Lower East Side - 2 Avenue | 117 NYCB

6 Avenue Local The Discreet Confessions of Douglas T. Allbright
Daily selections from the transcribed audiotapes of missing person Douglas T. Allbright.
6 Avenue Local MariaPia
European journalist in New York and East Village aficionada. French and english entries.
6 Avenue Local ScorchedHotTub
broad characterizations/tangential rants/scene work/contrasting lists...breathe while reading.
6 Avenue Local l-e-mental
essential & fundamental reading for savvy, cultured NYLONers interested in cutting edge developments in design, architecture & branding.
6 Avenue Local being and everythingness
sexual exploits and corresponding analyses by a precocious and adorable 23 year old girl
6 Avenue Local curlypurly
mostly about yarn and knitting. but could be about other stuff.
6 Avenue Local CelticProgressive
A forum for short, intense bursts of self-righteous indignation by a committed progressive who believes that the safety net should be maintained, abortion rights protected and capital punishment abolished -- the latter with the possible exception of Ann Coulter.
6 Avenue Local Eau de Jo
I'm an East Village performance artist and burlesque teacher who photographs performers, and I also take many pictures of the city when I "walk the earth."
6 Avenue Local Bleeker Street
musically intentioned, nyc affected, pure entertainment rambles
6 Avenue Local CNM says...
random missives from the concrete jungle...
6 Avenue Local Waxing the Sasquatch
Fluff stories brought to light
6 Avenue Local It's All Happening
Assorted bits of non-consequential rubbish in the life of a single 20-something female who's dreaming big and living large, with a little help from my friends
6 Avenue Local On The Verge Of...
...a gay twenty-something's perspective on his life on the verge.
6 Avenue Local citying
A (mostly) photo site from New York City.
6 Avenue Local Shoot First, Aim Later
The Wild, the Innocent, and the Orchard Street Shuffle
6 Avenue Local snarkylush
snarky goodness
6 Avenue Local Cat in Wonderland
Everywhere I go looks like Wonderland to me... This blog is gonna be all about the City. In Italian.
6 Avenue Local kokblog
a cooking blog with illustrations
6 Avenue Local shelktone.com
Nate Shelkey performs comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade and a songwriter who writes hooky pop. He writes stuff here too.
6 Avenue Local snarkylush
snarky goodness
6 Avenue Local whipped intellectuals
and what you kill for? ideas? thought? this things are more blank than empty pages.
6 Avenue Local (The Discreet Confessions of) Douglas T. Allbright
Comedy and comedy related diseases.
6 Avenue Local snarkylush
snarky goodness
6 Avenue Local 2071.org
Media, politics, and other between channel static.
6 Avenue Local I blog New York
A New York City Blog. Matters of concern to all NewYorkers along with the kooky and the curious.
6 Avenue Local large Marge Hayes: True tales of trailer trash
true tales of trailer trash. Rednecks, welfare fraud, dildo theft and Nyquil-swiggin' all feature prominently
6 Avenue Local a place to taste
a secret place for me to taste the pure and profane
6 Avenue Local yumpot
food! yum!
6 Avenue Local benstrawbrdige.com
personal site of a web developer.
6 Avenue Local i eat ny
we like food.
6 Avenue Local What is this thing called, love?
Exploring the permutations of its own title. Meta? maybe?
6 Avenue Local lesresident
i am now mad
6 Avenue Local The Secret Life of Antlered Girls
living the antlered life: party invites and photos, updates on the on the pro-choice world, street art, once called a 'hipster gawker.'
6 Avenue Local New York on Tap
Some of offbeat things to do in NYC, some cool links, some unusual events when I find them.
6 Avenue Local Javster.com
This is what happens when I squeeze my brain...shit comes out...
6 Avenue Local Smoke and Ashes
Sports, politics, daily ruminations, all by an academic liberal and avid red sox/patriots fan.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Barking Dingo
This is the political thought diary of of staunch, staunch moderate (ok, leaning a little to the left),
6 Avenue Local The Underrated Blog
In coordination with Underrated Magazine, hear new music and the daily thoughts of the editor and creator of the independent music magazine.
6 Avenue Local the quiet things that no one ever knows
Wasting words on lowercases and capitals.
