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8 Avenue Local Too drunk to remember
Diary of a single girl in NYC with a small drinking problem. I constantly learn life lessons but am too hungover to realize them. Follow me as I chronicle every one of my screw ups for your reading pleasure!
Eighth Avenue Local Glen's RRR&R
My ruminations and recollections, thoughts and ideas
8 Avenue Express the nicolaitan
the sights, sounds, and musings of a lower manhattan animator
8 Avenue Local Eccentric Froth | Gossip
Daily celebrity news and random New York City events.
Eighth Avenue Local meganwithanh
Transplanted to New York and quickly developing entertaining neuroses and a problem with "train rage". I love photography, good food, red wine and a good political debate.
8 Avenue Express Downtown Lad
Gay Conservative
8 Avenue Local News From Babylon
Radical news compilation. Covers big brother/privacy, terror, military, nuclear/bio/chem weapons, resistance movements, prison industry, religion, civilian violence, conspiracy and collusion, sellouts and payoffs and *much* more
8 Avenue Express The Diary of Nadine Turner
An authentic account of a negro's journey through the world.
8 Avenue Express Sir Lunchalot
The continuing obsession of eating, drinking, cooking of an Australian Italian living in NYC
Eighth Avenue Local Larrondo's House Of Meat
Unpleasant essays and stories; solicitations for tits.

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