14 Street | 18 NYCB

6 Avenue Local threenewyorkwomen
What do a former reality TV star, a hard rockin' journalist, and a soon-famous actress all have in common? They all share a love affair with Manhattan and collectively write for this blog. Enjoy the unique perspectives of these Three New York Women.
6 Avenue Local Alane By Day
Alane By Day is the real-time, step-by-step story of starting an architecture business
Hip Hop Republican, Blog was created to help arm the liberty-loving silent majority with ammo -- ammo that strikes at the intellectual solar plexus of the Left.
6 Avenue Local Knit Powers to Peace!
Mostly about my knitting creations. Currently relocated to Arizona.
Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local lori victoria braun, a bodybuilding blog
Lori Victoria Braun is the founder and owner of Femalemuscle.com, the largest bodybuilding site on the Internet measured by content, viewers, and page views.
14 Street - Canarsie Local damien
Irish dude in New York for a year boozing, with occaisional bouts tedious number crunching for 'the man'.
6 Avenue Local Notebook: New York
AOL CityGuide editors blog the city.
14 Street - Canarsie Local damien.nu
From Ireland, I'm in New York for the year on $200 a week working on Wall.St. Come revel in my poverty.
6 Avenue Local Juliaset
Pointed Information: Computer Arts, Computer Tech and Computer Life
6 Avenue Local The Tin Man
The life, loves and links of a gay guy who lives in Jersey City and plays in Manhattan.
6 Avenue Local dispatches from the culture wars
Dispatches from the frontlines of popular culture and politics
6 Avenue Local Circling Square
one man's radar systems are locked on to the myopia of relationships and curvalicious escapades...
6 Avenue Local Fun Time Tree House
You ever get the feeling like there is no one that could possibly understand you, then you get a blog and nobody comes to it and then you feel even more alienated? Yeah, it sucks...
6 Avenue Local Urban Safari
The trials and tribulations of an almost middle-aged gay man in New York City as he chases after Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness ... and other banal ramblings.
6 Avenue Local Kate Hudson is Fat
Just getting started with random thoughts.
6 Avenue Local truvy
Gay boy-in-the-City blog; on-line diary and random musings.
6 Avenue Local knitting and other stuff
random musings about knitting and whatever by a graphic designer with too much time on her hands
6 Avenue Local The Komisar Scoop
investigative reporting about domestic and international crime, corruption, corporate fraud, arms trafficking and tax evasion; focus on the role of the offshore secret banking system

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