169 Street | 14 NYCB

6 Avenue Local The Distant Outpost
A personal journal of everyday happenings.
6 Avenue Local The Rare Gold
About every thing that i like
6 Avenue Local Cafenut
Shahid Ambia is a cafenut. Well, he isn't actually. Is there a problem with that?
6 Avenue Local I Am Shahid
Who am I? I am Shahid. Who are you? You are who you think you are and no one else.
6 Avenue Local I Am Shahid
Who Am I? I Am Shahid.
6 Avenue Local Proggy's Ghetto Fabulous Site
The life and times of a ghetto fabulous Azn teen.
6 Avenue Local # WhAt I have Sh0Wn YoU iS ReaLiTty # # WhAt y0u ReMeMbEr... tHaT iS tHe iLLuSioN #
Individuality, never follow the crowd.
6 Avenue Local HCNoodles's Xanga Adventure
Daily Adventures of an Asian Computer Geek
6 Avenue Local Seoul Food
this blog keeps koreandeli hours.
6 Avenue Local ULmag
University Latino is a magazine that I publish.
6 Avenue Local Brian's Random Ramblings
The random ramblings of a slightly deranged Brooklyn Tech student...
6 Avenue Local Civ's fancy thoughts
Do not fear this, for it is only a life of a random humanoid
6 Avenue Local D3 News
News and current events for the tri-state collegiate Filipino commmunity.
6 Avenue Local livejournal
its pretty boring..

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