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6 Avenue Local Adventures of the Pie Queen
Food-related musings and recipes from a pie-bakin' Brooklyn girl.
6 Avenue Local Clean Plate Club
Eating, drinking, and snacking in NYC.
6 Avenue Local LAND OF THE BAT
Land of the Bat chronicles random moments of life in New York, signifigant cultural events, art, music, and fiction, and gay-oriented arts.
6 Avenue Local Mz Manners
Urban Survival Etiquette. You won't get this kind of advice from your mom and your grandmother
6 Avenue Local eefers
the diary of a mad, white woman otherwise known as emily farris
6 Avenue Local The Crafts for the Ladies
crafts showcase, idea showcase, inspiration showcase, how-to showcase.
6 Avenue Local Auntie Amanda's Advice
Narcissistic musings, babblings and rants about New York, family, travel, the vagina, food, B-movies and everything else that pertains to life as experienced by a slightly nutty Brooklyn (for the moment) girl.
6 Avenue Local Autumn Sweater
about Yarn, Knitting, perhaps Yo La Tengo, and other things that occupy my time...
6 Avenue Local Looker
When the lights go down.
6 Avenue Local Organic On Smith
How I quit smoking, file sharing and organic foods
6 Avenue Local Build Her a Cake or Something
Swears, tunes, zeitgeist.
6 Avenue Local An Abundance of Lisa
Small town girl in a big city, talking about books, knitting, gardening, politics... life.
6 Avenue Local Just My Cup of Tea
A day in the life of me (and a few of my friends).
6 Avenue Local Marsha & Adam Get Married!
We're getting married!
6 Avenue Local Joel Goodson
It's like the Dungeons & Dragons of blogs.
6 Avenue Local mixed bag
modestly fun personal blog with various cultural musings.
6 Avenue Local Fast Forward & Slow Motion
The story of a real life. As told by me. Thoughts, opinions, and ideas on life (and more) in New York (Brooklyn, specifically).
6 Avenue Local 34
Interested in sophisticated fun?
6 Avenue Local MAWOPI
a collaborative editorial effort of 3 people with diverse interests and mild attention deficit.
6 Avenue Local sugarhiccup-hiccup
The Misadventures, Ponderings, and Wanderings of a Metaphysical Big Kid
6 Avenue Local chiasm
brooklyn music, politricks, environmental and energy issues, futuristicness, and positive thinking
6 Avenue Local More in the Monitor
We write about live music in New York City. Mostly show reviews.
6 Avenue Local tie me to the murphy bed
Day-in photos, complaints, art, happiness.
6 Avenue Local Brooklyn Calling
Did you ever stop to think that maybe it's important because it happened to me?
6 Avenue Local cobblehillhypster
Recently re-located Brooklyn 20-something struggling with low paid publishing, the single gay life, and psychotropics.
6 Avenue Local pixiechick
former Californian transplanted to Brooklyn. food, pictures, dogs, et cetera.
6 Avenue Local Exegesis
Commentary on the press, politics, and foreign affairs.
6 Avenue Local stupidfresh
A home for everything lippy including general musings, a photoblog of Brooklyn shots, and free original music. Tyring to be as original as Brooklyn is.
6 Avenue Local Cultural Revolution
More culture than revolution, but that's just the way things are...
6 Avenue Local Exegesis
Commentary on the press, politics, and digital culture from New York City. Proud unofficial blogger of Democratic National Convention.
6 Avenue Local NY Diary
Just interesting/weird things I see or hear in NY.
6 Avenue Local Killin'Time Being Lazy
Miscellaneous thoughts on nearly everything
6 Avenue Local
stories from a cute NYC boy with poems/music/photos, and sometimes spiting of that lady on the train
6 Avenue Local The Random Muse
Musings of a displaced New Yorker on life, liberty, and the pursuit of fabulous shoes.
6 Avenue Local Miles/Pru
Cobble Hill. Advertising. Media. Pop Culture. Life. Politics.
6 Avenue Local The Palaverist
An occasional journal of politics, humor, and notes from abroad.
6 Avenue Local Runaway Chef
Travel and dining journal of a NYC chef as he travels across SE Asia
6 Avenue Local Parabasis
A theater director writing about the arts, culture and politics.
6 Avenue Local The Bushwick Papers
Commentary on politics, art, and life in N.Y.C. and the world beyond.
6 Avenue Local Reading to My Kid
The literary adventures of E (a parent) and Tulip (a child, born 2002). Reflections on picture books, children's literature, and the process of reading to a small child.
6 Avenue Local Between the Lines
Politics and culture from Brooklyn and around the world.
6 Avenue Local the birth of Frost
All it takes to keep me from murdering some old woman on the subway are crackers.
