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6 Avenue Local The Bittersweet Apple
NYC is a wonderful city. It's also a place where you see men peeing in the street.
8 Avenue Express theworldisaGhetto
Urban hip hop Literature,by a published writer who teaches workshops to adults and teens.A recipient of a Natl.Endowments of the Arts.And in the Screen Actors Guild.
8 Avenue Express Wrong ways
Thinking against the traffic.
In the Pentagon's terminology, Beyond Visual Range refers to the guidance system of an air-to-air missile, which allows it to see and understand targets that are beyond the distance that a pilot can view. For this blog, Beyond Visual Range refers to aspects of the Pentagon's wars that are beyond what the American people are allowed to see or understand in the corporate controlled mainstream media.
8 Avenue Express It's The New, Baby
Food, poker, and general miscellany of NYC
6 Avenue Local 10014runner
the ramblings of a late 20's homo showing the world how my life really is like a comic book: you can't make this stuff up.
8 Avenue Local Jesus of New York
Me. In New York. Awesome.
6 Avenue Local life after graduation
Not much profundity, mostly musings and photography by a 20-something chick in the Village.
6 Avenue Local pills and thrills and bellyaches
bellyaches mostly
6 Avenue Local Chick Pea
A food loving Sydney-sider's take on living in New York
8 Avenue Express Bombay Gujju : New York, New York
The daily musings and free NYC stuff from an NYU biomedical journalist student's point of view.
6 Avenue Local Mae West in New York
Mae West in New York is all about the brass and buxom Brooklyn native and the events tied to her past and present.
8 Avenue Local Deliberate Impulsiveness
Creative writing.
8 Avenue Express Insanity Now...Serenity Later
A girl from the South living it up in the best city on the planet.
8 Avenue Express Grow Some Testicles
Four single young ladies have figured out the secret to dating in New York: Gentlemen, grow some testicles!
8 Avenue Local nycmundanesecrets
Morsels of knowledge from an NYC insider, both mundane and glorious
8 Avenue Local burnedouteyes
asian american stealth punk
6 Avenue Local A Silly Girls Ramblings in and about New York
A twenty-something's adventues in New York City.
Eighth Avenue Local The Coffeehouse Soapbox
The political commentary and personal reflections of an out NYU Law student from Seattle.
6 Avenue Local 2HousePlague
A personal rant-space, and resource for the seeker of Sexy Dates, Sex, and Cyber-Fucking in NYC.
6 Avenue Local Jessy Delfino's Blog
My blog is an on-line version of my big, filthy mouth, my dirty folk rock songs and the life and times of a starving stand-up comedian and artist.
8 Avenue Express Last Girl On Earth
The wacky musings of a girly New York musician who is attempting to prove that you don't have to be a 19 year old anorexic model babe to be successful.
6 Avenue Local KblogD
Letters Home from the manhattan front.
8 Avenue Express The Airing of Grievances
I got a lotta problems with you people! Three NYC professionals spout off on sports, music, politics, television, weather, travel and whatever else comes to mind.
8 Avenue Express hzs202@nyu.edu
Essays, Wrtings and Ramblings of my research at NYU.
8 Avenue Express PiggyReese
The Life and Times of a Bichon Frise Living In NYC
8 Avenue Express AmbivaBlog
neither right nor left: rants and musings from a radical middle viewpoint
8 Avenue Local genotype
my life's exciting. find out why.
8 Avenue Express This Charming Blog
Random musings meant to be neither consequential nor profound but potentially poignant nonetheless.
6 Avenue Local nick carr's thing
My random thoughts, usually about girls and movies
6 Avenue Local Pink Lemonade Diva
My life's lemons make Pink Lemonade. It's a unique twist on a classic favorite. It's sweeter, tastes better, and is simply a lot more fun.
6 Avenue Local nick carr's thing
My random thoughts, usually about girls and movies.
Eighth Avenue Local the united american party
Common sense discussions about everyday politics
8 Avenue Express Modern Fabulousity
A search for genuine genius in an uninspired age
8 Avenue Local Devoid of Substance
The humorous words of an overly ironic NYU Economics Student. Topics include everything.