6 Avenue Local ComoSeLlama
22 year old Blacktino writing the things you thought about, but couldn't put to words.
6 Avenue Local Superspecial Questions
Ex-vocalist of Soul Coughing on semi-exotic travel, pursuit of happiness, life as solo purveyor of acoustic "small rock."
6 Avenue Local Operation: Ridiculous
'cause ain't no such thing as halfway crooks
6 Avenue Local LESEVIL
LESEVIL.com L.E.S/E. VILLAGE news and what's happening
6 Avenue Local ieatrice.com
All that's Asian...but not really.
6 Avenue Local mollyknight.com
A girl graduates college and moves from the O.C. to the East Village. Follow her daily dealings on her site.
6 Avenue Local aaroneous
Photography of the 5 boroughs & beyond.
6 Avenue Local lexBlog
Eager to be more exhibitionist than putting on a strip-tease for the firemen across from my window, this virgin blogger is basically, blogging when drunk or disturbed for your viewing pleasure.
6 Avenue Local Adam Ash
Your daily entertainment scout. Book news, politics, humor, sex, weird shit, funny serial novel.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Silver and Light: A Photolog
A neophyte explores photography armed with a Canon A80.
6 Avenue Local I am, therefore I date
I wonder if the Guinness Book of World Records will take notice of my achievements in the "Most Bad Dates Ever" category.
6 Avenue Local cityrag
street pics, cheap eats, buddy the wonder dog, bar fights, celeb stories, tips, and more on NY, the LES and life in general.
6 Avenue Local ieatrice.com
All that's Asian...but not really.
6 Avenue Local Ham & Cheese
When the thought hits the paper.
6 Avenue Local Stoop242
straight out tha crackerboxx
6 Avenue Local Bombs and Shields
News of note, you may otherwise miss. Current events and analysis regarding politics and liberation. From a radical left perspective.
6 Avenue Local House of Diabolique
where robots and dance music collide.
6 Avenue Local A Bad Man in a Bad Place
I tried so hard to be good. I wanted to be a boyfriend for once, not a player. That got my heart broken. Again. So now, it's back to the old bad me.
6 Avenue Local alphabetcity fuckoffdie
shadows of my footsteps in the les
6 Avenue Local fresyes
It's the spot on the map where New York City and Fresno converge.
6 Avenue Local Blubox
New York's lowlife by way of the highlife.
6 Avenue Local Manish Vij
South Asian-inflected opinions, books and movie reviews by Manish Vij
6 Avenue Local the real janelle
it comes out of my head that way
6 Avenue Local Monkey Cancer™ Brand Miscellany
6 Avenue Local blind cavefish.
A silly girl's attempt at amusing herself, and hopefully a few others.
6 Avenue Local Context Free
Computers, Net Art, Literature, Poetry, Movies, Mental Masturbation
6 Avenue Local The Walking Cliche
The life of a walking cliche -- follow the crazy adventures of an NYU student living in the East Village, racked with liberal guilt.
6 Avenue Local Cinecultist
Cinecultist is a weblog in which a movie-goer, film fanatic and cinephile based in beautiful New York City chronicles viewings and musings on the film industry.
6 Avenue Local Restrain from biting
What can I say? These are the notes of a person stuck in the maze of her foggy mind...
6 Avenue Local Pepper of the Earth
Two guys who run a record label post on music, beer, life, and ... well, that's mostly it really, music, beer and life.
6 Avenue Local NYC Street Photos
A photoblog of the city. Updated once or twice a week. Check it out your eyes will appreciate it.
6 Avenue Local The Apartment Women
drinking, hula hoops, mops, sticks & gloves...
6 Avenue Local Allen Salkin
Journalism, comedy, jacuzzis and heat
6 Avenue Local SeanTConrad.com
Daily photos and rantings of another New Yorker and aspiring writer.
6 Avenue Local the sexy librarian journal
required reading for non-literary types
6 Avenue Local New York Data Probe
Culture, style, and very local news
6 Avenue Local Jeffrey's Blog
Text only for now. Moblog coming soon.
6 Avenue Local m-boogie's journal
I just moved to New York from Virginia. These are confessions of a gay yokel.
