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8 Avenue Local victorious TIMES
hit me up with some love =]
6 Avenue Local El Mundo de Joanne
A little bit of me, my thoughts and the every day life (in Spanish).
6 Avenue Local Amp Power
One paragraph reviews by a know-nothing who knows it all.
8 Avenue Local Why Did Shaun Richman Create This Homepage?
6 Avenue Local My Life is My Message
Daily routine chit chat, updates on life and Miss Hunter the animal lover. Goals, dreams, complaints and more by a Sassy Blonde.
6 Avenue Local K-F Libra/Tech Blog
This blog is for teachers, parents and anyone interested in education in the 21st century.
6 Avenue Local
The most popular Dominican blog on the net
8 Avenue Local LEGENDnyc BLOG
Simply a recent addition to my web site -
6 Avenue Local My Life is My Message
Daily life dealings of a 26 year old sassy girl with a huge heart and sarcastic attitude.
8 Avenue Local Rachel Suzanne
A sometimes-updated blog of a freshman St. John's student
8 Avenue Local LEGENDnyc Blog
Just a blog, nothing special.
8 Avenue Local terence patrick
8 Avenue Local Politics and War
Thoughts on law, politics, government, and culture from an American boy who watches too much C-SPAN.
8 Avenue Local Another Freakin' Blog
Musician, poet, perfomer, swimmer, bicycler, tries to walk the line between art and work, soul and flesh. Includes samples of my work, if'n yer interested.
6 Avenue Local Blogging Souls
After being a fan of weblogs for years, I finally have my own!
6 Avenue Local Inside this Angel's head!
My life is an open book...come read some of the chapters.
8 Avenue Local Looking for joy and meaing in everyday stuff
Just the daily trials and tribulations of my life.
8 Avenue Local Christopher's Blog
Occasional thoughts from a Southern boy relocated to the Big Apple.
6 Avenue Local New York New York Confidential
Items and thoughts generated by my 50 plus years as a New Yorker, from driving a cab at night to working as a child protective caseworker. A different perspective. Some things will interst some, perhaps bore others. Some things you'll find here might shock you as well.
6 Avenue Local muraki
college student, nocturnal, and ready to get back to the big apple
6 Avenue Local Tastes Just Like Human
Rantings, ravings, whining, the usual (and occasionally unusual) post-teenage angst.
8 Avenue Local onplainbond
A canvass for my thoughts
8 Avenue Local The Head Heeb
Comments on politics, religion, law, society, culture and marriage -- what else is there?
8 Avenue Local Catharsis
The blog of a stuggling freelance photographer. Photos of New York, Bolivia, and Punk Rock
8 Avenue Local the torporium
gwm, 30, coping
8 Avenue Local KnitWitology
A rural Vermont boy, trying to keep his head above water near the big city. Now with employment!
8 Avenue Local Pinball Wizard
some people say I'm a dreamer
6 Avenue Local citizenjane
the daily prattling of an unemployed, recent law grad
8 Avenue Local soulcelata
100% me.
8 Avenue Local individual
fifteen year old girl living in Queens ...updated every now and then.
8 Avenue Local RageofaYouth15
i live in enYce... wow
8 Avenue Local
The trial and tribulations of a St. Johns University student. (in the summer i live on long island)
8 Avenue Local Acceptance
Random little insights and babbling of a girl.
6 Avenue Local Affinity
Two geeky lefties blogging about what we love & what pisses us off.
6 Avenue Local __john
just my simple journal and small art gallery where i talk about my boring life
6 Avenue Local Cootiehog
Life and times of Jaynee and Denis - former Kew Gardens folks now in NJ. Includes baby birds and car crashes for your reading pleasure.
6 Avenue Local
Dabbles of a 22 year old guy previously living in Queens who now lives in the much-less-than-exciting state of Texas now.
6 Avenue Local Juno in the Jungle
Longtime, very sporadic journal of a transplanted Raleighite. Goes back to 1996, when I started grad school at NYU and my latest (May 2002) on jury duty in Queens. No links, Lynx-enhanced.

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