Inwood - 207 Street | 34 NYCB

8 Avenue Express
Its about Entertainment, Community, Culture, Fashion & Wellbeing
8 Avenue Express Peter Bucknell
Travels with an Aussie
8 Avenue Express ReMARKable Palate
A Food and culture blog by Chef Mark Tafoya of ReMARKable Palate Personal Chef Service. Recipes, reflections, photos, and featured ingredients.
8 Avenue Express Joyful Addition
A photo chronicle of our first-born child, Lucas.
8 Avenue Express Queenie the Pooch
A picture blog of our dog Queen in and around Inwood
8 Avenue Express
Ribaldry meets uptown. Waaaaay uptown. Quotes, rants, links, ramblings. Caffeine free.
8 Avenue Express The Maxes
Husband-and-wife musicians - relationships with other NYers - food - sex - love - chainsaws - bubble gum
8 Avenue Express The Caves of Inwood
Music, Film and Survival from my rent-controlled cave.
8 Avenue Express apple of my eye
Christian based weblog with current events, thoughts and prose...
8 Avenue Express Ramblings
Ramblings from my bleary mind.
8 Avenue Express magicbeans
Bean is not actually from Antarctica.
8 Avenue Express View From A Lab Rat
Ever wonder what REALLY happens in a chemical laboratory?
8 Avenue Express Tales From Fly Over Counry
An attempt to balance the forces of good and evil in the world in order to put a finger on one side at the wrong time
8 Avenue Express Dandice move to the big city
we just moved here from buffalo and this is our story
8 Avenue Express Rats Live On
"Rats Live On" is very simply a place to talk shit. I write autobiographical essays about the things I like, the things I hate, and the shit that's happened to me.
8 Avenue Express a-musing
A comprehensive nucleus to my nonlinear virtual world. find it at a-musing.
8 Avenue Express Fuhzee Bahneez
The scary thoughts inside the head of a gay NYCer trying to stay young.
8 Avenue Express FantasyFantastik
the politics and performance of femmeness. hot girls and pop culture. nyc and the apocalypse. imagination rules the world.
8 Avenue Express Mariaclara
the filipino rebel without a cause
8 Avenue Express Simply Saidy...
Simplicity at it's finest
8 Avenue Express Ms. Subways' Tales
Journeys below, as well as above ground in New York City.
8 Avenue Express The Weird Divide
this journal has reviews of some of the gigs that I go to in the nyc area.
8 Avenue Express getting my bliss
Honesty over Diplomacy.
8 Avenue Express cce blog
pretty boring stuff now that i'm not traveling anymore. politics, music, life updates, etc.
8 Avenue Express
Daily musings on my life and work in New York.
8 Avenue Express worry wart calms down
Description? It's babble, my babble, sometimes quite intelligent, other times not.
8 Avenue Express living way up town
living way up here after living way down there for so long.
8 Avenue Express so this is the silence
just another nyc fag.
8 Avenue Express iPalimpsest
2 libary school graduates, now in NYC.
8 Avenue Express Jen's Dreams
I'm at an equal distance btwn 207th and Dyckman and I've got a computer and I know how to use it! hah! I mean, I have no life but please read about it. :D
8 Avenue Express
The average rantings of a 20-something mid-western boy turned New Yorker.
8 Avenue Express WrittenOnANapkin
A journal of my summer in NY, away from Texas
8 Avenue Express Finley Tempest Larkin
I'm a fantasy writer, so my blog is all about my musings, my frustrations, and the fun I have doing what I love.
8 Avenue Express Yet Another Web Log
A clipping service without portfolio: whatever catches my eye, which includes much science and political news. Feminist and well left of center.

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