Clinton-Washington Avenues | 27 NYCB

Eighth Avenue Local Clinton Hill Blog
Observations in Clinton Hill
Eighth Avenue Local Hannes in Amerika
An immigrants letters to his friends and family.
Eighth Avenue Local Literate Perversions
Impolite thoughts on sex, politics, religion, and pop culture.
Eighth Avenue Local brit blogger
oxymoronic dithering, sporadic blithering
Eighth Avenue Local NoLandGrab
A portal for all people and organizations opposed to the Atlantic Yards Proposal in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.
Eighth Avenue Local Brownstoner
An unhealthy obsession with historic Brooklyn brownstones and the neighborhoods and lifestyles they define.
Eighth Avenue Local nyc blurbs
Everyday thoughts/photographs.
Eighth Avenue Local Kiss My Entire Ass
Kiss My Entire Ass is general bitching and humor.... aka my life.
Eighth Avenue Local Down on Love
A collection of romantic misadventures of a 20 something male in NYC.
Eighth Avenue Local Transplant City
Trying to get a handle on the whole 'NYC' thing, via Brooklyn.
Eighth Avenue Local Fox in the Snow
If someone wants a sheep, then that means that he exists. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Eighth Avenue Local Transplant City
General mayhem, described in detail, occasionally.
Eighth Avenue Local rachel in wonderland
girl, programmer, photo-taker, everyday-life-writer
Eighth Avenue Local Trevor Stow
Entertainment for people with short attention spans.
Eighth Avenue Local Literate Perversions
A blog that attempts to make both heads work together for the perverted satisfaction of both.
Eighth Avenue Local Evolution of a Man... a Journal
Memories of the Past. Questions about the Present. Dreams & Aspirations for the Future.
Eighth Avenue Local bla bla blog (clinton hill(s))
? queers-r-us ? read blogs--it's better news.
Eighth Avenue Local Buster in Brooklyn
a dog with a blog
Eighth Avenue Local saranwarp
i can't describe this thing in brief - that's why i have a weblog, so i can keep talking!
Eighth Avenue Local little. less.
rumblings and mumblings from a small flourescent lit cubie in a small flourescent lit publishing house.
Eighth Avenue Local joie's spot
Just trying this out...
Eighth Avenue Local Dual Personality
black, asian, gay, straight-acting caribbean-islander, new yorker, loner, social-butterfly, stubborn, a push-over.
Eighth Avenue Local hiphopdiary
i'm a native new yorker who's worked in hip hop since jazzy jeff & the fresh prince's "summertime." things were easier back then. these days, things could be characterized as "interesting."
Eighth Avenue Local Noema
Musings & Doings
Eighth Avenue Local madorangefools
freshly transplanted from pittsburgh to brooklyn
Eighth Avenue Local You Listen to Me, Mr. Kick-Ass
Overlong posts of whatever I'm up- or in- to
Eighth Avenue Local Smogquake
Good text.

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