59 Street - Columbus Circle | 54 NYCB

Broadway - 7 Avenue Local New York Fork
Online magazine about restaurants and upcoming events.
Eighth Avenue Local Urban Hawks
Urban Hawks and other wildlife in Central Park and NYC
8 Avenue Express Slack LaLane
Sports, music, politics, news, absurdity, irony, debauchery, chicanery, ribaldry and general crap.
8 Avenue Express Modern Acropolis
I'm a law student who writes, does hula, and creates.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Manhattan Social
Fun art, dining, and event information about Manhattan.
Eighth Avenue Local Banana Esq.
Musings from a law student in her first year of law school.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local It's Not Brooks!
Shiksa Randomness Galore! What would else would you expect from an Ethernet Bunny??
8 Avenue Express Right, so.
Musings on life, music, etc.
8 Avenue Express onNYTurf
NYC News for New Yorkers by New Yorkers
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Kesher Talk
Current events from a liberal hawk perspective, liberal Judaism, Israel, New York.
8 Avenue Express Welcome to my upper-left-hand corner...
Sorted? Or sordid? Decide for yourself...
8 Avenue Express StumbleBum
The adventures of a recovering overachiever who now is now a proud underavhiever who goes out too much and could probably use a break from the sauce.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local quigs
a girl new in town so full of so many things that never come out right in words
Central Park West Local / 6 Avenue Express Christo's Gates: Following and Working on the Project
The one-stop location for everything about Christo's Gates project, from the perspective of someone working on the project.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Lisa Chau -- PhotoBlog
All photos, all the time!
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Cynical Nation
The musings of a cynical, southern libertarian currently living and working in New York.
Seventh Avenue Local In Search Of The Perfect Life
In search of the perfect life...The changes I make, the thoughts I feel, making the most of every situation.
8 Avenue Express tears for sheep
Political branding, complaints about Hunter College, slow walkers and inconsiderate transportation-users. And some questionably important updates on my health and well-being.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local My Life And Times
weight loss
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local procfreak
social (and sometimes asocial) commentary
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Cynical Nation
'The cynics are right nine times out of ten.' -- H. L. Mencken
8 Avenue Express Best Let or Get
good works nifty gadgets wild thoughts + {my} life
8 Avenue Express indecision
Indecision is basically my attempt to make a decision about what I want to do and where I want to spend my life. Trying to figure out all the contradicitions that make life messy and fun.
8 Avenue Express Jere-Rigged
I am Jere, your average gay, single New York actor boy. These are my adventures in the Big Apple and elsewhere.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Jeet Fisk Do
Neither Chomsky Nor Rand
8 Avenue Express A View From the Classroom -- Lehmann's Log
The life of an English teaching, tech-coordinating, basketball and Ultimate coaching teacher at Beacon High School.
Grand Concourse / Central Park West Express Urban Addiction
The people places and things that I love.
Central Park West Local / 6 Avenue Express ClimbNYC
A rock climbing and bouldering community blog. Join to submit news and photos.
8 Avenue Express Tales From the City
The life, times, and musings of one gay guy living in NYC, just trying to find himself and make things right in the world.
8 Avenue Express Random Musings
Poetry, Prose, General Ramblings of particularly drunken or inspired moments... or inspired, drunken moments. Feel free to comment/critique.
8 Avenue Express :::: Wisdom Like Silence ::::
A random pot of melting thoughts.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Semblables
photos and video
8 Avenue Express Nobody's Paying Attention
Nobody's Paying Attention: an extension of my Media Presence. I am so great.
Central Park West Local / 6 Avenue Express The Blackout
The Blackout on 8/14 - a photoblog
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Lisa Chau
Dartmouth Grad Student Blog with Photos.
8 Avenue Express Best of the Blogs
Bush bashing at its best
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Daily Journal
Daily thoughts of one aspiring singer/songwriter, actor/director, novelist, and media mogul.
Seventh Avenue Local Dr Phil's Show Recap & Commentary
My wife is a cognitive-behavioral psychologist in Manhattan. That means I get to watch Dr. Phil. Can't help but blog about these guests.
Central Park West Local / 6 Avenue Express Deeplinking
Notes on emerging media, plus juicy marginalia.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local gaijin da
A foriegn view of the city.
8 Avenue Express David's Journal
A blog by someone who doesn't like or understand blogs.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Daily Journal
Daily struggles of a Hell's Kitchen-based company man by day, singer/songwriter by night.
Eighth Avenue Local (_flaming_june_)
y'all come back now, y'hear?
8 Avenue Express Notes From A Basketball Junkie
Musings and Ruminations on Basketball
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Kiss The Whip
I can't find my way home. The grace I've fallen from. The only truth I've ever known.
Grand Concourse / Central Park West Express I'll moider da bum.
I'm really interesting.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local laralife
life of a tall english bird in new york
8 Avenue Express wonder if you should
relativly boring, just me talking.
8 Avenue Express My Oh so Uninteresting Life
It is a basic journal, sometimes commenting on my environment around me.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Memepool
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local rabow's blog
A Stuy student's ramblings.
Grand Concourse / Central Park West Express www.winglike.com/journal/
A blog/journal of a nyc college girl
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The World According to Marney
My daily ranting about knitting and other things in my life.
8 Avenue Express Peter's NYC Journal (German)
Peter's Diary of Living in NYC (only in German)

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