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Seventh Avenue Express Shamir*Power
personal journaling, ramblings on life, judaism and spirituality in nyc and the berkshires.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local http://cinammonsugar.blogspot.com/
Managing life with an Eating Disorder.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Bryan&Ivy Life Style
To share our life in USA.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local My Mixed Company
Everything about being a late-twenty something single girl in NYC
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Husband Hunting For The Gay Man
A gay 25 something man in Manhattan tries to find a husband in New York
Seventh Avenue Express The Cowmonkey
Cows. Monkeys. Pop Culture.
Seventh Avenue Local Just Expressing Myself
Forty plus and feeling fabulous.
Seventh Avenue Express Mah Rabu
Thoughts about Torah, physics, politics, the independent Jewish scene, education, music, New York, and the intersections of all those areas.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local acharit hayamim
Disambiguation for the fun of it
Seventh Avenue Express Secrets of a Law Girl
The secret life of a kinky female law student.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local villagegirl
A young Cambodian girl who used t lived in a very small village in Cambodia and now she has becomes a videoblogger
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Egon
Egon provides concise, frequently updated news and information about comics-as-art (comic books, alternative comix, graphic novels, comic strips, historical comics, cartooning, etc). The site includes up-to-date calendars of comics-related events and exhibits, a selective list of new releases, and an authoritative links page.
Seventh Avenue Express Manhattan Marketing Maven
Practical advice on marketing and advertising
Seventh Avenue Express Cultureboy
Discussion of cultural and artistic events, current events, opinions
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Just Expressing Myself
The writing & photos of a New York City woman in transition.
Seventh Avenue Express It Is What It Is
The title says it all.
Seventh Avenue Express Cafe Chuck
NY Life, TV, Travel, and random fun stuff.
Seventh Avenue Express AndrewKoch.com
Oakland A's Baseball and Other Knick-Knacks
Seventh Avenue Express Dave Friedman's Soul of Wit
Libertarianism mixed with derision for liberalism.
Seventh Avenue Express Wonderful Woman
Living Life
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Straight Forward Jay
Straight forward info about my wife, my dog, me and our life
Seventh Avenue Local Flying Is Easy
Ramblings of an ex-pr0n diety ...
Seventh Avenue Express uhh, kay
very true to me. no bullshit. umm, it's being studied for someone's docterate dissertation, too. yeah.
Seventh Avenue Local my purple monkey
daily thoughts, new places to eat, shop, wander in NYC, pics
Seventh Avenue Local Tangential ramblings: a British perspective on America
A perspective on New York life through the eyes of an Englishman; along with some tangential ramblings
Seventh Avenue Local Peaceful musings: a British perspective on America
A perspective on New York life through the eyes of an Englishman; along with some tangential ramblings
Seventh Avenue Express Adoring labors
An English perspective on America, with some techie and geeky stuff to boot...
Seventh Avenue Express Dan's 'blog
An insight into New York life from a Brit's perspective, along with a bit of IT stuff...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local rtsindo
Personal blog
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local a small girl in the big city
the ramblings of a young, single girl and graduate student in the big city who measures 5'0" and has a boy's name.
Seventh Avenue Express King Lou Drops Science
blurbs about my life, my wife and my struggle to stay funny in this cold cold world
Seventh Avenue Express DG Unit
Dave's observations... goings ons...
Seventh Avenue Express Inquisitor Mediarama
Everything your socialist, zine-reading, homocore-listening, queer-loving, New York-living self could want to know. Wasting corporate bandwidth since 1995.
Seventh Avenue Local Thighs Wide Shut
What do Kirk Cameron, the White Stripes, and Fried Chicken have in common? They are just some of the many hot topics discussed on this blog-heaven
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Online Business Networks Blog
Guide to Online Social Networks and Business Communities
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Teten Brain Food
I write mainly on how to become a more effective person, how to build a more effective company, how to accelerate your career, investing in the private and public markets, and social networks.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local ich liebe dich
ramblings of a teenaged girl
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Jeremiah Birnbaum
The adventures of a sleep-deprived musician with an obsession for bourbon and pastrami. pastrami.
