145 Street | 13 NYCB

8 Avenue Express Uptown Flavor
The premier place on the web to find out about the hottest spots in Harlem
8 Avenue Express anything goes really
anything goes, just like it says.... : )
8 Avenue Express Momentshowing
8 Avenue Express This Lonely Island
Great source for the latest in absurd political and entertainment news
8 Avenue Express Contemplations
a commentary on the neo-Harlem Renaissance
8 Avenue Express The Black New Yorker
The daily thought, opinions, and solutions of a native New Yorker
8 Avenue Express When I'm Forty
I'd never thought I'd be 40 yrs old, so here is my pre-emptive strike against the inevitable.
8 Avenue Express queixa
Words, thoughts, and occasional insights from a twenty-something geek-musician.
8 Avenue Express Queixa
Some thoughts, words, links from a twenty-something geek-musician.
8 Avenue Express Christy Bright Photography
Photos taken all over New York City, all the time. Updated several times a week with new stuff.
8 Avenue Express The Wrong Story
The story of a young, gay male living in NYC and trying to figure life out.
8 Avenue Express kevinrscott.com
Musings of a postmodern black man.
8 Avenue Express www.techieninja.com
photos, stories, links, the usual.

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