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8 Avenue Express The IronDog Chronicles
Welcome to the Blog that touches upon Sports, Media, Pop Culture, and Technology. View the world through a blog touching upon a life spent in San Francisco, Chicago, Chapel Hill, and New York City.
8 Avenue Express 6fl.project
An assortment of thoughts, travel stories, photographs, reviews, opinions and other particulars derived from my life experiences.
8 Avenue Express Clueless Intellect
Intelligent thoughts on things that matter from a clueless gay guy living in the West Village.
8 Avenue Local previously owned
Will McKinley is a writer, comedian and corporate propagandist. He thinks you might be interested in what he has to say.
8 Avenue Express alanDRIFTING
Blah, blah, blah, blog, blah , blah, blah, nyc, blah, blah, blah, gay man, blah, blah, blah, living in the village.
Eighth Avenue Local Kevin & The City
A diary of the events surrounding my return and readjustment to life in NYC.
Eighth Avenue Local are you out there?
in this corner; me... and in that; new york.
8 Avenue Express Inventions I Heart
A dedication to the many inventions that are often forgotten, ignored, or sadly underrated: Each entry will provide history on one invention I truly love.
8 Avenue Express wandering the concrete jungle...
story of a little girl in the big city...
8 Avenue Express Coodence's World
A place to relax on the web.
8 Avenue Express Rod2.0
media, books, music, film, fashion, art, men, more
8 Avenue Express TravisSherer.com
Global health, news and political commentary from the West Village.
8 Avenue Express pretty dumb things
It's about sex and other heady matters.
14 Street - Canarsie Local Groovy Blogga
Dance with the groove of NYC's nightlife and atmosphere.
8 Avenue Express This is 14th Street
Life on 14th street, and other misadventures
8 Avenue Local This is 14th Street
Life on 14th street, and other misadventures.
8 Avenue Express Blue Monday
proud to be a dilettante
14 Street - Canarsie Local When Tara Met Blog
My blog about NYC, working in PR, getting my masters in journalism, political rants and food
14 Street - Canarsie Local uknyc - Guy Brighton's Wishfult Thinking In New York
Diary of an English guy's trials and tribulations living in New York since 2003
8 Avenue Express The Hot Plate
If you're hot for food
8 Avenue Express Running in Heels
Part science experiment, part diary, of the training schedule of a first time marathoner.
8 Avenue Express When Tara Met Blog
blog about life, politics, going to graduate school at NYU and about NYC
14 Street - Canarsie Local My Damn Bitter Day
The title of my blog says it all.
8 Avenue Express brotha2Brotha
Pop culture, gay culture, music, african-american, television, hot boys, media.
Jim Hanas, a writer living in New York, blogs about whatever comes up.
8 Avenue Express a box of earth
A video art blog. Non-representational and abstract by design.
8 Avenue Express Mafussini
Travels from Midtown Manhattan to Southern Africa
14 Street - Canarsie Local Cheryl Shops
All about shopping and fashion in New York City and beyond.
14 Street - Canarsie Local Memories I Had Forgotten - A Collaborative Blog
A forum of posts of nostalgic memories that just came to us today. Everyone welcome to contribute
8 Avenue Express Overhydrated
Everything you never wanted to know.
8 Avenue Express The Rants of a Guatemalan Insane Asylum
I'm going where the sun keeps shining Thru' the pouring rain Going where the weather suits my clothes Backing off of the North East wind Sailing on summer breeze And skipping over the ocean like a stone
14 Street - Canarsie Local Guy Brighton's Wishful Thinking in New York
Guy Brighton recently moved to New York from London, England to seek work and new experience. This blog is a tongue-in-cheek diary of his trials and tribulations.
8 Avenue Express mysterioso
living with, laughing at, listening to, and loving new york city
8 Avenue Express Bad Culture
Taking names. Keeping track. A refusal to ignore claptrap, doublespeak, meanspirited jackassery, flat out lies, sins of omission, pigheadedness, goosestepping, intolerance, etcetera.
8 Avenue Express What the hell am I doing here?
Witty banter, comic relief, unmitigated bitching.
8 Avenue Local Songs My Computer Taught Me
As CDs are sliced apart like atoms, sending their components through the ether like broadcasts from a dying radio station, the single has been reborn. SMCTM searches for, and catalogs, the best songs playing at a P2P server near you.
8 Avenue Express campzine
Tears of laughter or bored to tears. As long as I've made you cry.
8 Avenue Express War Blogging
Civil liberties in perpetual war. Is it possible?
14 Street - Canarsie Local ocean
a team blog (3 members)
8 Avenue Express God of the Machine
Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is
8 Avenue Express and I write poems, too...
The sister blog of "Thinking Out Loud," featuring verses only
8 Avenue Express Thinking Out Loud
The name is self-explanatory =)
14 Street - Canarsie Local Snappy the Clam
Clam culture (yeah, right) as it happens
8 Avenue Local Bottom Feeder
Gossip. There's a lot of dirt in this city. And here's some that won't ruin your clothes.
8 Avenue Express LukeMelia.com
A personal weblog.
8 Avenue Express xiaoge

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