Nostrand Avenue | 13 NYCB

8 Avenue Express orangepurplegold
I write about brooklyn, chocolate, and hiphop
8 Avenue Express felixesquivel
drawings, art
8 Avenue Express Living the Luxury Brown
I'm a 28-year-old Brooklyn gal looking to make the most out of life. Wish me luck!
8 Avenue Express whoucallinabitch
words and sounds of a los angeles born, silver-tongued, brooklynite. entry requirements: sarcasm & a quick wit.
8 Avenue Express The Filthy Mick
The commode into which I flush my excess mental capacity. Politics, art, media, work, and other subjects worthy of righteous fury.
8 Avenue Express garden of forking paths
8 Avenue Express Mr Bojangles
Political discourse and other ramblings from and for the truly bored at work.
Eighth Avenue Local the kins' place
Frustrated writer girl escapes real writing by blogging instead, or so my friend says...
8 Avenue Express It's Never Not About Jeramia
My self-indulgent blog with special emphasis placed on whining and sharing a big house with eight other people in a weird part of Brooklyn. It's like "The Real World" without Tasmanian Devil tattoos.
8 Avenue Express M-Lo
Musings of a thirtysomething queer architect living life as he sees it.
8 Avenue Express Just me and My Crazy World
Brooklyn; It's April 01, 2002 - I just escaped from a mental institution with the sole purpose of rambling on a webpage about my psychotic episodes in life. There is only one person that can save me. My cat; my cat Pongo. ; "The World Just ain't ENOUGH - HELPPP HELPPPP ME!!!" Save yourself, just for christ sakes man!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!
8 Avenue Express WOO\V2
I'm not very good at this. I'm a gay twenty-something, workin' in advertising, livin' in Brooklyn.
8 Avenue Express Daily 411
mostly nonsensical prattle with the occassional Great Insight

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