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8 Avenue Local YN5 The Misadventures of E. Lee in New York City
I am E. Lee Soral. I live in Manhattan and work at the United Nations. I try to post new stories, theories, rants or opinions daily. Most of these pieces involve true things that happen around me because, well, basically, I am a lout in an interesting setting.
8 Avenue Local Lunch
Join Feldman and Dubin for Lunch as they serve up a healthy dose of hilarity and fun.
8 Avenue Local A Garnet Story
I've tried going without blogging. Even so far as deleting 2 blogs... but me blogging is inevitable. There's something cathartic about it. I can express myself in words in a way that my vocal chords won't allow... without shame or guilt... until I push the publish button. But even that doesn't stop me. It's true, there are some topics that I wish I could write about but the courage is not there.
8 Avenue Local wandering along the road less traveled...
everyone has a story to tell... and this is mine... the good, the bad, the boring and the downright nasty... whether the stories you are about to read are fiction or actually about me, that's for you to differentiate...
8 Avenue Local so many shoes... only two feet...
random thoughts of a semi-normal girl... working a semi-normal job... living a semi-normal life...
8 Avenue Local Fools' Blog
Musings on hypocrisy, law, politics, inanity, stupidity and beyond . . .Itís eclectic
8 Avenue Local Wait, hear me out
The E - an underground way to trip...
8 Avenue Local The Small Business Blog
The definitive Blog for Small Businesses and their Blogs.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Fragrant Lotus
The life of a Fragrant Lotus - 20-something year old lawyer negotiating life in New York City.
8 Avenue Local Pedestrian
Like any self-respecting New Yorker, I do a lot of walking. And a lot of thinking. Pedestrian is pop culture. It's politics. It's life. And it's New York -- would you accept anything less?
8 Avenue Local Silence Screams
My web journal - what to say when you think no one is listening... (although it's clear people do)
8 Avenue Local Trossman's Blog Page
politics and humor

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