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8 Avenue Express NonFictional Fantasies
Unique commentary on issues related to politics and hip-hop.
8 Avenue Express That Was Zen, This Is Tao
That Was Zen, This Is Tao is a journey in haiblog -- brief, crisp prose in the tradition of Basho and the Way of Haikai -- made fresh for the modern urban dweller.
8 Avenue Express Nieuw Amsterdam
Notes from Hell's Kitchen (in Dutch)
Eighth Avenue Local Blog: Derek Rose
Tabloid reporting, running & the Red Sox - from a member of the NYC press corps.
8 Avenue Express Mind of a Single Woman
A collection of banters on dating, relationships, love, and life.
8 Avenue Express derekwalden.com
The ramblings of a former NYLS law student who lived in The New Yorker Hotel at 34th and 8th - topics include politics, sports, news, women, anything funny, and life in general
Eighth Avenue Local lucie's wonderland
korean film magazine correspondent my cinemalife and citylife
Eighth Avenue Local Splaytime: Spread the . . . word
Dyke drama, gender theory, book reviews, and general mutterings from a young, queer New Yorker.
8 Avenue Express New York Civic
Part watchdog, part cheerleader, part fundraiser, part whistle-blower, part trusted advisor, part muckraker, part think tank, part consciousness-raiser, New York Civic takes an active role in outlining and defining public and civic life in its myriad forms.
8 Avenue Express The blog that never sleeps
My company asked me to move from Germany to New York. So, here I am!
Eighth Avenue Local dpsNYC
Hey, it's a life.
8 Avenue Express PAPITO1
rants, blabs, astro-pix, mad weather, robots, and homo-sex
Eighth Avenue Local Me On Line
The joy of online dating.
8 Avenue Express PAPITO1
opinionated, usually sexy, can be hateful, smart-ass, unique perspective, ahead-of-his-time, not-bad-on-the-eyes-either weblog of a not-so-typical homo born and raised in NYC.
8 Avenue Express Aeki Tuesday
Aeki Tueday's view on pop culture: music, news, some politics, nyc, nj, randomness, loves, sex, drugs and petit dejeuner
8 Avenue Express Mike's Blog - NYC
Test blog...
8 Avenue Express www.ierik.com
daily dilly dalying of a growing gay boy from papito to papi.
8 Avenue Express Probe Log
Daily Probes into Architecture and Politics
8 Avenue Express unsaid
School, work, and all of life's up's and down's inbetween.
8 Avenue Express revolution freedom
stories of a gay boy trying to make it in the big city... revolution freedom | once daily - it's like a drug...
8 Avenue Express So This Is Dating
My love life, learning how to date, missing my ex. and random other stuff.
8 Avenue Express A Little Help Here?
Young Girl Moves Away from City and State She Loves. The Result is a Southern Bell with A NY Accent.
8 Avenue Express Cream Tangerine
Escape from News Hounds. A Meanspirited NYC girl tries to revamp her persona through Prayer and Meditation. GLUP.
8 Avenue Express Lunch In Midtown
As a civil engineer, I often write about my experiences in helping to build and rebuild this town, along with other ramblings.
Eighth Avenue Local CamWorld
One of the longest-running weblogs, started June of 1997. Mostly web design/development news and emerging technologies news and commentary.

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