Seventh Avenue Express

Harlem - 148 Street | 5 NYCB

Les chroniques de GAD: Gad's Blog. Writen like a comic book. Be careful: No english spoken, I'm french! ;) This Blog is composed of writings, essays, poetry and almost anything that is worth publishing usually associated with my studies and research at New York University. Your comments are welcome. Posts will be made every Friday between noon - 11pm. ... Happy Reading!

Captain Normal: The Ivy Tower Headquarters of my Highly-Evolved Worldview (tm)

AbanDoned X-preSsionz: The on-going saga of a girl, the Web and her XpreSsionz.

CULT OF THE DEAD COW: Braindumps. Rants. Mind viruses. Deadly memes. Extreme fashion statements. Direct from the hackers of the Cult of the Dead Cow. Taste the 31337 hax0r flavah. W0rd

145 Street | 2 NYCB

Contemplations: A place to contemplate the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Excerpts of a life: random postings of poetry, story excerpts and the occasional brain-fart

135 Street | 5 NYCB

The Wisdom of Change: The random thoughts that come into my mind, spilled onto the page for all to read.

Charlie's Corner: Congressman Charlie Rangel's Weblog: Democratic congressman Charles Rangel invites you to engage in a conversation on advancing the progressive agenda.

Nathaniel R: Film commentary, theatre and culture notes, and occassional personal anecdotes.

Diesel Nation: New York Hip-hop news and such. Daily information for the black LGBT community.

125 Street | 18 NYCB

Bagel In Harlem: A Jewish girl from Indiana navigates the maze of New York City real estate and finds herself residing in East Harlem. Her stories reflect upon the notion of ‘home’ and the quest behind finding the right one. This site is dedicated to the search for a Bagel in Harlem.

this is joy on saturday night: a not-so-well-behaved 20-something rambling about urban teaching, specifically, and life, in general.

Que suis-je?: Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, so can we be reborn...

2106 Payne Avenue: Rants and raves. Wining and dining as well as the funny and bizarre.

Starving Actor's Loft In Harlem: Rants about life. Some people may find me offensive.

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116 Street | 9 NYCB

Confessions of a Black Bitch: The trails and loves of a black B**ch

Starts and Fits: A log about land use and transportation that is updated . . . from time to time

The Passion Prophet's PASSIONPRENEUR Blog: Tips, tools and thoughts on living a passion-centered life through becoming a PASSIONPRENEUR!

Just Give Me 10 Minutes: Just an insight into my life

Waltizing Knitilda: knitting, spinning & fiber pursuits, history, current events -- bilingual

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Central Park North - 110 Street | 7 NYCB

A Nuyorican Vision: A transplanted Puerto Rican living in New York and loving it.

Being Chased Down a Busy Street: A late twentysomething's unrequited love letters to New York City. Brief outbursts about books, sports, and current happenings around the city.

Putting the Party Back in Politics: Politics, Voter Reform, Baseball, Culture, Comic Books from the minds of New Yorkers of all walks of life

Poguego: Gay goings on and going out guide with commentary. One word: Sassy!

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96 Street | 75 NYCB

Shamir*Power: personal journaling, ramblings on life, judaism and spirituality in nyc and the berkshires. Managing life with an Eating Disorder.

Bryan&Ivy Life Style: To share our life in USA.

My Mixed Company: Everything about being a late-twenty something single girl in NYC

Husband Hunting For The Gay Man: A gay 25 something man in Manhattan tries to find a husband in New York

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72 Street | 56 NYCB

CUSS & Other Rants: If bikini and Brazilian waxes strike terror into your heart, join the Campaign! Resist the mass of hairless lemmings!

Ivy Insider: Advice on the college admissions process.

NYC Poker: Discussions of NYC poker clubs, and poker in genral...also some pro boxing posts

nycricket: Cricket rocks Man!

mediagirl blog: former NYC music biz wonkette and Silicon Alley entrepreneur who just gave up the Upper West Side apartment she was illegally subletting for the last 10 years because she now lives/blogs in Alaska.

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Times Square - 42 Street | 49 NYCB

big fat chinese wedding: A blog to record what is supposed to be a memorable (and hopefully fun) time in my life; to share with the world the seemingly odd customs, processes, trials and whatever else, that is known to many Chinese brides (and what I believe to be especially unique to Chinese American ones); to spread any wisdom that I may gain from planning a crazy shindig; and at the very least, to vent. In other words, all the reasons why a sane person would elope.

UrbanUniverse.TV Multimedia Forum: Experience, first-hand, the hottest trends worldwide. Share multimedia thoughts, ideas and opinions on Urban life, free video uploads you can post in your blog too.

Did You Know?: An informative site with content that provides interesting facts to know, learn and/or ponder about, at a level of coverage that is extensive in all subject areas to reach a wide audience.

The Agency Blog: A fun and random view into life at an interactive agency based in Dallas with an office in Times Square.

Steeplechaser: Blogging Eddie Steeples, the actor/rapper/artist best known (so far) as OfficeMax's Rubberband Man.

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34 Street - Penn Station | 17 NYCB

Confessions Of An Itinerant Webcaster: confessions of an itinerant webcaster who is in and out of NYC as the seasons change

busy days: the blog of a girl who keeps herself busy with weddings, pugs, law school and life

busy days: a blog of a girl who keeps her days busy with weddings, pugs, law school and life

humm2k: A day in the life... | Life in New York: A personal journal written by a hopeless romantic New York girrl

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14 Street | 47 NYCB

TRAYB: A gay Southerner takes on Manhattan: my life, my drawings and droll wit for days

lost: trying to find her way back

holiday blog: every day is holiday

Wireless Community: Exploring the spectrum of community through public wireless networks

Bill's Big Diamond Blog: A Weblog of Progressive Politics and Opinion This is the current URL for the previously listed blog of the same name.

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