Jamaica-179th Street | 34 NYCB

6 Avenue Local edouble's words
For those needing a little procrastination, here are random thoughts, ideas, words and more about myself.
6 Avenue Local Terrier Tracks
my ramblings about my dog, my stitching, reading or whatever else strikes my fancy
6 Avenue Local father knickerbocker
Written in the style of a newspaper, this is a detailed site on the knicks
6 Avenue Local #/usr/bin/guy
Confessions of a computer engineer.
6 Avenue Local Gi in USA
Everything about my new life in NY.
6 Avenue Local The Layout
The daily ramblings of a feminist activist political ladee.
6 Avenue Local The Layout
a personal blog about a freaking insane journalism student stuck in Oswego NY to get her BA.
6 Avenue Local The Layout
Somewhat daily ramblings...
6 Avenue Local Sugar, Spice and a great pair of horns..
*whisper* It's kinda happy, kinda moody, kinda shizo..and when it gets angry watch out, it will bite if provoked..
6 Avenue Local a face with no name
my life story
6 Avenue Local Absentsunshine
Evil pink bunnies once ruled Mars. Their downfall was attributed to a flirty door.
6 Avenue Local I play these dirty forks for you
You are a master of every situation. (in bed) My fortune cookie said it, so it's gotta be true.
6 Avenue Local AbeerKhalique's Xanga!
Just something to write my day in, for future reference...as well as for my friends to see.
6 Avenue Local .ink splatter.
right here.
6 Avenue Local The 6th Element
The miscellaneous musings of a misanthrope...or my journal. Either way.
6 Avenue Local Atomicgirl's Xanga
home is where the heart is. and mine's in NYC. physical body - located in boston
6 Avenue Local NY Jets Blog
Blogging the New York Jets.
6 Avenue Local NoReason ToSay
Yes, no, maybe, whatever. I'm adult/male/black. Always interested in a new experiance.
6 Avenue Local John Hoke's Personal Asylum
Politics, rants and incoherent nonsense
6 Avenue Local asianglow.net
a college girl's ramblings about her boring life. ;)
6 Avenue Local GoodCow's LiveJournal
GoodCow's LiveJournal of assorted stuff.
6 Avenue Local netigen
All that you'll find here is a journal, a self-important and introspective glance at the thoughts that cruise through my mind and happen to come crashing onto the web. These entries are not funny, engaging, or especially well-written. I hold no allusions of grandeur.
6 Avenue Local exquisitely.net
the designs and mind of a NYC asian college student
6 Avenue Local ebony69ny
A NYC Sistah sharing her thought on everyday life and drama
6 Avenue Local thepiccolopixie's Xanga Site
My pathetic ramblings on my pathetic life... you can't possibly be that interested in little old me, can you? CAN YOU?!?!
6 Avenue Local JaYcEe02
"sometimes i think i'm crazy... i'm crazy oh so crazy.. why am i here? am i just wasting my time?" eminem
6 Avenue Local As My World Turns
just boring old me. and my boring old life of solidarity. must stop this alone feeling.
6 Avenue Local ::nycpinoy
my daily thoughts...
6 Avenue Local John's Philosophy
The life and times of a not so average college student.
6 Avenue Local blah blah blah blog
humm just my chatter
6 Avenue Local White Trash Republic
Fabulous photos, ephemeral editorials and nefarious news, just some of the captivating content you will find when you enter White Trash Republic.
6 Avenue Local bitter-swt
my life my world my thoughts
6 Avenue Local mundane musings with m00ncakes
rants, raves, and more...
6 Avenue Local I'm not the same, I have no shame...
tales of a love thief...

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