Brooklyn - Queens Crosstown Local Why Are We Back In Iraq?
A satire/drama that explores the Media's role in Iraq War II.
6 Avenue Local color the sky with you
a delightful melange of web tidbits and photographs.
6 Avenue Local monoki
Your daily source for pseudo-literate humor and misdirected anger contains a mindless diversions, strange fiction, thoughtless rants, excessive celebrity-bashing, and a handful of pretentious film and music reviews.
6 Avenue Local A Lady's Home Journal
Not your mother's journal...or, thoughts on politics, popular culture, and women today.
6 Avenue Local Standard Deviance
Slanted Views on News, Entertainment, Politics, and New York.
6 Avenue Local breakdown
somewhere someone must know the ending
6 Avenue Local asymptote
Philosophical approaches, departures, and drive-bys. The focus is on art and philosophy.
6 Avenue Local Unknown Quantity
Politics, culture, literature, academia and the rest...
6 Avenue Local end of history
Things that I've read lately and stuff.
6 Avenue Local get in my head. or my belly. same thing.
adventures in eating and other miscellany. riveting, really.
6 Avenue Local Spicy Mocha's adventures
A deeper insight into the reflections of a young African American woman's mind in Cobble Hill
6 Avenue Local Spicy Mocha's adventures
A blog that reveals deeper insight into the adventures of a West African Woman going through her quarter life crisis in NYC
6 Avenue Local Robot Filter
This is the group web-log of the happyrobot family.
6 Avenue Local Misadventures of the Little Hedonist
The wacked-out, unapologetic, daily adventures of New York City's most nuttiest Hedonist.
6 Avenue Local Support Your Local Busker
PLATFORM is my zine dedicated to my experiences playing music in the NYC subways. SYLB is all about PLATFORM, and contains a daily-ish blog.
6 Avenue Local callalillie
daily musings.
6 Avenue Local Male Mannequin
Just an on-line journal; nothing fancy.
6 Avenue Local Gothamist
Gothamist is a collaborative blog written by Jen Chung, Jake Dobkin, and their New York friends. It's as if Gawker and Metafilter got together and had a very cute, very small, and very angry baby.
6 Avenue Local the state i am in
i write in small font about me, myself, and i.
6 Avenue Local Pic Patrol
A collection of pictures and such taken around the New York City area by Jack Szwergold.
6 Avenue Local Hostile Environment
News blog focusing on college newspapers.
6 Avenue Local Ed Shepp's LiveJournal
It's my random thoughts, musings and that kind of stuff!
6 Avenue Local no sleep in brooklyn
i know a fine thing when I see it -- for the same reason no one ever pointed a telescope at the sun
6 Avenue Local absolutely vile
an adventure of indulgence in low culture.
6 Avenue Local proleptic dot com
books, music, and other things that happen to me
6 Avenue Local fuzzy sweater.
::Now with more pilly bits!
6 Avenue Local The Talking Dog
The Unofficial Vanity Blog of the Self-Proclaimed American Pseudo-Intellectual
6 Avenue Local The Unreal World
The life of a law student in Brooklyn...
6 Avenue Local welcome back space girl
happy hour, sunshower, 808s gives you power
6 Avenue Local Sara Minh
always wishes and dreams of places elsewhere and of wanting a different container.
6 Avenue Local Mart's
Some days in the life...
6 Avenue Local pivovision
funny cry happy gift
6 Avenue Local Vox Lunaris
A fangirl from the Midwest looks at life and geekdom in the Big City
6 Avenue Local What's Happening @
i write stuff about stuff and stuff
6 Avenue Local trials of a bored office temp
i'm sitting at my desk typing furiously and all five of my bosses think i'm terribly busy doing something tremendously important, but no.
6 Avenue Local F. Spendlove
Lost in the Stars
6 Avenue Local heislazy
a new picture everyday
6 Avenue Local cat's pajamas
Oh, jesus. My blog is about embarrassing myself on a daily basis.
6 Avenue Local
Sh*t, We Ain't Choose to Blog, Blogging Chose Us!
6 Avenue Local jamiedoris dot com
personal rants & raves, photo gallery, travel albums
6 Avenue Local Sunrise...Sunset
A Fire Island web journal
6 Avenue Local The Robot Journal
words written by a guy who always screws up verb tense
6 Avenue Local Too Much Katherine
Life in New York City, and in my head.
6 Avenue Local Diary of a Dating Disaster
One girl's experience dating within the 5 boroughs
6 Avenue Local Dirty Sugar Cookies
Sink your teeth into it with Ayun Halliday, author of four self-mocking autobiographies and Chief Primatologist of the East Village Inky.

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