil
Flushing Local The Opine Journal
A weblog on my life and current events in the news, from a 26 year old pundit.
Flushing Local Everyday Soon
26 year old frustrated male, I am having such a hard time finding a decent job, wanna read about it?
Flushing Local The Adventures of Mr. Smarty Pants
The trials, tribulations and acquittals of a quixotic hermit.
Flushing Local FalseProphets
Life, Politics, Solitude and Sunnyside...
Flushing Local realm of the faeriedragon
my life, opinions, and ideas all next to a really cool dragon.
Flushing Local carpe carp - seize the fish
Self-deprecation and a big ego flourish in Sunnyside. For now.
Flushing Local say anything
check out and read, has thought provoking entries once in a while
Flushing Local illicit affairs
me and my lover's lair
Flushing Local Catch
The newspaper and the water cooler and the OxyContin.
Flushing Local futurehell
what is it? well, it's the hellish future -- i'm sure you'll recognize it when you get there.
Flushing Local Jennifer Exit
Based on a true story, it's like 'That Girl' meets 'Sid and Nancy,' but less heroin and more shoes, coffee, and clumsiness.

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