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Broadway - 7 Avenue Local there is much beauty here
i'm another twenty-something girl in manhattan who loves starbucks, a dive bar and a beer, her family and friends, and her boston red sox; who swims through some interesting vestiges of her childhood that sporadically pop up; and who finally has figured out what to say to her ex-boyfriend when she inevitably runs into him on the street.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local emle33854
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Drama Queen Blahs
an outlet for a (sometimes) repressed drama queen to let loose her blah blah blahs...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Wicked Smile
"Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat." ~ Alex Levine
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local A Docudramedy Waiting to Happen
This is my existence. My life, my stories, my thoughts, my dreams, my speculation, my opinion and my escape. So cheers. Sit back and enjoy. Or, read something else.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Robo Lives
Just a drone doin' what a drone can.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Country Mice in the City
Pretty Much the Best Blog Ever
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Tragic Queendom
Lesbian by definition, Catholic by action. Neurotic sometimes, obsessive other times, sensitive always. Hidden in New York, lives a girl over 30 and still recovering from childhood. Successfully overcoming severe depression. Developing a beautiful friendship. Life is good. Finally.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Underhill's New Media Strategy Radar
Strategic Insights for Online Marketers, or Anyone Else Who Gives a Damn...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Underhill's New Media Strategy Radar
Strategic Insights for Online Marketers, or Anyone Else Who Gives a Damn...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Dizzies
Lexical perplexities, terse anecdotes, and contests with no prizes
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Straight Bangin'
Truth about hip-hop, politics, sports, and life, served with side orders of wit, humor, and the melancholy foibles of the author.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local KettyKet
Pop Culture, Media, my boring life
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local No Nonsense News
Commentary on the continuing nonsense in today's media
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local There Is Nothing Here.
Nonsensical. Insanical. Cynical. A pseudonymous columnist-girl's outlook.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Have you seen my shoe?
a mix between pop culture references and bizzare thoughts
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Isaac's Livejournal
Visit now. Regret it later.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local My Love is Vengeance That's Never Free
The daily life of a born and bred Upper West Sider coming to terms with her Upper West Sidedness.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Clayton's Wonderful Life
A photo-filled blog from a high school senior living his life in NYC.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Digital Reference
Exploring the world of technology and instruction in library reference services.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Digital Reference
Discussion of chat reference service and technology for libraries.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local My Dog is Chelsea
Short stories about a life that consists of a cubicle, a dog, and an ill-fated car. This blog is, in many ways, my tribute to the Upper West Side.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local new york moments
new york city in black and white, by dave m.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local My Urbankvetch
Humor, celebrities, Jewish life, NYC...it's all online at My Urbankvetch.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Out of Focus
Missing the (focal) point on a little bit of everything. Film, TV, pop culture, media, politics: everything for your Wal-Mart shopping pleasure.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local AikensPro Photo-Blog
My take on New York and other stuff.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Upper West Side Girl
I Am A Struggling Singer Trapped In The NYC Restaurant Business And Doing Web Design & Marketing On The Side. These Are My Stories......
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Welcome to the Dollhouse
I'm a twenty-something gal living in the big city, bridging the gap between living on my own and being dependent on my parents, and looking for love, friendship and a good time.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Adventures of Single Chick
Dating, dinners, sometimes sex, and an alternate universe where men think it's ok to mention their colostomy bag over drinks.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Duke's Miscellaneous Ramblings
Lucid I/O. Observe. Analyze. Deduce.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local paul donnelly's boring life
cycling and daily life.
Central Park West Local / 6 Avenue Express Chasing Rapture
the wry sexual adventures of a gay man living his mid-life crisis out loud
Seventh Avenue Local blue red orange
Rickey commutes daily from El Barrio to the Upper West Side. He is happy to be alive and blogging.
Lexington Avenue Express FoundAroundNYC
Things Found Around NYC... daily spelunking Manhattan one block at a time.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Jewbiquitous
All Jewish most of the time.

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