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6 Avenue Local Esthetic/Aesthetic
It could be about Brooklyn or my job in TV or going home back to Montana or some crazy New York occasion, whatever thrills me, freaks me out or makes me happy at the moment.
6 Avenue Local sugartown
DJ Matilda von Crumbcake -- The Diary of a Girl Jukebox! MP3s & NYC Events...
6 Avenue Local arrowlikemouth
Keystrokes, wandering mind.
6 Avenue Local Me and My Public
Sharing the bizarre, twisted and rarely normal ways the world and I interact with each other.
6 Avenue Local
How can we use technology for social change?
6 Avenue Local 423smith
All the crazy stuff that happens on our corner - plus some other random stuff.
6 Avenue Local MissKris
Me and my dog -we moved.
6 Avenue Local Notes From New York
Pure self-indulgence.
6 Avenue Local
Random opinions of immediate surroundings, or parodies of recent events. Sometimes a video clip.
6 Avenue Local Litvak Chronicles
Baltazar Gracian meets Groucho Marx. Plus brawling, poker, law, and snark.
6 Avenue Local Letter from Brooklyn
Notes from a California transplant covering Brooklyn and the city.
6 Avenue Local The Litvak Chronicles
Baltazar Gracian meets Groucho Marx
6 Avenue Local MissKris
Me and my dog
6 Avenue Local The Paper PC
The blog of Robert S. Anthony, personal computing and technology columnist. Anthony, former senior writer at PC Magazine, now writes regular features for Bloomberg Markets, Black Enterprise, The Network Journal, Black Issues Book Review and other magazines and newspapers.
6 Avenue Local approaching midnight
humor, stupid. Ummmm yeah. Dumb ass idiotic stupid smelly humor.
6 Avenue Local delbrians
my brain's porcelain throne - the septic tank of my thoughts
6 Avenue Local What's Your Competent Advantage?
Welcome to Competent Advantage! Visit our online community for sharing tips and ideas on personal growth and career development.
6 Avenue Local SmartRemark
Smartass commentary on pop culture and pop life in NYC
6 Avenue Local A fingerprint on the window of a skyscraper
Diary of a frenchman in NYC.
6 Avenue Local SmartRemark
I am already listed in the Bronx but moved so I want to update my this site still active?
6 Avenue Local In An Alternate Universe
I feel as if I'm living in an alternate universe while Bush is in office.
6 Avenue Local sad parade
thoughts and useful links to information on national politics by a liberal Democrat
6 Avenue Local Ball In
The World's Best Basketball Zine.
6 Avenue Local Majikthise
Analytic philosophy and liberal politics
6 Avenue Local solidhang
Musing and complaints on any number of things, mostly art, music or New York related.
6 Avenue Local dabrooklyn
Journal/blog of a man who lives his cat and young son. Bits of his personal life, informal assessment of books, movies, music, etc.
6 Avenue Local Pretentious
Same say being pretentious is on a par with being your own best friend. Others say it is someone demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified. To me, it was just a cool domain name that I could get. Screw everything else.
6 Avenue Local jenny's sites
A round-up of crazy or interesting sites I find on the Web, usually updated daily.
6 Avenue Local the shape of things that never came.
Stuff that interests me.
6 Avenue Local writersbloc
well, it was supposed to be an ezine with fiction and criticism and stuff. but right now, it's merely posts of my all-too-amusing life.
6 Avenue Local Bleahh
Film. Leftist politics. Technology. Personal reflections. You want focus? Don't ask a Gemini.
6 Avenue Local Tony Gill: Weblog
Pointless and random rants and raves from a thirty-something British guy in Carroll Gardens
6 Avenue Local Wicked Little Town
Rants and raves on pop culture, pet peeves and misadventures in the BK.
6 Avenue Local Mark's Blog
Ah, just go read it.
6 Avenue Local Leslita
I miss the humidity.
6 Avenue Local birdie's journal
musings of a Brooklyn bird
6 Avenue Local brooklynbitter
at home i'm a tourist...
6 Avenue Local dabrooklyn
Journal of, a man who lives his cat and young son. Bits of his personal life, informal assessment of books, movies, music, etc.
