Lafayette Avenue | 26 NYCB

Eighth Avenue Local Brooklyn to Harlem
Inside scoop on downtown Brooklyn happenings, and on NYC business schools.
Eighth Avenue Local my dog hates me
-- my dog hates me so I post cute photos of her and make lame jokes about it. This somehow makes me feel better.
8 Avenue Express Jeep Bastard
A look at the intersection of media and technology by a eldery hacker turned director from brooklyn
Eighth Avenue Local Brer Deacon
Does Chaos Theory inform life? Probably, but I may not write about it here.
Eighth Avenue Local Drunk on Tears
The mired musings, rambling rants, and drunken drivel of a hapless writer, musician, and fool…
Eighth Avenue Local Notes on the Revival
Teacher and poet on literature, culture, and Brooklyn.
Eighth Avenue Local set speed
a blog on ft greene and prospect heights
Eighth Avenue Local set speed
real estate, sneakers, general interest
Eighth Avenue Local she real cool
"conduct[ing] my blooming in the noise and whip of the whirlwind."
Eighth Avenue Local Synaptic Burn
This blog is for Interaction Designers and other User Experience Designers interested in learning what I have to say and to engage in conversation around the ideas I present.
Eighth Avenue Local all in red
teacher tells woeful tales about public school third graders who sometimes throw chairs.
Eighth Avenue Local All The Way from 2-1-5th to Bucktown
The pseudo-profound ramblings of a bookish ghetto spawn.
8 Avenue Express Screaming at Dirt
The hubris-addled adventures of a young mistanthrope.
Eighth Avenue Local ReligiouSEX
An exploration of love, relationships, phobias, the erotic, refuge, dreams and realities of life in a cookie-cutter culture by a non-traditional, non-religious but spiritual, tri-sexual, Black, former JW in BKLYN.
Eighth Avenue Local insolentgrrl
acting out in my head
Eighth Avenue Local avalove
poems, love
Eighth Avenue Local electricgirl
Ramblings on futuristic technology and digital art, accompanied by lots of little robot illustrations.
Eighth Avenue Local All The Rage
Stuff and nonsense from the Borough of Kings.
Eighth Avenue Local Stop Suffering
What was supposed to be a profession portfolio site for Sarah M. Balcomb that somehow turned into storage for my leftist rants, accidental poetry, meandering musings, neurotic noodlings, pretty pictures and the like.
Eighth Avenue Local SouthOx
Random essays and criticism
Eighth Avenue Local poohead
texas girl in the city and no breakfast tacos in sight
Eighth Avenue Local Notes of a Dirty Young Man
Inspired by Charles Bukowski's ''Notes of Dirty Old Man.'' Some dirty (and some clean) notes, ramblings and stream of consciousness meanderings from a somewhat young and demented mind.
Eighth Avenue Local kimmyana
Just a dinky leetle LJ. More a detailing of random mundane activities with the sporadic post that delves deeper. Not really a blog, per se; more a journal.
Eighth Avenue Local Public Radio Whore
Intellect, Smut, Romantic Obsession, and the life of the chronically underemployed.
8 Avenue Express housekat
Ima chick that finally moved to Brooklyn after years of being in love with it.
Eighth Avenue Local nil by mouth
c'mon and a have a taste

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