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8 Avenue Local Commoner Sense
Levelheaded reason.
8 Avenue Local Crazy Fingers
A gay deadhead living with his boyfriend in Chelsea.
8 Avenue Local ThisIsMichaelNYC
ramblings of life in the city
Eighth Avenue Local SidewayZen
Visit our WiFi hotspot at Heartland Cafe! Read our sideways perspective on Chelsea in general, 24th St and 9th Ave in particular.
Eighth Avenue Local SleepingShark
Business, law and politics, as seen by a corporate insider turned freelance journalist.
Seventh Avenue Local NYCStories
What's Your NYC Story?
Eighth Avenue Local A Day in the Art
Art and all things art related
Eighth Avenue Local KateLikesYou
Celebrity infatuation and vapid rambling at its best.
8 Avenue Local Daily Eats - Food Blog
Daily Eats - Food Blog, inspired by foodies love of food, life, culture, fun and everything else.
Eighth Avenue Local A Day in the Life
A twenty-something Ohio girl living in the big city for the first time.
8 Avenue Local A Day in the Life
A twenty-something Ohioan living in the big city for the first time.
Eighth Avenue Local Anthony King: Lunch Truck
Lite fare that tastes good, tides you over till dinner, but won't make you think too hard.
Seventh Avenue Local NYC Stories
Adventures in the 011. What's your New York story?
Eighth Avenue Local SHIVA'S DYNAMITE
Unauthorized pseudo autobiography. Based on the real life events of an American expatriate who has come home to witness the end of the world after a lifetime overseas.
Eighth Avenue Local BlogChelsea
BlogChelsea covers everything of interest in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.
Eighth Avenue Local davenREport
important stuff, or at least it seems important to me.
8 Avenue Local This Is Michael NYC
"I'm not what I should be, I'm not what I'm gonna be, but at least I'm not what I was...."
Seventh Avenue Local X_Ception during his Ascension
Practicing my writing, bringing some sunlight to the city, keeping my midwestern charm, just a gay guy trying to make it!
8 Avenue Local True Epicure Says
My blog is about a bit of everything, life, fiber work, gardening, etc. I'm a New Yorker born and raised (Chelsea), and I now live in AZ.
Eighth Avenue Local Pop Stand
Chris Kula writes and performs comedy at the UCB Theatre.
Eighth Avenue Local Pop Stand
Chris Kula writes and performs comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.
8 Avenue Local smitten
1. To inflict a heavy blow on, with or as if with the hand, a tool, or a weapon. To afflict. 2. Marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness; "she was crazy about him"; "gaga over the rock group's new album."
Eighth Avenue Local Grusinkaya Speaks
There's a Grand Hotel in every city in the world.
Eighth Avenue Local tefblog
A site still in its infancy. Currently provides to web links to interesting blog guides, news stories, and nyc.
Eighth Avenue Local Grusinskaya Speaks
Nothing ever happens.
8 Avenue Local This Is Michael NYC
"I'm not what I should be, I'm not what I'm gonna be, but at least I'm not what I was...." Life in the Big Apple according to me.
Eighth Avenue Local OK Go
A Stream of Thoughts, Ideas, and Sharp Images from Aaron - Arts, Humor, Life...
Eighth Avenue Local Ingrid Spangler's Journal
A personal journal.
Eighth Avenue Local You Want a Piece of Me?
Strong opinion etc.
Eighth Avenue Local avenueF
Stories and screeds, rants and reviews, caricatures and chronicles from a Chelsea girl who dreams of resurrecting the movie musical.
Eighth Avenue Local hustler of culture
i hustle culture.
Eighth Avenue Local Brett & You
The (nearly) daily musings NYC-based writer Brett Leveridge
Eighth Avenue Local Patmix
Politics and pop culture
8 Avenue Local OK Go!
things of interest and wonder - arts, the city, the world
Eighth Avenue Local Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting
Tech, art, design, and street wear
Eighth Avenue Local Lies & Damned Lies
Political, social, sports, and urban musings of an intellectual nomad
Eighth Avenue Local Bob's Yer Uncle
random musings on life in NYC and beyond
8 Avenue Local Naked Loft Party
A journal chronicling the erotic adventures of two thoroughly debauched manhattanites, along with meditations on the new hedonism.
Seventh Avenue Local ::matty::
kinda like a gay gawker
Eighth Avenue Local the magic carpet
musings and miscellany from a double x chromosome chelsea resident
8 Avenue Local lovitt: photoblog
almost-daily photos from NYC
Seventh Avenue Local Dear Sally...
Daily ramblings of a grad student.
8 Avenue Express Let Me Get This Straight
An anonymous man's search for intelligent life and lifelong love in New York's big GAY world.
8 Avenue Express Dan and the City
GERMAN ! Weblog of Journalist/Photographer/ Filmmaker Dan Zobel.
Eighth Avenue Local mikeylikesit
you never @*#! me and I always have to drive! stuff like that by a 22 year old anti-chelsea boy.
Eighth Avenue Local stickbugblog
law, rock 'n' roll, and probably far too much discussion of what i ate for dinner last night
Eighth Avenue Local very_small
less mysterious ideas about very small
Eighth Avenue Local askher.blogspot.com
stuff in/around/of/about/around/ nyc
8 Avenue Local The Gay MBA
Love, Life and Finance in 24 Months
Eighth Avenue Local Sarah's Journal
The journal Of an 18 year old girl who loves the lunachicks, less than jake, and cartoons and movies from the eighties
8 Avenue Local Fictionalized Reality
Fascinating account of made-up people who really exist.
8 Avenue Local Downtown Dakar to wayout Ouagadougou
Timbuktu and other other places really far away from Krispy Kreme
Eighth Avenue Local World Tour
My wanderlust has the better of me even though I live in and love NYC
Seventh Avenue Local burrnnnnn
blaness to the max
8 Avenue Express Leftyblog
A look at politics from the Fighting Left!
Eighth Avenue Local Extreme Boredom
Extreme boredom can lead to a lot of this... this is the worst
8 Avenue Express Ants Rants
my musings
Eighth Avenue Local Why am I so vela?
Pure bull pretty much. Describes how stupid and crazy my life is.
8 Avenue Local Flog
Outta da city and into da desert!
Eighth Avenue Local bloggy
Random thoughts and photos, with plenty of notes on NYC cultural events, by a left-wing queer boy.
Seventh Avenue Local g. blog
Internet Technology (mainly .Net related), International issue, and stories from a simple life.
Eighth Avenue Local Letters from Pat
Letters to Matt from Pat, who intends to kick Matt in the balls someday real soon.
Eighth Avenue Local jameswagner.com
Rants and enthusiasms of a lefty queer polyaesthete

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