6 Avenue Local life as art
random thoughts, writings, and other art
8 Avenue Express Driftnet
NYU's student run tech culture blog, the first, and best, of its kind.
8 Avenue Express Hell In A Handbasket
Perhaps in a moment I will go and smash my head against the wall.
Eighth Avenue Local thugnanny
adventures in babysitting
8 Avenue Express One Louder
A blog about music and NYC
6 Avenue Local Untitled Name Document Image
Photos - Street, Art, Graffiti, Life, Friends and General Bullshit.
8 Avenue Express Urban Pundit
American and Canadian politics, law, culture, and urban issues.
6 Avenue Local digirig news
everything will be just fine.
8 Avenue Local Al-Ollendorf.com
The Man :: The Myth :: The Legend -- Egomaniacal Rantings From the Fringe --
8 Avenue Express The LugoLounge
Music, movies, politics, and drunken nights of stupidity
6 Avenue Local digirig news
do you feel lost? are you scared? come to us. we'll take care of you.
Eighth Avenue Local dispositive
A journal on law school, music & technology. . . among other things
6 Avenue Local Sweet Blog o' Mine
A chronicle of life and times in sunny NYC. Alive and (sorta) kicking since July 29, 2002. So far, so good.
6 Avenue Local Manhattan Transfer
village idiocy
8 Avenue Express PressThink
PressThink: Ghost of Democracy in the Media Machine is about the journalism we have, and the journalism we need.
8 Avenue Express Zygotic
Musings on life in New York having just moved from the UK
8 Avenue Local EDF's Eatery
New words learned, written, read, and argued over.
8 Avenue Local [ - pervboi -]
lame ramblings...
8 Avenue Express rachelleb.com
daily photos and thoughts of a single 20something in the village
8 Avenue Express A Peregrination
A Peregrination - A Journey or Voyage to Nowhere
8 Avenue Express blatantdream
blatantdream: the stuff that dreams are made of
8 Avenue Express Jimi Sweet NYC
All the gay Vietnamese adoptee in New York City you'll ever need*
6 Avenue Local Narcissist Numero Uno
Narcissist Numero Uno (My Unfolding Life)
8 Avenue Express blizzleblog
Ideas, commentary and rubbish
6 Avenue Local being aarti patel
blog of meanderings to keep me sane through medical school...also connects to my dream blog :o)
8 Avenue Local onedrunkboy
drunk stories, poetry, philosphy, art and design
8 Avenue Express S T U K A
perhaps in a moment i will go and smash my head against the wall
8 Avenue Local My Ordinary World
"Let us have faith that right makes might." Abraham Lincoln
8 Avenue Express The Autoblogography of Philip H
An experiment in writing a memoir/autobiography in the form of a blog.
6 Avenue Local ReturnToNature Blog
8 Avenue Local Phil's Musings
anything I feel like writing about, whenever I feel like writing about it
6 Avenue Local Big Red Delicious Living
The delicious life in the Big Apple after a 16-month hiatus of travel around Asia and the world.
6 Avenue Local KirbyT @ thecave.com
My semi-daily ramblings.
6 Avenue Local ephemeroi
grey matter spilled all over the damned place.
6 Avenue Local East West Adventures
A year in Vietnam, my return to the motherland and my Asian Pacific Adventures: New Zealand | Australia | Cambodia | Bangkok
6 Avenue Local Bluedaniel
Weblog of WBGO's (Jazz 88.3) Dan Karcher.
6 Avenue Local Blog of Kerry
Ex-NYU, now in Japan. My life among the natives.
6 Avenue Local missmallory's livejournal
Big time TV watcher and general procrastinator. No big insights here.
6 Avenue Local punkchick
Week-daily posts of interesting surfs and life stories.
Eighth Avenue Local Do You Feel Loved?
NYU student babbles incoherently about his life, which generally revolves around music, comics, and whining. You'll like it, he swears.
8 Avenue Express The NYU Debate Team Blog
The NYU Debate Team argues with each other and the world.

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