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8 Avenue Local The Evil Parrot Journal
The mental download of a Guyanese-American nerd.
8 Avenue Local Bliss & Bile
The story of a single girl trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents
8 Avenue Local Media Wire Daily
Media industry business news, remixed, linked and delivered
8 Avenue Local FLN Blog
Provides announcements, updates, articles and more from FreelancerNow.com
8 Avenue Local NYCreative
A videoblog celebrating the people who do what they love and love what they do.
8 Avenue Local studio635
This is my personal weblog. It's by me, for me, and about me. 'Nuf said!
8 Avenue Local Oh! Really Factor
Reality revisited. Reloaded. Period.
8 Avenue Local A knitter In Queens
All about my addiction to knitting.
Nassau Street Express Craiggie.Net - Blog of Justice
Craiggie.Net is dedicated to no-nonsense news and political commentary. Updated 5-7 days per week, this site is meant to serve as a common-sense antidote to the Sean Hannitys and Crossfires of the political world.
8 Avenue Local LIFE'S PATH
Jobless, Homeless Yet hopeful in a rich country USA
8 Avenue Local nipstavile
Journal, free graphics, tutorials, games, diy tips, groups and much more
8 Avenue Local Hip Hop Is Dead....But Anyway
Mostly a basketball blog covering the NBA, WNBA, college, streetball and whatever else with frequent rantings about the sorry state of hip hop or whatever else is on my mind.
8 Avenue Local BreakouT
Spoken images from a young man as he begins to grow.
Nassau Street Express the edge of silence
downing the biggest vodka possible existing and penning the life edge of silence
Nassau Street Express cheeks
cheeks she's got cheeks like a cabbage patch
8 Avenue Local Spicy Kumquat (for now)
Just me and my noise. Read me, read me!
8 Avenue Local Perfectdarkness?
Random babblings of a homesick newyorker stuck in rochester....
8 Avenue Local Kitty Power
Disjointed ramblings of a NYC girl
8 Avenue Local ashleylovesyou
jus my day to day life, duh!
8 Avenue Local Stop Laughing
Quite possibly the dullest blog on the net.
8 Avenue Local [PL] New York BLOG
Well... This blog is in Polish, so hopefully someone will understand it ;-P
8 Avenue Local missed
tag... you're it!
8 Avenue Local All The Madmen...
A twentysomething's ramblings about what I feel at any given moment or what I am up to.
8 Avenue Local oh... it's just you
it's basically a place that i can beast...
8 Avenue Local Jeanie's Malaise
My way of dealing with the stupidity of life. :)

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