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Seventh Avenue Local Create Digital Music
Digital music creation, via the latest tech and oddities, and my misadventures as a digital musician, author, technologist with, of course, an inexcusable bias towards things happening in NYC.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local digital_dude
I am an artist and just wanted to share my art with people. NYC people are cool, hip, contemporary and progressive. Did I say modern? Ok, yup you got it. :)
Seventh Avenue Local You Can't Make It Up
Humorous links related to odd websites, news stories, and celebrity ogling.
Seventh Avenue Local In My Write Mind
A lot on my mind...sometimes it oozes out onto the screen.
Seventh Avenue Local You Can't Make It Up
If you're looking for a way to make the 9 to 5 hour blues pass, check this out. Weird news stories and pictures from the web and beyond, not to mention a humerous take on everything NYC,
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Remain Calm
I have a non-establishment take on politics. I mean to say, "Welcome to the New Establishment!"
Seventh Avenue Local yaBlog
A Scotsman in New York... Living it up in Downtown Manhattan in Summer 2003.
Seventh Avenue Local PostPolitics
Technology, Political Economy, Creative Destruction
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local New York Flyers
This blog is all about flyers that we get around New York.
Seventh Avenue Local Action Vance
Action Vance's war journal. Im not really at war with anything right now... kinda at peace. Anyway... its good stuff.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local foiled again
i don't really live in the city. i work there..like thousands of others like me from jersey. i consider it my home away from home during the day.
Seventh Avenue Local supreme nothing
A New Yorker living in Minnesota.
Seventh Avenue Local More Than Zero
Outrage, amusement, the pursuit of happiness

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