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Broadway - 7 Avenue Local newyorkette
a freelance New York artist and woman's point of view after 15 years of living in Paris, France (a bit of this, a bit of that)
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Faute au blog
Pronounced fOt O blg* I have a passion for this city. Every day I discover something new and unbelievable in it. Live it, love it, smell it!
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local newspokey
washington heights, the greatest city, the hudson river, tv journalism, love, divorce, ufos, new mexico
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Achievements In Irrelevance
Just a normal, single guy trying to survive in this crazy world.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local I AM an Island
Me in my own world writing, ranting and just being!
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local melody and silence
"Twenty-three and so tired of life; such a shame." Well, I have a college degree, an apartment, and a job. I guess that means I have things figured out. Ha.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Earth Systems Management
A series of thoughts concerning the need to develop new thinking and processes regarding decisions and decision-making in the evolution of our planet.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Art of Feeding Yourself
Ramblings on the aesthetics and processes of keeping yourself, and others, fed.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Caoine
Covered in bees!
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Viva la Evolucion!
Flotsam & jetsam from the W. Hts.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local A Bit Of the Old Ultraviolence
Incoherent ramblings of a scatterbrained New Yorker.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local endemoniada
Hail to all! In this section of Endemoniada Webzine we will try to bring you some news about our evil projects and those of the individuals and bands we have covered. EXPLORE AND ENJOY! www.endemoniada666.com

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