Seventh Avenue Local Adam Smith, Esq.
an inquiry into the economics of law firms by an armchair economist who's also a lawyer and a businessman
Seventh Avenue Local beansproutings
Personal musings; requests for web design, information architecture and mapping information, thoughts and recipes
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local hiphopmusic.com
Daily musings, along with photos and audio, from the host of NY's longest running hip-hop radio show.
Seventh Avenue Local My Friday-to-Sunday Life
Pretty much like everyone elses - my randome thoughts, some poetry, movie reviews, and occasional rantings
Seventh Avenue Express Gnosis
Independent as a hog on ice
Seventh Avenue Express The Zionist Conspiracy
Analysis of Israel, Jews and sports.
Seventh Avenue Express Straight Up
Opinion about arts, culture, media and politics
Seventh Avenue Express Gotham Notes
Keeping things in Context: An ongoing stream of thoughts on issues that affect us all--whether about the neighborhood, the city or the country.
Seventh Avenue Express Early Thoughts
Turning 30 in New York City
Seventh Avenue Express dry2olives
The mad adventures of a straight boy living in a gay word. Baseball -- Road Trips -- Showtunes
Seventh Avenue Express Aron's Israel Peace Weblog
Articles and commentary, original and stolen, about the Israel/Palestine conflict from the perspective of someone who supports conscientious objection.
Seventh Avenue Express ms.morality
Moral reflections on life and politics from an attorney-turned-homemaker.
Seventh Avenue Express Jay's Blog
Art, pics, games and stuff
Seventh Avenue Local me vs. world
One man's struggle vs. the world or himself...depends on the day
Seventh Avenue Express Stories from the gym (+)
Thoughts from your local gymrat.
Seventh Avenue Express Wait, am I really a lawyer?
Recent law school graduate scrambles to study for the bar exam and maintain some semblence of a social life...
Seventh Avenue Express Crash and Byrne
Uffish thoughts by the Tumtum tree
Seventh Avenue Express New York Diary
A quite biased look at that "dear old dirty town".
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Accidental New Yorker
A twentysomething gay novelist and closet romantic, recently relocated from Texas, who's toiling in the publishing world and trying to stay true to himself in Manhattan.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Daze of my So-called life
What's a silly girl like me doing with a crazy blog like this?
Seventh Avenue Express Gimlet Eyes
"Jake's Weapon of Mass Distraction" Random musings on life and work in New York City
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Snoofmadrune
Design, politics, miscellaneous ramblings
Seventh Avenue Express My name is Phineas McWhimsey
Waste lots of time!
Seventh Avenue Express fait accompli
speculations touching on poetry and other arts, time, psychoanalysis, and change
Seventh Avenue Express Getting in the Game
A blog about politics, Macs, and random stuff about me starting to get in the game.
Seventh Avenue Express The Disturbed Life of Todd Vaccaro
I delve into the world art, film, fatherhood, politics and coming soon - information architecture.
Seventh Avenue Express Witty title of your choice
The least updated part of my site.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Livejournal of Gordon
Much fun, much merriment, or none of the above.
Seventh Avenue Express Zonageek
Technology and anything else... in spanish (mostly)
Seventh Avenue Express GIRLS ARE PRETTY
Come to this blog, every single day, and you will be told what to do.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local *Pixelcharmer
Random observations about design, information science and NYC.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Julius Sharpe, comedian and warrior-poet
Jokes etc. of Julius Sharpe
Seventh Avenue Express The Juice
Entertainment and The Arts blog for MSNBC.com
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Home of Hoya Blog
Commuting between DC and NYC, music, wrestling, international relations, and more...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local :: Blog 1.5 :: Witold Riedel :: NYC ::
Random daily thoughts, comments, photographs, drawings. A personal blog.
Seventh Avenue Express Live From the WTC
Interesting, in a "accidentally stapled my fingers" sort of way.
Seventh Avenue Local Saplings
Ramblings of a crunchy Mom from the Upper West Side -- includes parenting, homemaking, homeschooling, cooking, and totally random stuff.

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