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Eighth Avenue Local Sleepwalks
Working in publishing, budding bloggers, food, drink, the streets of NYC
Eighth Avenue Local NYlawyer
My diary in the City
8 Avenue Express handbagsandfags
Everything happens in the delis of New York.
Eighth Avenue Local When Life Effs You In the A
Not your standard issue late twenty-something's blog.
Eighth Avenue Local ridiculouschick
Watch how ridiculous I can get.
Eighth Avenue Local An Inside Outsider
Musical tidbits from the inside of the music industry, from a person that has no real power.
8 Avenue Local An Inside Outsider
An inside opinion from someone working in the music industry, but is so low at the bottom, she might as well be outside it.
Eighth Avenue Local NYCnosh
Writing about food, drink, and cooking.
Eighth Avenue Local ridiculouschick
Chronicling my ridiculousness. And occasional dignity.
8 Avenue Local B-Sides
Some writing, some jounraling, just the musings of a 20-something Seattle transplant...
Eighth Avenue Local Groomzilla
It's a cold, cruel world for the modern gay groom-to-be.
8 Avenue Local Male SLUT nyc
Detailed stories of the sex i have with strangers i meet through CL>CE
8 Avenue Local Miss Hag.
Manhattan woman "raised" by gay men reflects on life, relationships, culture, music, politics and being dirty. Or drinking dirty martinis.
8 Avenue Local NY Boston Fan
Largely sports, from the perspective of a Boston fan, in NYC
Eighth Avenue Local Just Wondering Outloud
Just wondering outloud about odds and ends these days.
8 Avenue Local Raphael Pungin's Blog
Photos, videos, ballroom dancing karaoke, music, and much more....
Eighth Avenue Local Escape From New York
South Jersey/Philly native transplant to Hell's Kitchen...hilarity ensues.
Eighth Avenue Local cornershots
A photo blog of mainly night time city scapes and still lives.
8 Avenue Local Nima Behnou's Photoblog
Daily Photography of New York City.
8 Avenue Local deanpence
A Texas transplant and Objectivist seeks success and happiness in the Big City.
Eighth Avenue Local DailyNotes
Californian thoughts from Hell's Kitchen
Eighth Avenue Local Rachelle Nicolette
Mid-twenties. Attorney. Filipina. West coast transplant.
Eighth Avenue Local We, Like Sheep
Gay Episcopalian former Midwesterner in New York trying to be a good person and not succeeding, really...
Eighth Avenue Local Ten Feet of Steel
Musings of a master dilettante.
Eighth Avenue Local the crossfader
Observations of life, politics and other ephemera
Eighth Avenue Local the pool of radiance
Some guy in Hell's Kitchen. Talks about stuff; periodically breaks out in fragments of peculiar fiction.
Eighth Avenue Local Dear George: Letters to the President
A collection of open letters to President George Bush from across the country.
Eighth Avenue Local The Tofu Hut
Music for the discerning listener; whatever else occurs; a desperate cry for attention.
8 Avenue Express Wacky Neighbor
Why say in one anglo-saxon syllable what you can say in three latinates?
8 Avenue Local The Gingerbread House of Pain
Links to comedy and fiction written by Joshua Moses, and to the sites of some of his friends.
8 Avenue Express Milo Schotz
News, Politics, Books, Libraries and other stuff
8 Avenue Local Pr˛xima Estaciˇ :
gay spaniard in nyc takes on evil world
8 Avenue Local schism
Yet overpaid kiwi slumming it in New York
Eighth Avenue Local whatisee
What I See everyday
Eighth Avenue Local Pieces of Flair
For some people, the bare minimum is enough.
8 Avenue Local abigfatwasteoftime
Do what, now?
8 Avenue Local Sassymilk
Things seen along the way...
Eighth Avenue Local the matthew show
Musician is born in Texas, musician moves to NYC, hijinks ensue.
8 Avenue Local Starting At The Middle
Just the random musings of a crazy guy trying to get it all together.
Eighth Avenue Local hell's kitchenette
wordless snapshots of my new york city life.
8 Avenue Local [ - pervboi - ]
...pondering the complexities of the mortal coil
8 Avenue Local Nothing Clever Comes to Mind
Notes from an up and coming HK actor
Eighth Avenue Local Scott's Web Log
Madness in all directions.
Eighth Avenue Local Chris Noland
this is the story of a boy who came to new york with nothing, and has prospered.
8 Avenue Express Grabapple
Book reviews, journal, editorial rants, leftist leanings. 80s childhood. I was once a Texan, escaped to NY in 2002.
Eighth Avenue Local Mina's Journal
Solipsistic musings on my MFA program, literary gossip, fashion dictum, & the occasional spate of loony, obsessional ravings. Also looking for a boyfriend.
Eighth Avenue Local LifeINProgress
my b-movie life in NYC has begun.
8 Avenue Local blogging
Still a NYer but now lives in Texas with his dog and partner
8 Avenue Local anti-historian
odd philosophical fulminations and observations
Eighth Avenue Local Postcards from Hell's Kitchen
A flaming devil from the depths of Hell's Kitchen, NYC, blogging-in on the pursuit of life, liberty, and the joyous pursuit of devilishness...
Eighth Avenue Local urban ephemera
A collection of the ephemera scattered through my life--thoughts, photography, articles, history, etc.
8 Avenue Local Sonny's Journal
Uh. I don't know. Read my blog or not. o_O
8 Avenue Local Yadda Yadda
Just another weird NYer lookin for a place to vent
8 Avenue Local superbadkarma
"i never say never because i know i just might"
Eighth Avenue Local Dizzy in the City
Miscellaneous musings on work, school, and life, and occasional words from my cats.
Eighth Avenue Local "and i quote"
Favorite quotes of silliness and substance...
Eighth Avenue Local Me, New York and a Fifth Floor Walk-up
A gay man commenting on life in New York from the vantage point of an overpriced fifth-floor walkup studio
Eighth Avenue Local littleminx: the day, the night
urban mischief

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