Broadway-Nassau Street | 13 NYCB

8 Avenue Express everything is a bit KLOUDIE
Just the ramblings of a poor college student trying to make it in the city... and remaining sane
8 Avenue Express The Thelonious Sphere Monk Memorial WebLog
Art, Politics, Music, Memoirs
8 Avenue Express pnutbuddha9
no politics. no hate. and lately no dates. these are the thoughts of a pnutbuddha.
8 Avenue Express
Random junk from an NYU student who likes to go to concerts, listen to music, and eat food.
8 Avenue Express the girl who ate everything
I eat food, take photos of food, and talk about food. And by the way, I like food.
8 Avenue Express ramblings from ground zero
your basic love affair with life in the big apple.
8 Avenue Express desperately happy
it is the devastating beauty of the brooklyn bridge that keeps me from throwing myself off it
8 Avenue Express Lars Levie The Weblog
Lars Levie The Weblog where I expound my particularly quirky views on life, art, politics, media, and everything else.
8 Avenue Express Subway Life
I am an NYU student participating in "THE BEAT PROJECT" -- a collection of blogs that feature reporting beats pertaining to NYU and the surrounding community. Subway Life is my beat -- Read, Comment, and Enjoy!!
8 Avenue Express popflux
Tech, Playwriting, Theatre, and hard-core bitching in the Financial District
8 Avenue Express jacqui, 0h!
random updates on my funny, kafkaesque life.
Eighth Avenue Local Hands Free
Random musings of a mad man.
8 Avenue Express the journaltastic end of
I like pie, baseball, and rock and roll.

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