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6 Avenue Local Boston to Brooklyn
A displaced Bostonian's musings on books, booze, baseball, and Brooklyn
6 Avenue Local Life Through The Eyes of a Bulldog
A daily record record of the world through eyes of a 1 year old English Bulldog named Sammy
6 Avenue Local Feed Me Good Tunes
Plumbing the lowest depths of music like Mario, except with a worse work ethic.
6 Avenue Local I'm New Here NYC
Recently transplanted from DC. Here's my new life.
6 Avenue Local Tales of a Delectable RedHead
A tale of my 20-something angst as a delectable redhead.
6 Avenue Local Dear Sisters
A blog about sisters and sisterhood by three sisters.
6 Avenue Local ooh I need a badass title
This is the story. Of one person. Picked to recieve a degree. Look for work. Blog her life. And find out what happens. When people stop being college students. And start getting jobs.
6 Avenue Local Still Life With Cats
news, thoughts, random things...
6 Avenue Local dirtybbq.com
This web site is a personal blog.
6 Avenue Local Awreye
Giving a purpose to all the time I waste on the Internet.
6 Avenue Local Hot Johnny and All of His Pants
Just a bunch of dumb stuff that enters my head and probably should have stayed there.
6 Avenue Local Sun And Moon - NYC
Photos, Random thoughts, ideas, opinions, and other bullsh*t.
6 Avenue Local Still Life With Cats
personal journal - comments on the world around.
6 Avenue Local Express Train
Photographs of my daily commute on the subway. A new image every evening from that days trip.
6 Avenue Local Guacamole
6 Avenue Local None of the Above
Bad heavy metal music, Bush junta misdeeds, local Brooklyn stuff
6 Avenue Local Tea Lounge
about me and my friends, America and Europe, gay issues, politics, traveling, foreign languages, books and movies
6 Avenue Local bobo puppyhead comics
Dan Wheeler draws silly pictures of stick figures talking, stick figures having sex, stick figures sharing uncomfortable silents and, occasionally, stick figures enjoying a cookie or a sunset. His webcomic is very funny. You will like it a lot. Or else you won't. And that's OK too.
6 Avenue Local A Withering Sigh
Baying at the moon, in my rather pedestrian way.
6 Avenue Local a banner year
a feminist response to pop culture... i wish. more like what i like, watch, listen to and go see. my friends think i'm hip.
6 Avenue Local Chris Genoa
A blog on the life and work of author Chris Genoa, as told by Pepino, a demodicid mite who lives in Chris's eyelashes.
6 Avenue Local My Happy Freaking Ray Of Goddamn Sunshine
I draw a daily wecomic about the interesting and unique ways that we as humans find to hurt each other.
6 Avenue Local PBR Street Gang
A journey into the heart of politics, economics and NYC, with occasional, plausibly deniable forays into food and/or baseball. The horror.
6 Avenue Local The Delay and the Greatness
New fatherhood and other random rants.
6 Avenue Local Crawling Upstream
The attention deficit - obsessive compulsive journal of a run-of-the mill New Yorker.
6 Avenue Local Heart on a Stick
ADVENTURE! EXCITEMENT! INTRIGUE! Well, not so much. But if you’re good, there’ll be ice cream.
6 Avenue Local Five Bucks to Friday
Screwy comic and nutty leftist rantings M-F, barring disaster.
6 Avenue Local Deckchairs on the Titanic
A MANOVERBOARD monologue on art, technology, history, etc.
6 Avenue Local coffee or tea?
life in NYC, my friends, myself, projects & plans, books, movies, travel, lgbt, foreign languages, etc.
6 Avenue Local tealounge
life in NYC, my friends, myself, projects & plans, books, movies, travel, lgbt, foreign languages, etc.
6 Avenue Local deragon.net
rants about cooking and technology... maybe not in that order.
6 Avenue Local Discontented Elf
A near-daily update from the trenches of SantaLand, as reported by an actual "seasonal employee" of a major New York department store.
6 Avenue Local ieatrice.com
All that's Asian...but not really.
6 Avenue Local Jewles
personal blog, happenings and musings
6 Avenue Local mediafactured
a general mash of design and technology and life musings. equipped with a cell phone with digital camera, postings are able to be achieved visually on the fly.
6 Avenue Local Allergic to People
Rusty Ward is a StandUp Comic in NY City. If you don't find the first thing you read to be utterly hilarious please scroll down. I guarantee you'll find at least 2 out of 9 postings to be undeniably half-funny.
6 Avenue Local Enquanto isso, em NY
Written in portuguese, this blog is about me, about NYC and my life here in the Big Apple.
6 Avenue Local The Empire of Dirt
As King Lear said, "The bow is bent and drawn. Make from the shaft." My response to those in my life who say, "If I wanted to hear what you have to say, I'd take my foot off your throat."
6 Avenue Local who was thursday...
a comedy of manners: sundry friends and random colleagues observe random friends and sundry colleagues, all the while working or playing or making a mess of things.
6 Avenue Local Howard Boulevard's Blog
Howard Boulevard's thoughts and feelings
6 Avenue Local Now That I'm Famous
I feel it my duty to report on my every waking moment.
6 Avenue Local inside pat freestone
Inside the head of pat freestone
6 Avenue Local y'all ready for fred
Jamison, Leah, Jeff, Sarah, Christopher, Kevin, and Josh study the day-to-day doings of their charming friend, Fred.
6 Avenue Local Ethel Alcohol
You want to know what its about? Then click the link.
6 Avenue Local Roxy's Ramblings
Diary of a 20 something would be opera singer living in Brooklyn New York.
6 Avenue Local evilemily's livejournal
i watch movies.
6 Avenue Local gezellig*girl's lj
Um, it's a journal, smartie.
6 Avenue Local Daryl's Home Page
Updated daily with shallow stories and deep observations. A rant-free zone.
6 Avenue Local PeterSchnupp.com
Music, opinions, more
6 Avenue Local cartography
6 Avenue Local minutiaeandflux
(almost daily) nyc headspill by way of l.a. :::: split at the root: (asian/american):::::: building a bricolage: noise / culturalproductions / crisped-observations / subwayplatformpondering / newfindings
6 Avenue Local no more prisons
no more prisons
6 Avenue Local Marmite on Toast
Marmite, peace, librarianship & me.
6 Avenue Local Library Chick
random events in the life of one librarian in the big city
6 Avenue Local scribbling.net
The scribbles and snapshots of a girl-lovin' Park Slope girl-geek.
6 Avenue Local agerweb.org
beer, food, and ranting
6 Avenue Local Unemployment Chronicles
Goings on for the New York sect who wishes they were still unemployed

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