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8 Avenue Express To Exist in Virtual Reality
rants & raves about food, co-workers, and wednesday night tv.
8 Avenue Express Hawkwild
Random musings. The usual.
8 Avenue Local Childhood Remembered: A Tribute To Peter Pan Syndrome
A discussion of childhood and why it isn't necessary to become an adult.
8 Avenue Express Chuli Pichuli
Daily Pictures and Observations Inspired by the World Around Me
8 Avenue Express cusp this
A girl on the cusp of something. My fingers are crossed that 'something' is a life.
Eighth Avenue Local Antigone Rising
Antigone Rising - Rock Band of the Year "Sultry rockers out of New Jersey. The best new music in many many years!"
8 Avenue Express Product and Knowledge Management Strategy
Strategic insights on Product Management, Product Marketing, Operational Efficiency, Knowledge Management, Collaboration and E-Learning.
8 Avenue Express SaveDan
Unemployed and seeking work -- can't you help Save Dan?
8 Avenue Express News Dissector
Danny Schechter News Dissector slices through the thick skinned mainstream media with his scalpel to reveal its true content.
8 Avenue Express Step into the Future
A futurist looking at how amazing the present really is.
8 Avenue Express A Certain View
Irregularly publsihed ramblings of a guy who spends too much time in his office at the computer
8 Avenue Express Defending the Raven
the ongoing autobiography of a bisexual married male who has finally come to terms with who he is and has decided to grow from there - not living life feeling like an outsider looking in
8 Avenue Express It's My Secret
This is the story of a gay man... A man who, although he's comfortable being gay and having friends who knows he's gay, isn't comfortable letting his family know necessarily... and a few other people, like his ex-fiancee... or his childhood friends. This is his secretive life...
8 Avenue Express nycgadgetgirl's mental ramblings
Ramblings about the city, my daughter and our Shiba with some tech talk and a few photos thrown into the mix.
8 Avenue Express Urbaganda.com
Musings of pre-assorted variety. be-otch!
Eighth Avenue Local Inner Musing - A Journal by Sabrina Hartel
My journal entries are small adventures or musings that happen in parts or all of my day in New York City. Sometimes they are humorous, embarrassing, thought provoking and even triumphed.
8 Avenue Local Just Pat
The starting point for all things beautiful, sweet, charming, wise, and crude from this lesbian blogger
8 Avenue Express HollenbackNet
A website and blog focusing on my passions: life in New York, technology, and photography.
8 Avenue Express Bella Fashionista
Bella Fashionista : Fashion, style, and all that comes with it
8 Avenue Express Tumanov.com
Ivan Tumanov's rants, raves and occasional humor
8 Avenue Express Tibster
News and sarcastic commentary
8 Avenue Express Outthinking
Running around NY, thinking and drinking.
8 Avenue Express RandumbThoughts
Random thoughts thats explore New York
8 Avenue Express Spidey's Web
I've started this blog for a 5 month trip that I am planning to take in Southeast Asia & Taiwan in early 2005. Part of this will update family and friends on my travels. Part of this will help me remember the people that I will meet and places that I will go. Part of this will give me a reason to find quiet time by myself to reflect on my experiences.
8 Avenue Express EvenHand (Click "Journal")
A journal on the making of an indie feature film. "Where are the damn doughnuts?"
8 Avenue Express Ignorance Is Bliss
Musings, ramblings, and rumifications. With an occasional funny story.
8 Avenue Local SHARK BLOG
Landshark arrives in nyc. Humorous writings of living in the kitchen, hell's kitchen.
Eighth Avenue Local Jimmy Potzenpans's Corner
Aye, just da friggin ramblin'z of a reel New Yorker, knowhatimeen?
8 Avenue Express Sarah's Entertainment Spot
A single girl in NYC tries to figure it all out
8 Avenue Express A NYC COMIC
One Comedian's Trails and Tribulations in the Big Apple that never sleeps.
