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8 Avenue Express City Skip
A photo blog dedicated to cities.
8 Avenue Express Uptown Action
Politics, policy, and advocacy in the Northern Manhattan communities of Washington Heights, Inwood, Hamilton Heights/West Harlem, and Manhattanville.
8 Avenue Express random musings
musings, rants and portfolio shots of a set designer and fabulous jackass.
8 Avenue Express The Last Debate
Comments on life and politics from a liberal gay Christian perspective, and other paradoxes.
8 Avenue Express Flytip: Sneakers and Interactive Media Culture
All about Sneakers and Interactive Media Culture
8 Avenue Express xjv rtr lacroix vudu 9
drunks write palindromes
8 Avenue Express dalona
livejournal. just random thoughts.
8 Avenue Express Notes from the Underground
Ceci n'est pas une blog. Rambles, rants, rowdiness, and raunch from a newly-arrived only living boy in New York up against the wall of America.
8 Avenue Express My Byte of the Big Apple
Colleen's finally moved to NYC! I'll provide a weekly account of my adventures, and you, my friends, can keep in touch. Thanks!
8 Avenue Express Standing Bear
The journal of a man on a quest of self-discovery, re-learning about life, love, and happiness, what happens when those things leave us, and how to find them again.
8 Avenue Express Standing Bear
A brutally honest journal as I try to sort out life, love, and what happens when those things leave us.
8 Avenue Express Literary Safari
Sandhya Nankani on Writing!.
8 Avenue Express Literary Safari
We take many trips in our lifetimes. What better way to keep tabs on mine that to do so in a purposeful literary manner. Since I was born in Africa, the word safari feels like it belongs to me (although t in Ghana, safaris are not high up on the tourist menu). As for literary, that is what I aspire to do and to be in my life and in my writing. This forum is my practice field, literally and figuratively.
8 Avenue Express Kris
Finance, Development, Music.
8 Avenue Express Karmapa lama
Ramblings on Probability, Tech news.
8 Avenue Express New Crap City
I just moved here from Washington, DC. I'm still trying to adjust to life in NYC. We'll see how it goes. This is mostly about things I've noticed about life in New York.
8 Avenue Express hoodman
Unwritten stories.
8 Avenue Express Book of Days
One of those mosaic blogs: lots of news commentary, mostly on human rights and womens rights, leavened by literary and historical references and musing. A fair amount of focus on military topics, the legacy of years working at CCCO and the G.I. Rights Network in the 1990s.
8 Avenue Express tevren
a small political blog along mixed with small political mis happenings in life.
8 Avenue Express Back of the 'Beis
A Virtual Zaqen Mamre on the Loose
8 Avenue Express Missgyder's Musings
Blog of NYC based actress/theatre reviewer/book production manager.
8 Avenue Express Sean's Post-postmodern Nonsense
A combination of self-righteous, wanna be Thomas Pychon mumbo jumbo and something that could actually make sense.
8 Avenue Express agree2disagree
Opinionated New Yorkers (Wash. Heights & Astoria) free-associate about anything...including life... We agree to disagree--and write & comment from wildly differing political positions, etc.
8 Avenue Express Washington Heights/Inwood Events Blog
Constantly updated events in the Washington Heights/Inwood area.
8 Avenue Express jennyswebsite
Jenny is a scenic artist and painter; she likes cake and painting.
8 Avenue Express Musings and Schtuff
nothing inspirational
8 Avenue Express Apt. 11D
What? She lives in a four floor walk up? With two kids? Is she insane?
8 Avenue Express Gotham Gazette's newcomers weblog by Patrick Richardson
One of GothamGazette.com's weblogs tracing the adjustments of a newcomer to NYC.
8 Avenue Express Alice_ayers
I mostly write about cities and calamari. A few people and ideas that i hold dear to my heart make appearances too but mostly it's cities and calamari, french toast made from croissants with almonds and bananas, watching movies on my gold velvet couch.
8 Avenue Express sie kommt bald wieder
Bob says it best: "As for me, I'm still on the road, heading for another joint; we always did feel the same, we just saw it from a different point. Of view."
8 Avenue Express Jamalistan
a high school student's art, literature and amusing observations from Cabrini Boulevard.
8 Avenue Express be brave bold robot
4 years of a Swarthmore College student-- about to be completed. photography. the A at 181st street is my grandmother's house. I have lived on the Upper West Side, Riverdale, and now Chappaqua.
8 Avenue Express break/down
the often updated journal-site of boy lost in the wilderness of the cityscape.
8 Avenue Express Protocols
A group of Jews attempts total domination of the Blogosphere.
8 Avenue Express Jamie's Blog
The musings of an actor, director, New Yorker, activist and humanitarian.
8 Avenue Express bowhunter on crack
a constant desecration of life's little treasures with disturbing alacrity
8 Avenue Express These thoughts I've been thinking...
The musings of a teenage girl.
8 Avenue Express mistakes they didn't know they were making
a blog about factual and copy-editing errors i find in books
8 Avenue Express JoeNation
Stunned stammerings mostly, occasional thoughts, but not often enough for anyone to notice.
8 Avenue Express tally ho sulky
Observations and commentary on books, music and daily life

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