Franklin Avenue | 13 NYCB

Lexington Avenue Express Stranger in a Strange Land
A combination of moments from a middle school in Harlem and random thoughts from the random musings of a wandering spirit.
Lexington Avenue Express Generation Why?
Ruminations, Ramblings, Rants, Poetry, and Me--Matthew Charles Siegel--in NYC
Seventh Avenue Local The Quintessential Negro
Paul Mooney called me funny.
Seventh Avenue Local Kim Plaintive
A large law firm's most misunderstood receptionist.
Lexington Avenue Express engine
Lexington Avenue Express Just Wide
Hockey news from a different angle
Lexington Avenue Express Serious Danger
Our mission statement: Enhance web log experiences and outcomes for readers. Work closely with readers and prospective readers to provide superior quality information product and a broad range of services. Our hallmarks: adequate proofreading, and too many commas.
Lexington Avenue Express Colin's Blog
Musings Near the Brooklyn Museum or Shall We Call Home Crow Hill or Crown Heights?
Lexington Avenue Express More Coffee
A way for me and my brother to keep up with one another while he's at University.
Lexington Avenue Express
daily updates on all things icebrrrg -- motorcycle living in nyc, boxing, politics, news, pool, anything i happen to jive on a given day ...
Lexington Avenue Express Gothamist
Gothamist is a collaborative blog written by Jen Chung, Jake Dobkin, and their New York friends. It's as if Gawker and Metafilter got together and had a very cute, very small, and very angry baby.
Lexington Avenue Express liminal liberal
Musings of a black New York chick as she battles corporate droneness and considers different book plots.
Lexington Avenue Express
poetry, life, laughter, eye dZine and my heart will be embedded in Brownsville forever...

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