6 Avenue Local The Daily Glyph
Maya archaeology, saving the Usumacinta River in Mexico and Guatemala, life in the Lower East Side, community wireless projects, digital divide, anything else I get interested in.
6 Avenue Local Lasagnafarm
Lasagnafarm is attempting to acquire diplomatic immunity.
6 Avenue Local Alex's Journal
My assorted ramblings as a student at NYU and intern in the world on NYC Media
6 Avenue Local on a darkling plain
an ethereal hardcore girl, the band acts magdalena, artist, a strange and sparklie thing.
6 Avenue Local Confessions of a small town diva
Day to Day humor
6 Avenue Local OnePeople.org
Because there's no justice like angry mob justice.
6 Avenue Local Death Spiral
A personal war diary.
6 Avenue Local Honesty v. Politics
How can ya talk shit about everyone when they KNOW you have a weblog?
6 Avenue Local Hi-Fi New York
"I am confused." "Describe the feeling further ..." "It tickles."
6 Avenue Local misery chick
a day in life of a confused girl gone public.
6 Avenue Local my little blue window
the view from my little window in Gotham
6 Avenue Local Rock N Roll Boy, Where Are You?
Musings and rantings of a bored, rock n roll loving fag on the brink of...something or nothing...
6 Avenue Local things lost to the fire
Journal of a writer/actor/model native-NY'er trying to beat the city into submission.
6 Avenue Local The Frowning Monkey
Your daily dose of non-smiley goodness! (In this world of smiling mouth-breathers and friendly monsters, it's nice to know there's at least one monkey out there who's still frowning....)
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local octopuses, wheee!
A communal blog for a crazy bunch of NYU/ex-NYU friends/octopuses.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local dork art
The randomness of mine, categorized, updated obsessively.
6 Avenue Local 5880
first drafts, observations, and musings
6 Avenue Local gravis: one track mind
named after a pair of shoes that i have been obsessed with for months, this is a technologically inept individual's attempt at web design. you can imagine how impressive it is. or i guess you don't have to imagine....
6 Avenue Local What Would Jesus Care?
This is me at my boring best.
6 Avenue Local womeninnyc
journal and photo diary of a late 20's female fulfilled by urban distractions, clubs, and bars
6 Avenue Local FranceWatch
FranceWatch is a spotlight on French Extremism.
6 Avenue Local j-roam
travelog/photoblog of a NYC photographer
6 Avenue Local Swerdloff Dot Com
The guy with the sign you saw around the neighborhood.
6 Avenue Local GammaBlaBlog
All the News you really don't want to know & more
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local Words
'What a man thinks of himself, that is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.' -- Henry David Thoreau
6 Avenue Local dante woo
original content by dante woo. oooh, you're too young to say you're through with love! we are siamese if you don't please.
6 Avenue Local Cosmic Rust
The latest and greatest news from the world of Transformers, including updates of site content geared towards collectors.
6 Avenue Local The Alley
this blog is the most boring blog there ever was. DO NOT VISIT!
6 Avenue Local storypoems from the lower east side
poems for the people, none o' that there artsy- fartsy stuff... just stories from you to me.
6 Avenue Local Wild Wacky World of Deanna
just the random events and giggles of this LESer...
6 Avenue Local Legends of the Black Yak
I'd rather keep a diary on-line then have to look for a book.
6 Avenue Local A Laurable Poetry Weblog
A poetry weblog enhancing Laurable dot com's poetry audio links site. Focuses on contemporary American poetry.
6 Avenue Local Texting: urban Depressive Signals
Cultural ruminations of a depressed performance artist
6 Avenue Local www.babybot.org
just a journal of stuff i find cool and sharable... you've gotta click on the pen to get to it... ;)
6 Avenue Local gritmedia
Thick as girl skin.
6 Avenue Local frowning monkey
The author attempts to find his ass with both hands, a flashlight, a map, and a mirror. He fails.
6 Avenue Local Adventures in Dating
Description of and commentary on my often frustrating, but always entertaining, experiences in dating in NYC.
6 Avenue Local NYC Rant & Rave
whatever is on my mind. mostly politics & baseball
6 Avenue Local nerdslut.org | blog
The blog from the brain behind nerdslut.org.
6 Avenue Local Wayne's New York
A New York City photo journal.

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