14 Street | 47 NYCB

Broadway - 7 Avenue Local TRAYB
A gay Southerner takes on Manhattan: my life, my drawings and droll wit for days
Seventh Avenue Express lost
trying to find her way back
Seventh Avenue Express holiday blog
every day is holiday
Seventh Avenue Local Wireless Community
Exploring the spectrum of community through public wireless networks
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Bill's Big Diamond Blog
A Weblog of Progressive Politics and Opinion This is the current URL for the previously listed blog of the same name.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Pencil Roving
An obsessive knitter with an acute and incurable case of wanderlust tries to jot down as much as possible before everything unravels.
Seventh Avenue Express Robin & Renee
The amusing musings of two skinny broads who admire wordplay and foreplay and HATE George Bush.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Blogade
devoted journalism.technical help.christian musings
Seventh Avenue Express I'm Just Playing
Laid back, chill guy here that goes with the flow. Grew up in the south; have the accent and all. Now, in NYC and trying to live life to the fullest.
Seventh Avenue Express wandering the concrete jungle...
story of a little girl in the big city...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local But she's just a girl...
Simple life is an oxymoron in NYC.
Seventh Avenue Express Disaster Relief
Dealing with the pain of life.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Do You Remember Her?
Simple life is an oxymoron in NYC.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local tulip
a blog for women about women. Focusing on NYC, news concerning women, lesbian issues, entertainment, politics, gossip...
Seventh Avenue Local When Tara Met Blog
Working in PR and Journalism, living in NYC, yoga, noisy neighbors and office crushes.
Seventh Avenue Express enrevanche
Music, food, politics - a transplanted Southerner in New York City
Seventh Avenue Express Ramblings of a Roman Wanderer
Humorous entries include travelouges, writer's blues, caffeine addiction.
Seventh Avenue Express NyNightGuide.com
Great information on nyc guestlists, clubs, bars, lounges, happy hours, free events and more!
Seventh Avenue Local Moment of Clarity
In search of Perspicuity
Seventh Avenue Express meatmarket nyc
countless tales of hapless men (and occasionally women) trying to pick us up in this meat market known as nyc.
14 Street - Canarsie Local bondphone
Part work journal, part mobile cretinizing.
Seventh Avenue Express Bill's Big Diamond Blog
A New Yorker's Political and Personal Blog
Seventh Avenue Express Slouching Towards Ganache
Slouchin Towards Ganache is a journal of a mid life career changer moving outo f the world of magazine publishing and into Pastry. I am writing about my studies at the Institute of Culinary Education.
Seventh Avenue Local Kythryne Aisling - Just Beneath My Skin
Snarky journal goodness from a queer redheaded twentysomething writer/activist.
Seventh Avenue Express Last of the Famous International Playboys
France and Iraq. Worth your time.
Seventh Avenue Express HipperCritical
We're Hipper and More Critical
Seventh Avenue Express Letter from Brooklyn
Fresh perspective on the borough from a California transplant.
Seventh Avenue Express Manhattan by the Numbers
How the Hell did I end up in Manhattan?
Seventh Avenue Express girlynyc
goings-on from the hard-drinking, art-loving, adventure-seeking lesbian perspective.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local terminus
Hm... just blog
Seventh Avenue Express Hinky's Opposable Thumbs
Hinky findings in an a world on its ear.
Seventh Avenue Express Notes from set of Zenmatic.tv
Hinky's Reflections on broken glass; feedback about New York's weather and headlines, a side bar for a Brave New world.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Ben Wellington's blog
Ben complains about just about anything in the news, politics, and his nerdy life.
Seventh Avenue Express imaginaryfriend
Personal diary with a dash of political and social commentary.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local megnut
A personal blog where I talk about life, technology, women's issues, and food, not necessarily in that order.
Seventh Avenue Local Hootinan
Hootinan dot com....up to the minute news, and...my personal weblog
Seventh Avenue Express Two Blocks From The River
Greenwich Village-centric. Passions for literature, writing, the city. And always answering the question: What does this have to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local I am...
A journal, a personal site, and the place where often the seeds for my written first bloom.
Seventh Avenue Express Self Center
Mark Lerner and his doings, including Rag & Bone Shop, graphic design, Rosine, Life In A Blender, Nancy Howell, calligraphy, typography, musics.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local My Daily Diarrhea
Hot girl-on-girl and boy-on-boy action. Plus, recipes!
Seventh Avenue Express In My Head...
From nights filled with bizaare adventure to days spent on couches, this is me...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local 9000!
straight outta new york city, it's the 9000 web blog!
Seventh Avenue Local Knowitall
Just starting out, random thoughts and the desire to shake some science into people.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local proleptic dot com
books, music, and other things that happen to me
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local nazno, the EVIL laszlo
me. and political, philosophical (academic, and some else) and cognitive science rants.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Kleene Star
Journaling, book reviews, thoughts on interactive narrative, plus random insights.
Lexington Avenue Local Kate by Fate - Diary of an International Escort
Kate is a luxury travel companion for discerning gentlemen around the world. Follow her travel adventures and filandering escapades through her website and blog.

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