Forest Hills, 71 Avenue | 52 NYCB

6 Avenue Local A Pile of Dog Bones
This is a personal journal... bits and pieces of life... that just pile up to form this old dog's bones...
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local
where technooogy, food, music and wine intersect
8 Avenue Local Subterranian Thoughts
Thoughts from an angry lonely NYC man, obsessed with trains
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local being a bastard works...
...because it does
6 Avenue Local Mommy Drinks So What
Rants about conversations overheard and probably misunderstood, oh and Lessons learned from friends, time and mistakes.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local being a bastard works
...because it does
6 Avenue Local Pete and Barbara
Following the marrige and child rearing plans of a 24 yr old couple.
8 Avenue Local wrath
personally hosted blog including my thoughts, personal bio, and other things that define me.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Observations and Perceptions of a NYC Gay Male
This site is very new and is still evolving. I am not yet sure what direction I plan on taking it. I plan on staying with a gay theme, but not sure if it will ultimately grow in to a personal, historical, or political site.
6 Avenue Local Sex and the City Puerto Rican Style
A series of unfortunate events...
6 Avenue Local ...See what had happened was...
Think Sex and the City - Puerto Rican style -
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Lucia's Symposium
Lucia casts a cold gimlet eye on general infelicities in the cultural life of the nation.
8 Avenue Local Fierce Clatter
A collective of my brain's imaginings, from journal entries, poetry, creative fiction. Enter at your own risk.
6 Avenue Local The Craze Called My Life
Just when I think I've got New York all figured out, a slightly tipsy pigeon flies head first into my belly.
6 Avenue Local world of bitchiness
Me bitching, and whining, about my crap filled life.
8 Avenue Local Forest in NY
Nymph lost in Forest
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local I N S P I R A T I O N - Odilia Liuzzi Photoblog
My inspirations, my soul..
6 Avenue Local Ornagehatastic and the Plan for the Polish Invasion
The ramblings of a city employee and an eccentric writer
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Mystify
an online diary of a Jesus freak.
6 Avenue Local Stacked
The most bout-it blog about politics, culture, beer and general awesomeness witten by one of the TRUest bloggaz this side of Queens.
6 Avenue Local warcar
The doctors said it would help ease the pain...
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Clublife
An online journal of the nightly nonsense endured by a bouncer at two of New York's most popular nightclubs.
8 Avenue Local Mildly Melancholy
I'm a first year teacher and a recent transplant from Seattle. Drama galore!
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local The Scarlet Paper
The Scarlet Paper is a blog of political, social, personal and artistic commentary that will inform, entertain and motivate. Come. Read. Change.
6 Avenue Local
Photos and random thoughts.
6 Avenue Local Mad House
Bits of my life, battles with programming, and distracting links.
6 Avenue Local thought-provoking soup
life is not what i thought it was 24 hours ago.
8 Avenue Local Claudine the Inflatable One
She is a snazzy native New Yorker. Loves: art, laughing, rooftops, PJ Harvey, and redbird subway cars. Hates: the 7 train ( no offence 7 train riders)..oh.. and slow walkers.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Spidey Sense Tingling
Just your average, friendly neighborhood blog.
6 Avenue Local reoccuringdream
its a livejournal: texts, images, etc.
8 Avenue Local (insert witty title)
Friends, Student, Geek and but still a geek
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Looking for Joy and Meaning in Everyday Stuff
Just some of the crap I think about and some of the stuff I do.
8 Avenue Local Scott's Blog
A self-centered, opinionated, single, middle-aged, African American, film-buff-technology-loving-motorcycle-enthusiast.
6 Avenue Local Bobita's Bag of Shells
Travails in knitting -- 'tis no mere bag of shells.
8 Avenue Local Walker New York : Eats
My epicurean experience: all about food, cooking and restaurants in New York City.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local BRUCEPIX.COM
8 Avenue Local SDelMonte
Let's talk comic books, Judaism, Buffy, Star Trek, and other matters of great trivial importance
6 Avenue Local Inexact.Info
...because you just might need to know this stuff some day. (featuring Human Vegetation)
6 Avenue Local Walker New York : Photo
Just my photos. No vacation pics, I promise.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Sea Biscuit
a place to share my thoughts with friends and random people who don't know I exist... :D
8 Avenue Local tingle
simple site about complex nyc born and raised girl
8 Avenue Local Cynical Yid
General ramblings about politics and religion from a Yid with a rather bizzarre view of the world.
8 Avenue Local Mindless Babble
mindless babblings, growing up, learning new things... fun fun~!
6 Avenue Local BiTTerSweeT
Fleeting thoughts and rants of a ditzy, quirky Filipina.
Brooklyn - Queens Crosstown Local Hazard Yourself
Everything - recently written, day-to-days, thoughts, grumbles...whatever pops into my head.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Twilight Zone
Ur avrg azn guy in HS goin thru his life.
6 Avenue Local Underwoven
random junk that washes up on the shore of my consciousness every now and then.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local its just those rainy days
just some random thoughts...all me.
8 Avenue Local indolabella
Can you hear me? I'm blogging.
6 Avenue Local FiFi's Happy Blog
Fi's happy, and so is her blog.
6 Avenue Local cracked genius
Narcissism at it's best. (worst?)
6 Avenue Local pushing the limits
blogging during her spare time. or when frustration, happiness, excitement, unsatisfaction, madness, and indifference sip in to her system. pushing every limit that is set by her home, by the society and by (unconsciously and sadly) herself.

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