6 Avenue Local Thorn in Paw
Many topics ranging from the silly to the sublime. Emphasis on food and technology.
6 Avenue Local Crosstown
Occasional musings on pop records, New York City, food, newspapers, Lower Manhattan bicyclist-on-bicyclist road rage fisticuffs, and other piquant topics.
6 Avenue Local anamnesiac
personal journal of a red hooker.
6 Avenue Local
My name is Tim. I write things on my website. The idea being that you then love these things and praise me for them.
6 Avenue Local Brooklyn Bridge User Blog
Notes on knitting, bedbugs, bridge use, and topics of general dorkly interest.
Brooklyn - Queens Crosstown Local Goatee
Essays, thoughts, and photographs from Cambridge, Brooklyn, and locations afar.
6 Avenue Local
"Where Good Taste Never Goes Out of Style" - New York lounge and swing culture
6 Avenue Local
Payne's Gray is a paint color and apparently also a really bad German band, but this site has nothing at all to do with either of those things. Words from Brooklyn.
6 Avenue Local Gaffled
Welcome to Gaffled. A world where the past two decades of popular culture, current events -- and an over saturated exposure to both-- have created a unique mindset that contributes to a somewhat cynical perspective.
6 Avenue Local The Bunny Hills Show
Wigs, Photos, Dancing, Music, Love.
6 Avenue Local It's A Schnack Life
At 122 Union St, is a small Hot Dog joint called Schnack; It sits on Union St, the "Gateway to Redhook." This is the Schnack Blog!
6 Avenue Local Blum's Blog
An all around better blog.
6 Avenue Local Brigitapalooza! World Tour 2003
recollections, thoughts, impressions and nothing particularly in any order.
6 Avenue Local firstreflex
Nothing to see here - move along.
Brooklyn - Queens Crosstown Local Shattered Glass
Long rambling blog with occasional pictures, philosophy, and a lot of love.
6 Avenue Local CMM Daily Pop
One man's Salon of pop music: updated two to three times weekly with music news, pop-culture ephemera and assorted rantings.
6 Avenue Local Senses of Sensa
An eclectic journal with musings on various subjects by Sensa, Goddess of Carroll Gardens.
6 Avenue Local everybody reads raymond
This is where Raymond updates his friends & family and rambles about diabetes, macs & writing.
6 Avenue Local the foreign embassy
A visual display of quantitative information. Or maybe it's just a weblog.
6 Avenue Local
a music-centric blog: ramblings, reviews and photos.
6 Avenue Local fishbucket/king
just a guy
6 Avenue Local
semi-educated ramblings on an array of issues from a new york perspective.
6 Avenue Local Clairmont
Many many many books, plus some other things that I am up to and sewing projects.
6 Avenue Local bunnymechanics
bunnies. mechanics.
6 Avenue Local gordonmeyer
Random stories from the half-crazed.
6 Avenue Local from brooklyn to iberia
my summer in spain
6 Avenue Local Burnlab Lab Reprt
Burnlab explores the space between art, design, music and culture.
6 Avenue Local yummy down on this
Do I smell?
6 Avenue Local [viz] what i mean what i say
what it says to mean something without ever meaning to say it.
6 Avenue Local Ishbadiddle
An occasional report on ephemeral things.
6 Avenue Local WWMJD
What WOULD Matt Johnson do?
6 Avenue Local Mike Daisey: Dilettante
Mike Daisey, Off-Broadway performer, author and general layabout, holding forth on a variety of subjects.
6 Avenue Local On a marche en DC
NYC kids living in DC for the summer.
6 Avenue Local alicublog
weblog of the Alicubi Journal
6 Avenue Local
Frequently updated love letter.
Brooklyn - Queens Crosstown Local Neuroprosthesis News
Science news related to biomorphic robots, neural implants, mind control, regeneration after spinal cord injury with the goal to support disabled individuals.
6 Avenue Local Sexplastic
What if, over your lifetime, man quickly evolved into a super-intelligent race of caffeine-snorting robots, then attempted to repopulate other galaxies? This blog cannot answer that, but it might make you laugh. ART! PHOTOGRAPHY! HUMOR! Yeeha.

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