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6 Avenue Local Moment Magnitude
Stories of a forty-something living single in her hometown.
6 Avenue Local Songlian
Blogging from Boston to the UK and now NYC. I reside in Jersey City but my mail and my life are in NYC.
6 Avenue Local Sky Writing
Re-started my blog after Katrina because it's obvious we all have to speak up now.
6 Avenue Local tripaway2day -- why today?
This Orlando gay boy wants to move to NYC. Why not?
6 Avenue Local Brandon Gerena - creative talent
rantings of a NYC art director, college instructor and loving husband.
6 Avenue Local My Open Wallet
An anonymous New Yorker tells the world how much money she makes and what she spends it on. And how much of it she saves.
6 Avenue Local The STOMACH Node
ASSinine rantings of performance poltergeist Valmonte Sprout struggling w/ homelessness & on the brink of insanity.
6 Avenue Local Vajra Dawn NYC
news & updates for the new york shambhala meditation center's vajra dawn community (30ish & under)
6 Avenue Local self-inflicted yuppie flu
my on going contradiction on life. yup.
6 Avenue Local Used Bubblegum
Life in NYC to a 15-year-old - relationships, self-image, media, problems, fellow Koreans, punk rock, music, school!
6 Avenue Local Media Literacy @ The Fortune Society
This web site is published by students and teachers in the Fortune Society Education Unit. We discuss the media and current events and publish our thoughts to the web. The Media Literacy class takes place in the Fortune Society Computer Lab on Mondays from 1-3pm.
6 Avenue Local come down.
people who play in rock bands have lots of thoughts they probably shouldn't share. so we share them, anyway.

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