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6 Avenue Local Just a Brooklyn Girl
I'm just a Brooklyn girl.
6 Avenue Local kenspeckle
a humorous, hyperlinked look at technology, literature, and anything conspicuous
6 Avenue Local Regions
A collection of writers adding their thoughts on a wide range of topics from music to film to politics to everything in between.
6 Avenue Local drdogbrother speaks in teeth
"...those minute details...which History has so often rejected as below her dignity, are indispensable to give life, certainty, or reality to her delineations; and we should have little hesitation in asserting, that no history is really worth any thing, unless it relate to a people and an age of which we have also those humbler and more private memorials." --Francis Jeffrey, 1825
6 Avenue Local Broad Noodles Song Library
Broad Noodles song lyrics posted daily. You better ask somebody!
6 Avenue Local this is it?
Just the silly, stupid stuff I do in this great city.
6 Avenue Local lefter,warmer
part politics, part diary of a community college professor.
6 Avenue Local Waking Vixen
The personal, political and perverted musings of a smut peddler, safer sex educator and all round slut.
6 Avenue Local Dick Mac (alive!)
I know . . . you thought I was dead! Now I am (alive!) Monday through Friday.
6 Avenue Local lefter, warmer
comments on the news, gossip about internet dating
6 Avenue Local Dick Mac (alive!)
The Only Survivor Of The National Peoples Gang
6 Avenue Local Kubrickscube
A blog for the evryman interested in politics, film, music and the general rumblings of an unknown writer who was born and raised in Brooklyn.
6 Avenue Local Rabid Rabbits & Psycho Squirrels
My off-center view of the world
6 Avenue Local The Secret Museum
Artist, writer, environmentalist, tech-head type observes life in NYC, the artistic process, culture, politics, more.
6 Avenue Local The Adventures of Psychokitty
random passions and observations of a modern outerborough survivalist.
6 Avenue Local Things that concern the amazingly bored...
These are things that concern the amazingly bored
6 Avenue Local The Creepy Turtle Pages
live streaming consciousness
6 Avenue Local Heaneyland!
Exhaustively analyzed trivia.
6 Avenue Local See Why?
Idle ramblings from the Cliff Claven of international politics
6 Avenue Local Radio Indie Rock
The text-based counterpart to an online radio station. We talk about indie music, politics, and junk food.
6 Avenue Local Schoolin' Out East
The self-indulgent incoherence of a west coast transplant studying in NYC.
6 Avenue Local Elsewhere
Poetics, culture
6 Avenue Local
Bits and pieces of my personality, my activities, things I see and what I think
6 Avenue Local Lupaland
The weblog and journal of a 24-year-old English teacher living in Brooklyn.
6 Avenue Local mike's livejournal
just crazy whinings, ramblings, rants, ideas, quips, and other stuff from a crazy Stuyvesant student living in Brooklyn.
6 Avenue Local Privacy Digest
Privacy Digest covers the items directly and indirectly impacting your privacy such as cryptography, wiretaps, Free Speech, DNA and genetic testing, and database tracking in general.
6 Avenue Local The BM News Wire
All the poop that's fit to print --- compiling poop news from across the world. Not necessarily NYC focused, but how can you live here and not be NYC-influenced?
6 Avenue Local Nurse Bad cooks for a year
I'm making a different dish, everyday for a year. The weirder, the better

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