168 Street - Washington Heights | 19 NYCB

8 Avenue Express Pinner81
I'm 25, female, a medical student, a runner, a telemarker, a hiker, a friend, a lover... and this blog is my favorite form of procrastination.
8 Avenue Express MY Rants
My opinions about things happening in the world.
8 Avenue Express the story of rufus t. firefly
another progressive political weblog.
8 Avenue Express copyrighteous
reflections plus writings on free software, intellectual property and books
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The littlefish bowl
just my ranting raving and paranoia about the rediculousness that is my life.
8 Avenue Express Chefelf.com
The petty ramblings of a do-nothing fusspot.
8 Avenue Express Chelfelf's Wacky Noodle Hut
The petty ramblings of a do-nothing fusspot.
8 Avenue Express Vertical Mattress
One part surgery, one part poetry, and a few bottles of bourbon
A photo gallery of New York City street photography
8 Avenue Express Bourrez Votre Visage
Musings on all things caloric..food, dining, cooking and more
8 Avenue Express j0se.net
jose - hispanic, guy, dominican, washington heights, hunter student... you do the math.
8 Avenue Express torn apart
descriptions suck, just come on and blog!
8 Avenue Express introverted-thoughts.com
This is this dude's blog.. umm.. what's his name.
8 Avenue Express Japhyjunket
A self-described "must read" for New York's young literati, japhyjunket aspires to be for literature and culture what Women's Wear Weekly is for face-lifted soccer mom divorcÚs.
8 Avenue Express MJ Up-Close
simply everyday stuff
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Silent - Whore ...
That's alright, I'm too cool for descriptions! Muahahaha.. Actually I just don't know what to say..
8 Avenue Express Curmudgies
I doubt my blog is interesting enough but does this mean that I will get stalked now?
8 Avenue Express comprehensive guide to under-age insanity: tee-hee
read the damn title!
8 Avenue Express malaise and bonbons
First you get the emotional rant, then you get the culture reviews.

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