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Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Pulp Sushi
Talking trash like it's going out of style! News, Movies, Music, Politics, Your Mom...that's right, she's here.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local It Should Be Noted
Entertainment, politics, and rants.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Hot Sauce Blog
The HSB is a one stop location for reviews, news, recipes & anything else related to hot sauce and spicy foods.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Amish In The City
A comedic outlook on my life in NYC.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Snapshot Artifact
A photoblog journal of my everyday life in the city.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Active Insight
A mix of demographics, society, business, economics, politics and current events
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local chrisana
life in manhattan (and beyond)
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Picture This
A photographer's view of NYC.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Singing In The Shower
Photos, current affairs, market commentary by a 24yo New Yorker in the financial industry.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Herding Cats
Political ramblings from a young libertarian/conservative.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local bennyy: a weblog.
ramblings from a web developer who was there from day 1.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local My life
a constant WIP
Broadway Express / Brighton Local words: revived
Continuous and Discontinuous thought... Incoherent Ramblings, Upsets, Happiness... Struggle between Goodness and Evil, the Struggles of Nature...
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local rearview
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Muck Muck
Musing and observations of another 20-something new yorker.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Initial Misconceptions
Just Another New Yorker who feels the need to share his anxieties and neuroses with the rest of the world.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local The Political Hobbyist
Random musings from a distracted attorney (my work location is noted on the map; most posts originate from my home in Westchester County).
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local kcalder.com
It's about me.

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