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Lexington Avenue Local Websites, Mashups and more
This blog is about my thoughts on interesting websites, mashup technologies and latest trends. It is also my gateway to post recent updates of my websites, useful code snipts and discuss new ideas
Lexington Avenue Local neenotchka online
thoughts and musings about my life in NYC
Lexington Avenue Local Midweekpost
Eric Yang. Unscripted.
Lexington Avenue Local Jeff's Weather Blog
Weather News on Hurricanes, New York Weather and cool pictures
Lexington Avenue Local BallroomPsycho
Just me in the city eating food and doing crafts.
Lexington Avenue Local sweetriot blog - cacao | culture | cool!
a new cacao venture in nyc
Lexington Avenue Local StillFallingDown
Rantings, ravings and random thoughts about life in NYC, and anything else that annoys me.
Lexington Avenue Local Whip Cracker
I manage 300 software developers. This is my life.
Lexington Avenue Local All the Mayor's Men
Politics, politicians, politicking and the media.
Lexington Avenue Express Mrs. Mogul
A New Yorker's daily account from london
Lexington Avenue Local The Fash Mag Slag
The profound and inane tale of a fash mag slag
Lexington Avenue Local abby's xanga
if only life were as easy as writing.
Lexington Avenue Local Webjournal - The blog will set you free
Keeping up with my fascinating life
Lexington Avenue Local Neal's Admin Notes
This blog contains all the notes i find and create on my daily life as a Network Administrator
Lexington Avenue Express Beauty Health & Fitness Discussion Board
Non commercial & event related discussion board on all things related to beauty, health and fitness
Lexington Avenue Local seth@g3d.com
Destination unknown...
Lexington Avenue Local orangeride
online journal by jonathan crowley... sans that dear diary crap
Lexington Avenue Express CeliacChicks.com
The cool resource guide to a hip and healthy celiac lifestyle
Lexington Avenue Local Sawyer's World
A place for Sawyer and her parents to reflect on life.
Lexington Avenue Local The Bloomberg Watch
The Watchdog for New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Lexington Avenue Local the onslaught of snot's thoughts.
a collection of rambles, writings, and thoughts of a young new york city feminist.
Lexington Avenue Local *open book*
crazy ramblings from a crazy girl! =D
Lexington Avenue Express Cyan Pictures
Indie film production company's weblog. Follow our daily adventures in filmmaking and help shape the movies we make.
Lexington Avenue Local dBrand: Digital Branding
A blog about the problems and trials of developing a digital brand.
Lexington Avenue Local blender.
blender. simple. (formerly blue light phone)
Lexington Avenue Local the sci-cave
Important information about the band We Are Scientists
Lexington Avenue Local a common life
soli Deo gloria
Lexington Avenue Local One more day ...
One more day of life ...
Lexington Avenue Local Jordan
A teenage girl's blog who was born and raised in NYC, now lives both in suburbia and NYC.
Lexington Avenue Local Soul Spin
I'm a twenty-something Georgia peach taking on the Big Apple.
Lexington Avenue Local kristendom
Kristen: bibliophile, student of rhetoric, syntax, and literary theory--wealth and sucess
Lexington Avenue Local Discolite Blog
A halo-halo. Fashion. Design. Sports. Film. Photography. Beauty. Music. Politics. Pop Culture. Toys. New York City.
Lexington Avenue Local Urban Bloom
Happenings from within a busy jewelry studio, shopping links, indie designer news.

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