8 Avenue Express Sarah's Entertainment Spot
A single girl in NYC tries to figure it all out
8 Avenue Express All the Greatest
I'm a recent graduate trying to find his way in NYC.
8 Avenue Express Russian Cinema
Russian films, actors , directors, children's movies, awards
8 Avenue Express Sarah's Entertainment Spot
A NYC girl writes about her single life in the City. Also included are movie, book, TV, and article reviews.
8 Avenue Express Karma Talk
Karma talk deals with epistemological issues. Focused on Quantitative finance, Development, & Financial engineering.
8 Avenue Express The MindSpray
stimulating information and communication while thriving in a syntax era.
8 Avenue Express mumbles a lot
Photos, text, and links
8 Avenue Express Vinny Badabing
Vinny looks at politics, food, sports, entertainment, and being Italian.
8 Avenue Express NERO FIDDLED
You have reached the blog of Noah Diamond.
8 Avenue Express Redheaded Ramblings
I'm single, I'm an actress, a writer, a Catholic and a conservative. Go figure.
Eighth Avenue Local Caren
Silly blog of chronic creative writer Caren, who published the 2003 novel Carrie Pilby and has others in the works
8 Avenue Express SmootherThanButter
Just a personal blog.
8 Avenue Express Common Sense
Liberal/ libertarian ranting on politics and culture
8 Avenue Express Mixed Reviews
Alterna-critics hit Gotham's movie palaces in search of majesty, verisimilitude and extra butter
8 Avenue Express kris
Kriskumar @work
8 Avenue Express karmapa
Karmapa Lama of Tibet
8 Avenue Express The Journey of Adam Wade
Follow the day to day trials of a young man/comedian/moviemaker in New York City. The movies, the shows, the coffees he picks up for people.
8 Avenue Express Sweet as a Biscuit
Twenty-one years in New York, seven years writing this journal. And counting.
8 Avenue Express Blog of my Barometer
A place to revel in a fascination with semi-wicked weather and celebrate upcoming weather conditions - with random barometer readings. Check in when a hurricane or blizzard are coming.
8 Avenue Express Visible Musings
Mixed media: Personal narrative in text and photographs
Eighth Avenue Local Good Experience
My own musings on user experience.
8 Avenue Express robinyap.com
learning. technology. quality. knowledge transfer. management. customer service
8 Avenue Express Alternative Sides
love. life. laughter. sex. drama. journey... conversations with a gay couple.
8 Avenue Express Now Is The Time For Pants
Well, taken literally, the time for pants is right now - this very moment. On a more fundamental level, it refers to the current era in human history. Just as one might say that the middle ages was the time for catapaults, feudalism, and sword-fights, I believe that we are presently in a time of pants.
8 Avenue Local Is it just me?
Musings of a leftist city dweller who spends too much time in the Metro DC area.
8 Avenue Express Weber's World
A journal that's an insight to an unemployed, aspiring comedy writer's world of woe and hilarity.
8 Avenue Express Fancy Lady
A journal that's an insight to an aspiring comedy writer's world of woe and hilarity.
Eighth Avenue Local Nonstop Pop
A music blog about record collecting, concert-going, iPod-listening, MP3-swapping and other musical pursuits.
8 Avenue Express :: c h r o n o p o l i s | NEW YORK ::
art, architecture, design, technology, & life. in manhattan.
8 Avenue Express Camp LifeAskew
why?: because while we may be dorks, we're still cooler than you.
8 Avenue Express Letters from the Pedestal
An attempt at being a good little diarist...
8 Avenue Express Cumcookies Conspiracy
8 Avenue Local Nosuch.org
A blog about playing with whips, chains, rope, and computers.
8 Avenue Express Boggles & Cockles
playwright and graphic designer ruminates randomly, daily
8 Avenue Express Greenfield Gerbil
Humor and satire magazine featuring bad puns and groaners.
8 Avenue Express The Evil Twin Theory
Canadian songwriter moves to NYC to seek his fortune. Hijinks ensue.

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